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January 31, 2023 18 mins

Welcome to the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast. I am your host, Debi Robinson. I created this podcast to inspire women to reclaim their bone health because osteoporosis is not a life sentence and should not limit your quality of life. 

 After my own hip joint surgery caused my hip to collapse, I felt fragile. That feeling of fragility kept me from doing physical activities that I loved, leading me to settle into a sedentary lifestyle that worsened my bone density and strength. Once I discovered that I was more than my DEXA scan scores, I ventured into functional medicine and began my journey to rebuild my bones!

Bone remodeling is a response to the demands placed on your bones every day. If you have a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia, it can be reversed. Bone remodeling is a metabolic process that you have control over. Don’t think of your DEXA score as the end instead, it is an insight into the changes you need to make. In this show and episode to come, I will teach you how you can rebuild your bone density and break free from the mindset that you are fragile. 

Key Takeaways:

[0:48] At age 35 your bones tend to break down faster than they can rebuild

[2:00] Women in menopause usually see a 20% loss of bone density due to decreased estrogen

[3:00[ Understanding your DEXA scan results: Osteopenia versus Osteoporosis 

[4:50] Bone remodeling happens according to the demands placed on the bones every day

[6:50] Bone remodeling is a metabolic process that is determined by your lifestyle choices

[7:20] 55% of the population over 50 years old have bone density loss

[8:30] Balance declines once the communication between nerves and muscle break down 

[11:20]  Scores of negative 1 - 2.4 indicates osteopenia and negative 2.5+ is osteoporosis

[13:00] Diet, Posture and joint alignment heavily influence the health of your spine

[14:00] Stress fractures are typically caused due to muscles being dehydrated and inflexible 

[15:55] Your DEXA scan is not a sentence it’s a chance to improve the quality of your bones

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Memorable Quotes:
“When you get this diagnosis and you are told that they are fragile or you feel that word fragile, that happens in the layer of the mind and once you have that feeling; you’re more likely to move less, and if you move less. If you don’t use it, you lose it because bone remodeling happens according to the demands that are placed on the bones every day all day.”  [4:40]

“Posture plays a huge role in the health of your thoracic spine because of the compressive force… it is the proper alignment that will create the exact load necessary to constantly create that stimulation for your bones to be strong.”   [13:05]

“Your DEXA scan is not a sentence” [15:55]

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