Strong Men Strong Marriages

Strong Men Strong Marriages

Get strong. Get attractive. Get a strong, joyful and intimate marriage. Traditional marriage counseling, couples therapy or couples counseling will tell you that a good marriage is based on compromise. Validating feelings. Sacrifice. I tried that for years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. That’s why most couples who go through marriage counseling are the same or worse off after. BUT, in my studies in neuroscience at BYU, MD training at UCLA, psychiatry residency, marriage coach training, and most importantly in my own marriage, I finally found what DOES work. Building strength. Spiritual, mental, emotional and sexual strength. Strong is sexy. And, it feels great. As I applied this to my own marriage, I felt better than ever and had more connection and passion than I thought possible. I started teaching this to other men and couples and they were able to transform their marriages as well. This even works for affair recovery and emotional affairs. Now it’s your turn. Get strong. Get attractive. Get the marriage of your dreams.


August 3, 2021 20 min

What does it take to make a marriage work?

Really just 3 things.

Trust. Communication. And Intimacy.

You need to diagnose which of these is broken…

And then figure out how to repair it.

You’ll learn tips to repair broken trust, poor communication and low intimacy in today’s episode.

Watch on YouTube here.

Dr. Mike

P.S. If you want to learn EXACTLY how to rebuild trust (even after infidelity), have expert communication, and passionate inti...

Mark as Played

Your wife is telling you she doesn’t love you anymore.

What does that mean?

She doesn’t want to share a life with you.

She’s not sexually attracted to you.

She doesn’t feel safe with you.

In response, you’re trying to prove to her that she SHOULD love you…

Which ALWAYS backfires.

Learn how to start to REGAIN that love in today’s episode.

Watch on YouTube here.

Dr. Mike

P.S. If you’re a high achieving man trying to save his marriage, you’re p...

Mark as Played
July 20, 2021 16 min

These days it’s popular to say “I’m working on myself.”

Your wife might even be saying “You need to work on yourself.”

But what does that even mean?

To me, it’s about building up your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual strength.

It’s also about building up your communication skills so you know how to get to win-win with your wife (and others).

And, with your wife, learning how to create fun, flirting and passion.

But what’...

Mark as Played

“Don’t tell me, SHOW me!”

This is what your wife says when you tell her that you are going to change.

Most men go about this the wrong way.

They try to show their wife they are changing by doing more dishes, buying more gifts, or sending lots of text messages saying they’re sorry.


Because they’re not addressing the CORE issues that drove your wife away.

Learn what those core issues are…

How to change them…

And how to SH...

Mark as Played
July 6, 2021 15 min

A member of The Strong Man System recently asked what to do when your wife ignores your text messages.

It is VERY difficult when this happens.

But, it's also an OPPORTUNITY.

Your response will show your TRUE COLORS as a man and a husband.

Will you respond with ANGER? With DESPERATION?

This will show her that she is RIGHT in creating more distance from you.

That you are emotionally IMMATURE and UNSAFE.

Or, will you respond with UNDERST...

Mark as Played
June 29, 2021 18 min

As a man, you think about sex a lot.

But, the WAY you’re thinking about it is causing problems.

Often men think that they can “earn” sex from their wife.

They try to earn sex “helping out” around the house. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids.

They try to earn sex by doing the love languages. Spending time with her, saying nice things to her, buying her gifts.

Basically, they try to create a sort of “debt” for their wife.

They think “...

Mark as Played

You’re a high achieving man who is used to success in his life.

But now, your marriage is on the brink of failure.

Infidelity. Separation. Faith crisis. “I love you but I’m not in love with you.” Divorce talks or filing. Your wife’s interest in another man.

You want to FIX this and WIN HER BACK!

Unfortunately, this “get after it” approach... 

That has worked so well in many areas of your life…

Does NOT work when it comes to winning your ...

Mark as Played

As high achieving men, we’re used to fixing problems. And we’re good at it.

So, when our wife comes to us to talk about a problem, we naturally want to try and fix it.

Unfortunately, this often backfires.

She feels like we don’t really understand her.

And we’re frustrated because she doesn’t want to hear our (expert) advice.

Today you’ll learn what to do INSTEAD of trying to fix her problem.

So that when she comes to you feeling frustrat...

Mark as Played

In the book "The Noble Art of Seducing Women" by Kezia Noble, she identifies 3 types of men.

The nice guy.

The bad boy.

And the good man.

For us, we'll call the third the Strong Man.

These same guys show up in marriages.

The nice guy puts his wife above himself in ALL ways, hoping that someday she will return the favor with attention, appreciation and affection (sex).

The nice guy gets walked on. And hopes someday he will be a...

Mark as Played

Women typically want two things in a marriage: security and romance.

Being an emotionally safe person provides security.

It lets her know that you value her. That you will be there for her. That she matters to you.

Learn how to provide this emotional safety and sense of security in today’s episode.

Also, see why you can’t wait for your spouse to be perfectly “emotionally safe” before you bring up difficult issues.

Watch on YouTube here.


Mark as Played

Right now you’re worried about the future of your marriage.

Will you get divorced?

Will you get separated?

Will your wife have another affair?

You think your life will basically be over if these things happen.

And that makes you try to STOP these things from happening… using EXTREME measures.

Changing yourself. Doing the 5 love languages. Spying on her. 

However, these actions are motivated by FEAR. And FEAR is not ATTRACTIVE to your wife...

Mark as Played
May 18, 2021 28 min

When your wife says she “needs space,” what does that actually mean?

It means she needs space from your NEGATIVE and UNATTRACTIVE thoughts and behaviors.

Learn the top 3 negative things she needs space from…

And how to CHANGE them…

In this episode.

Watch on YouTube here. 


-DO NOT use the “no contact” rule, as this will create MORE distance between you and your wife

-Be friendly and cordial

-STOP one-up thinking and behaviors and rea...

Mark as Played

You want to show your wife you’re changing.

But you’re going about it all wrong.

It’s not about maximizing the good and minimizing the bad.

It’s not about making the “pros” outweigh the “cons.”

It’s about DIAGNOSING your problems and TREATING them.

It’s about being BRUTALLY HONEST about your shortcomings to yourself and your wife.

ONLY then can she start to trust you…

And have ANY belief or hope that things can change.

Watch on YouTube her...

Mark as Played

Women want two things in a marriage.

Security and romance.

If you’re hearing “I love you but I’m not in love with you,” she’s missing one or both of these things.

Learn how to provide BOTH security AND romance in this episode.

So you and your wife can both feel “in love” with each other again.

Watch on YouTube here. 


-Security is provided by having a strong sense of self, being a man of your word, a man on a mission,  being willi...

Mark as Played

The movies, church, and society teach us to “be one” in a marriage.

But, we often misunderstand what this means.

We become TOO blended with our wife.

We become overly focused on “making her happy” and winning her approval (attention, appreciation and affection).

A good marriage is like a good meal.

Pasta and shrimp taste GREAT together.

But if you put them in a blender and drink it…

It doesn’t taste that great any more.

Learn how to be TOG...

Mark as Played

Resentment is a COMMON feeling in marriage.

But, most people don’t know where it comes from or what to do about it.

Overall, it comes from feeling like you are LOSING in your marriage…

While your wife is WINNING.

If you feel like you’re doing more than your fair share…

Doing things you don’t really want to do…

Or denying yourself things you really want…

Resentment is sure to follow.

Luckily, there’s a SIMPLE solution to completely ELIMINAT...

Mark as Played

A lot of men complain that their wife can’t seem to move past their mistakes.

They just keep bringing up the past.

Whether they’ve made big mistakes like an affair, or smaller mistakes like not listening to their wife…

They just want to forget about it and move forward.

They get frustrated when they make the changes their wife wants to see…

But their wife doesn’t seem to appreciate those changes.

This lack of appreciation can cause them ...

Mark as Played
April 6, 2021 27 min

Satan is attacking men, marriages and families CONSTANTLY.

Every day, 130 people commit suicide. Of those, 90 are men.

50% of marriages end in divorce. 40-80% of married people are unhappy in their marriage.

42% of Americans are obese.

The average savings for people age 20-40 is $2,000.

Satan’s goal is to make us WEAK and MISERABLE.

God wants us to be STRONG,JOYFUL and INDEPENDENT.

We defend ourselves and defeat Satan by putting on the ar...

Mark as Played

You want a happy marriage. 

One where you wake up feeling like the luckiest man alive.

Where you go to work feeling strong and confident, because you know your wife has your back.

Where you come home to a wife who smiles and jumps into your arms when you come home.

Where you sit down to a dinner of laughter and connection with your family.

After dinner, you sit and talk with your wife about your hopes, dreams and fears, feeling more con...

Mark as Played

Remember, Satan’s goal is to make us miserable.

If you’re feeling miserable in your marriage right now, Satan is winning!

Satan is on a mission to destroy your marriage, and he uses certain tactics to do it.

The more we are aware of these tactics, the better we can combat them.

Learn what some of them are, and how to counteract them, in this episode.

Watch on YouTube here. 


-If you’re feeling guilty or resentful in your marriage…...

Mark as Played

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