Strive for Great Health Podcast

Strive for Great Health Podcast

Welcome to a podcast powered by the Double Doc, Richard Harris, MD, PharmD, MBA. Dr. Harris is a board-certified pharmacist and holistic internal medicine physician in Houston, Texas. Dr. Harris passion is to educate; his podcast focuses on research-based health and wellness information backed by the principles of functional medicine and the ancestral lifestyle. Dr. Harris motto is Strive for Great Health which sounds simple. However, there is a lot of conflicting information presented by so many so-called experts that people are confused about what is actually healthy. Pull up a chair, get comfy and listen to the Double Doc drop potent bits of information about what is actually in your best health interests and what you should be doing to achieve your health goals. Wellness to Dr. Harris is a holistic approach and as a partner in an education consulting firm that specializes in curricula for social-emotional learning and mental fortitude, and a consultant for several start-up companies, the nature of the podcast will reflect Dr. Harris' wide variety of interests and expertise. We aim to be your go-to health and wellness resource as you progress on your wellness journey!


February 14, 2023 47 mins

Dr. Harris is joined by Dr. Swathi Varanasi, a pharmacist and serial entrepreneur who was recently voted one of the top 50 most influential leaders in pharmacy in 2023. We discuss how she incorporates the principles of Ayurveda into her clinical practice, why continuing education is essential, and the innovative ways she mentors students about alternative careers. Finally, we discuss CBD and her company Element Apothec. It was a wo...

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Dr. Spencer Wood, DDS, joins the show today to talk about his integrative approach to dentistry and using dentistry to improve our overall health. He utilizes an innovative test to determine the health of our mouths and gums and then utilizes a holistic treatment algorithm to fix what needs to be fixed. We discuss that approach and how he spearheads the movement to pay the dentist not to do dental work.

Connect with Dr. Wood: https:...

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December 14, 2022 47 mins

Strive for Great Health Podcast Episode 106 - Functional Culinary Medicine

There is a new healthcare paradigm making waves, and it's called functional culinary medicine. Have you heard of it? It's taking the food is medicine philosophy and taking it a step further by combining the principles of functional medicine. Dr. Monisha Bhanote joins us on the podcast to discuss how she uses the principles of functional culinary medicine to h...

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There are so many myths related to body composition and fat loss. In our early media career, we got many of these myths wrong and, unfortunately, propagated things that were not true. In our Things I Got Wrong episode and subsequent episodes, we covered some of these. In this episode, we cover some of the prevailing myths regarding losing body fat and then present what we found in our data analysis covering each myth.

Nimbus Healthc...

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October 20, 2022 48 mins

Strive for Great Health Podcast Episode 104 - Sexual Health, Intimacy, & Desire

The quality and frequency of intimate moments you share with your spouse affect your health. Did you know if you have intercourse 52 or more times a year, you decrease your risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, among other disease states?

I am joined on the podcast by my good friend Dr. Angela Jones of Get Centered Counseling & Con...

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Overconsumption of calories is a great way to make yourself sick. Many of us feel like our appetites are out of control. How and when we eat is under the control of many different factors, but all is not lost. We dive into those factors and end the episode with actionable tips for taking control of your appetite.

Nimbus Healthcare:

Lifestyle Medicine:

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August 29, 2022 40 mins

I want to apologize to all of my listeners. Some things were mentioned on the podcast that I did not vet properly. I also incorporated some of my own bias and agenda into the podcast's early episodes, which resulted in information being presented that was not scientifically accurate. This episode is my apology, where I dive into some of the issues I know I got wrong on previous podcast episodes. Thank you for your continued support...

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Strive for Great Health Podcast Episode 101 - BDNF: How To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Brain health fascinates me. I was raised in a house full of mental illness and saw two grandparents pass away from neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's). Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is one of the critical regulators of brain health by controlling neuroplasticity. Our brain can adapt to our ever-changing environment...

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The title of this podcast sounds like an exaggeration and a marketing ploy to get you to listen to this episode. I assure you it is not. Let's say you are a 65-year-old standard American female or male with three medical conditions and had a hip fracture. You have a 30 to 40% chance of being dead one year from that fracture. Astronomical; how come nobody is talking about this? Luckily, we have your back and will break down everythi...

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Dysregulations in blood pressure and blood lipids/cholesterol are common issues affecting millions of Americans. The conventional approach is to treat each with medication and hope for the best. Yet millions of people die each year due to cardiometabolic illnesses connected to high blood pressure and abnormal lipids. What if medications are not the best solution to these problems? We dive into five studies that outline why lifestyl...

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What does your financial health look like? I've often found just like mental, physical, and spiritual health, we often make many mistakes and missteps regarding our financial health. How we view our finances, and our relationship with money can impact our overall health. Holistic life and business coach Dr. Bryan McElderry joins the podcast to discuss how he empowers his clients to achieve robust financial health.

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April 27, 2022 59 mins

The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is one of the two primary stress circuits in the body. Stress is one of the root causes of chronic disease, and it's incredibly prevalent in our lives today. We can lower our risk of self-injury by moderating how our HPA axis responds to stressors. We discuss what the HPA axis is, how it works, and ways you can take control of this pathway to master stress.

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It seems like some people have all the time in the world. How can these individuals stack so much into the same 24 hours that we all get? Must it be some magic, right? The magic is time management, and it's a skill like any other skill. It can be learned and mastered. ADHD Life Coach Dr. Diana Mercado joins the podcast to discuss how she developed a time management system that allows her to thrive as a busy physician with ADHD.


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Strive for Great Health Podcast Episode 95 - My Personal Acute Care Protocols

What do you do when things do not go according to plan? Do you have a plan for these situations? We break down what we do when inflammation, injuries, infection, stomach upset, and more strike the Harris household. Are you ready to boost your Health EQ and IQ regarding holistic acute care?

Nimbus Healthcare:

Lake Hills Pharmacy:


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Dr. Harris Is joined by David Yeazel and Stephen Anderson of the LDN Health Center to discuss one of our favorite holistic treatments, Low Dose Naltrexone. We discuss the history of naltrexone, how it works, and why its uses have exploded recently. You've probably never heard of this medication, but it's something that is helping people all over the US right now. Are you ready to boost your Health EQ and IQ regarding LDN?

Lifestyle ...

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February 3, 2022 31 mins

Strive for Great Health Podcast Episode 93 - February Wellness Review 2022

This podcast covers the following topics:

Wellness Journey - Follow your own path

Study #1 - Shortening your DNA is not good

Study #2 - T Cells to the COVID-19 rescue

Supplement Discussion - Tribulus

Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris:

Alpha Male X:

CBD He...

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Hair loss is estimated to affect 80 million Americans. The conventional one size fits all approach fails to address the root causes of hair loss. Many have tried this approach with minimal to no results. We at Nimbus healthcare use personalized medicine to address hair loss's root cause or causes. By checking genetics and providing lifestyle medicine, each solution is unique. This episode will discuss the structure and function of ...

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December 1, 2021 27 mins

Energy medicine utilizes the natural energies and frequencies present in nature to promote optimal mental, physical, and spiritual health. We have covered two forms of energy medicine already, infrared therapy and PEMF therapy. One of our favorite tools is negative ions. Negative ion therapy is starting to get a lot of publicity, especially with the wrist band wearables. Is there any juice behind negative ions? In this Strive for G...

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From survivor to superhero, Matt Ode joins the podcast to discuss his journey through Stage 3C testicular cancer and how his faith and tribulation made him the dynamic motivator and speaker he is today. It is a fantastic conversation about the perseverance of faith amid a severe storm.

Connect With Matt:  

Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris:  

CBD Heal...

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November 3, 2021 43 mins

This podcast covers the following four topics:

➡️ Wellness Journey - Adversity

➡️ Study #1 - Does increasing fat intake increase LDL

➡️ Study #2 - Artificial sugars impair the gut microbiome

➡️ Supplement Discussion - Ashwagandha

Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris:

Alpha Male X:

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