Stories and Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing

Stories and Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing

I always hated the term "Public Relations." It always sounded so greasy and salesy to me. Years later I realize the concept of "relating to the public" is simply communication. It's in every facet of our daily lives. And if the ability to cooperate is what makes us distinctly different as humans, it's the ability to communicate that facilitates this. Public Relations is ultimately one of the most expressly human aspects of life. Across the landscape of global communication, the role of Public Relations (PR) has become increasingly pivotal. As a profession, Public Relations stands at the crossroads of information dissemination and perception management, embodying the complex interplay between organizations, media, and the public. At its core, Public Relations is about forging connections, a mission that has elevated it to a thriving profession in our modern society. Public Relations professionals harness a diverse toolkit of strategies to navigate this multifaceted domain. Their expertise spans across marketing, government relations, media relations, crisis management, and stakeholder engagement. Each of these elements serves as a cornerstone in the foundation of Public Relations, contributing to its stature and effectiveness. Marketing initiatives, for example, are not just about promoting products or services but about storytelling that resonates with audiences on a personal level. Government and media relations are about establishing trust and transparency, ensuring that communications are both reliable and beneficial to the public interest. Crisis management and stakeholder engagement further illustrate the crucial roles played by Public Relations experts. In times of crisis, these professionals are the architects of strategies that protect and rehabilitate an organization's image. Through stakeholder engagement, they build and maintain relationships that are essential for mutual understanding and support. This comprehensive approach to communication underscores the versatility and indispensability of Public Relations in today's world. The tangible outputs have impacts. Press releases earn widespread media placement, websites and social media campaigns captivate and influence, short-form videos seize our attention, and podcasts linger in our memory—all these are manifestations of the influence Public Relations has on our collective consciousness. These tools and platforms are meticulously crafted to shape perceptions, drive narratives, and inspire action. They demonstrate the profound ability of Public Relations to mold public discourse and interaction. At the forefront of these endeavors stand the Public Relations professionals, whose skills in understanding, influencing, informing, and inspiring are unparalleled. Their work is not just about conveying messages but about creating dialogue, fostering understanding, and building bridges between entities and individuals. Through strategic planning, creative execution, and ethical practice, they navigate the complexities of public discourse, ensuring that their organizations or clients are not only heard but also understood and appreciated.


June 16, 2024 19 mins

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, effective communication is more crucial than ever for organizations aiming to maintain a positive public image. Public relations (PR) advisors play a vital role in shaping these communications, ensuring that messages align with company values, respond appropriately to crises, and enhance the brand's reputation.

However, a recurring issue is the reluctance of senior exec...

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Here’s a different perspective. What if we didn’t regard AI as a technology? What if we thought of it as a stakeholder?

AI has the power to influence and even revolutionize industries from sustainable development to climate intervention. At the same time, we know the risks involve navigating ethical complexities and misinformation.

Maybe we need to expand our perspective beyond this tool we’re learning to use, and...

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This episode was originally published September 13, 2020 but it's just as relevant today as then. Easily one of the most thoughtful episodes we've ever done.

"Society is changing... there's a new elite emerging and those elite have huge amounts of power."
Professor Anne Gregory, Ph.D., BA, FRSA, HonFCIPR, Huddersfield University,

"The problem with algorithms is...

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This week we’re featuring an episode of the “Building Better CMO’s” podcast with Greg Stuart.

GE has changed a whole lot since Global CMO Linda Boff started working there, more than 20 years ago. It was once a sprawling portfolio company that made everything from microwaves to television shows; recently, it spun off its healthcare, energy, and aerospace divisions into three distinct public companies, and executives like L...

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Andrea Rooz has been a professional voice actor for two decades. In this episode she shares the intricacies of voiceover work, including the importance of acting classes and improvisation skills. She also highlights the shift in the industry from seeking traditional "radio voices" to preferring more relatable, everyday voices.

Andrea outlines some of her techniques for maintaining a clear voice, such as chewing ...

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TikTok is a powerful social media tool in the United States. About 170 million Americans use the platform and for many marketing and PR agencies it’s the preferred go to tool.

The average time on TikTok in 2024, per user, is estimated to be 58 minutes per day.

But several governments have banned TikTok from being used on Government devices – including the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. In India, Ti...

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May 12, 2024 22 mins

Travel marketing is changing. This episode explores the impact of shifting seasonal travel trends, evolving social media search habits, and the new booking landscape on marketing strategies.

Learn how generations differ in their travel planning, how VR and AI are reshaping the industry, and why rich storytelling matters.

Discover how to connect with travelers at every stage and measure campaign success through c...

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The Public Relations Society of America has united communication professionals across industries to combat misinformation. It’s a critical challenge and a battle we need to be honest about… we’re losing.

At the end of 2023, PRSA assembled a group of 25 senior communicators from a wide range of industries, in-house and firms, for an additional meeting, with several follow-up meetings with subject matter experts, all spearhe...

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This episode examines the current state of each of the big social media channels.

Which platforms are the most used? Which ones are we engaging the most on? Where are content creators sinking their energy? And what can we predict in the near-term future for each?

Listen For
5:57 X (formerly Twitter)
8:45 Facebook
9:54 Instagram
13:36 Threads
16:56 TikTok
18:34 YouTube
20:50 LinkedIn

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Frankie is the dinosaur that went digital.

The emergence and impact of virtual influencers can be seen in the United Nations' innovative climate change awareness campaign featuring a dinosaur named Frankie. This multifaceted initiative, which spanned a video in 38 languages, social media outreach, a children’s book, and various global events, successfully reached an audience of 2.2 billion.

In this episode w...

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In his new book Engage with Impact, Nicholas Bruneau uses interviews and case studies from the UN, EU, World Bank and nonprofit organizations to demonstrate the power of agility in corporate communications today.

A – Adopt a Startup Mentality
G – Go Digital First
I – Inspire with Personal Stories
L – Leverage Your Content
E – Empower Your Community

Listen For
7:32 Utilizing Digital Strategies ...

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In today’s competitive market, exceptional customer service is not just a luxury but a crucial element for business success. With the rise of digital interactions over traditional shopping experiences, customer service agents have become more than problem solvers; they are guides, educators, and relationship builders. Their ability to effectively interact with various types of people, in various kinds of moods, can be the defining ...

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What are the rules? 

In an era where artificial intelligence is revolutionizing communications and marketing, this episode dives into the critical conversation about the impact of AI, the void of formal regulations, and the industry's quest for ethical self-regulation. 

It may well be up to us as a profession to craft our own ethical guidelines and envision what effective self-regulation could look like to sa...

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Tyler Chisholm is the CEO of a leading marketing firm and the creative force behind a popular Calgary-based podcast that shines a spotlight on local leaders and innovators.

In this episode Tyler shares his strategic insights on how podcasting can be a powerful tool for developing brand affinity, engaging with a community of listeners, and creating a loyal customer base.

Listen For
7:01 Overcoming Initial Hesi...

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March 17, 2024 21 mins

Stories capture imagination and can entertain but they’re most powerful when they also serve a strategic purpose.

In this episode, Doug, and Mike Nachshen dive into the profound impact of narrative alignment with business goals.

The discussion emphasizes the necessity of strategic intent behind stories, citing examples by Marriott Hotels, a Fortune 50 company, and Ronald Reagan at the Berlin Wall.


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In this episode we’re cross-examining a recent warning from Canada's Competition Bureau that has businesses buzzing and reevaluating their online review strategies. The Bureau has put the spotlight on the potential bias of employee-generated reviews and testimonials, signaling a need for companies to monitor these contributions closely.

Yet, in the realm of internal communications, encouraging employees to be brand c...

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March 3, 2024 26 mins

For the past 2+ years nights have been tense in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Julia Petryk, one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian PR Army joins us one evening to share what life is like now and the critical role of communications in the ongoing conflict. The efforts of the PR Army have helped mobilize a formidable information front to combat disinformation and keep Ukraine's situation in the international consciousn...

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February 25, 2024 21 mins

Managing public relations for the British Royal Family is an intricate world, particularly now amidst the backdrop of King Charles III's health concerns. Two people who’ve been very close to that world are David Yelland, former editor of the Sun in the UK, and Simon Lewis who… managed public relations for the Royal Family under Queen Elizabeth II.

In this episode we explore the evolution of public relations strategies...

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The third edition of the Asia-Pacific study by PRovoke Media flags Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) as a key driver behind rising optimism and budgets for communications leaders. But underneath the top layers, there’s uncertainty.

Listen For
4:21 The Importance of ESG in Asia Pacific
7:50 The Role of Communications Teams and ESG
9:25 Measurement of ESG Efforts
13:32 DEI Challenges

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February 11, 2024 22 mins

Last week we had a look at how to make an apology when you should – and why most apologies are just awful. But there’s another side to that human interaction – forgiveness. Accepting an apology. An apology can be the key that unlocks forgiveness, yet forgiveness can also occur in its absence, driven by personal growth and healing.

In this episode we look at the psychological journeys involved in embracing forgiveness.

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