Story Time with the Intimacy Ally

Story Time with the Intimacy Ally

Jeni Simas, The Intimacy Ally, is a Relationship, Sex & Intimacy Coach & Consultant, A Sex Re-Education Workshop Facilitator, and a Professional Cuddle Therapist. Together with her guests, she will explore the bounds of intimacy and self-image on our society, discuss better ways to relate to each other, and dismiss sex ed myths so all can embrace satisfaction. She'll get your relationship back in gear or get you relationship ready! Guests will include sexologists, researchers, counselors, coaches, cuddlers, surrogate partners, and various other pleasure professionals.


November 27, 2023 37 mins

Have you ever wondered what tantra is or how it could help you? In this episode, Tantrica Kira Leigh gives us insider tips on what tantric massage and this modality can do for you and your partner. Whether you are young or old, working with a penis or a vulva, or committed in a long-term relationship or learning about yourself, tantra can be an excellent tool to broaden your embodiment and pleasure.

Visit https://www.krystatan...

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What is a delusionship? How do you know you're in one...or more to the do you know when someone is in one with you. My guest, Annie Nonymous, received a letter from a prison one day and found out that someone sure thought they were having a relationship with her and she hadn't a clue. Tune in for the rest!

Check out my article on delusionships here:

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Y'all, fan girl moment! Dr. David Ley, PhD, a personal hero of mine who ran some of my favorite discussions in my Sexual Health Alliance trainings and conferences is my guest today to discuss women and porn consumption amongst other topics we hit on along the way.

He is the author of Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them Back, Ethical Porn for Dicks (now one of my FAVORITE books!), andThe Myth of Sex ...

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It may seem like a no-brainer, but legit, how many of us venture onto the online dating sites in the hopes of finding that "fix" or "cure" for lonliness? Here's the skinny my lovelies, this is NOT the way. I am here to tell you my tale of finding love online and then experiencing an incredibly heavy grief cycle and also to share some insight from professionals I admire on this very subject. I read an excerpt...

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My guest today is Michelle Renee, the Human Connection Coach. She has created #softcockweek! She is surrogate partner, professional cuddlist, relationship guide, the curriculum coordinator for, a woman who rebirthed herself unlearning trauma and coercion and continues to push the envelope exploring how we relate to each other from the platonic to erotic. She has been interviewed by many media outlets and you can learn ...

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October 23, 2023 37 mins

So, I daresay, more of us are watching than we're admitting, but according to research at least a third of the porn consumed in the US is being watched by WOMEN! Let's kick this socially constructed, misogynistic pile of poo to the curb. Not only are women watching porn, they are liking it and having better sex because they watch it!

Join me on a trip into the whys and whatfors of women watching porn!

Get your FRE...

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Hello my lovelies! Today, I am joined by someone I am so proud to have met. Stephany Ann is a domestic violence activist and survivor. She is also a mom, lawyer, and EFT practitioner. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the narcissim that haunted her marriages, domestic violence myths, and how she started her journey to understanding and healing with EFT.

If you would like more information on EFT or hiring Stephany Ann a...

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Lyndsey Murray, Certified Sex Therapist, and I take a deep dive into the myths surrounding rape in relationships. Lyndsey is not only an LPC and AASECT certified sex therapist with a thriving practic in TX, she is also the co-host of one of my new favorite podcasts, Sex Positivity Unfiltered. We share our personal stories about rape, talk about where the breakdown in sex education needs fixin, and the patriarchal societal grooming ...

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In the wake of the Danny Masterson sentencing, we are taking a deep dive into the psychology of fanatic religious groups. Our guest, Ellen Line, of Roar Wellness is a LCSW-C therapist practicing in Maryland who specializes in relational trauma. She gives insight into how Group Think in fanatic church settings, persecution complexes, and blak and white thinking can contribute to silencing survivors of sexual violence in such setting...

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September 25, 2023 34 mins

***Rape/Sexual Violence Trigger Warning***

This is the first of a 4 part series on rape myths I have called the Sexual Violence Myth Collection in my notes. This first one delves into the Danny Masterson sentencing a bit before launching us into 10 common rape and sexual violence myths perpetuated by our society. The next 3 episodes I will have expert guests on to discuss different myths shared here in more depth and give some pers...

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More of us than we would like to admit have fallen for this one. We have gotten it into our heads that if we are not a 10 on the hotness scale, if we are not model-level attractive, then we should just take what we can get when it comes to relationships. In this episode, I expose that social norm as utter marlarkey!

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Did you grow up thinking faking orgasms was the norm? Did you have to lie about enjoying sex and you believed that was socially acceptable? Congratulations, I think you're like 90% of women! What if we no longer accepted faking it as a prerequisite for being sexually active? What if instead, we decided that we are never going to close the pleasure gap if the person on the other side of our faked orgasm is acting on bad inform...

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We are a touch-starved, touch-deprived, Puritanical society and we only make ourselves look foolish when we assume that someone trying to heal those broken bonds of safe and kind touch is automatically doing something erotic. Join me for my first interview episode with Jasmine Siemon, long time professional cuddler, and FORGIVE ME because my mic was not working, but Jasmine's was, so I'm super quiet, but guess what, she'...

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Today, we're going to be talking about something that is near and dear to my heart because I am very annoyed with how much I hear about it and how it is still a thing. The story that we are going to shake down today is don't show your true self upfront. Now when I say that, what I'm talking about is the advice that many of you have gotten to hide your true selves when you are starting a new relationship.

Where does thi...

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Have you ever heard the story "Break-ups Are a Sign of Failure?" Well, we're gonna go over a ton of reasons why that just isn't show. Don't let society dictate to you that you need to stay in a bad or meaningless relationship just to prove that you powered through. You are just as valuable as a single person as one in a couple, throuple, or pod!

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