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Have you got a tricky sales situation that you can't solve on your own... your chasing a potential client who isn't calling you back? You're hearing "I'd like to think about it" or "I'll get back to you when I'm ready"?Whatever sales challenge you are experience right now, join Ari Galper, the World’s #1 Authority On Trust-Based Selling and the creator of Unlock The Game® every month as he coaches his guests, unrehearsed and live, on their most difficult and complex sales situations that's holding them back from making the sale!The guests on the show have one goal in mind... To Stump Ari! ... and Ari has one goal in mind .. to overturn the notion of selling as we know it today by building trust between buyers and sellers.


November 21, 2022 29 min

Have you had a sales conversation that felt just “perfect?” 

The chemistry between you two was solid, their problem was clearly articulated, you helped them see that you can solve their problem and everything just felt “right”. 

Then at the end of the call, they surprisingly say: “This has been really helpful, let me think about this and I’ll get back to you.” 

That’s when they fall into the “black hole” of follow-up, where you’re for...

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Linear selling models create mistrust in a split second - the moment prospects sense that, although you seem to be interested in their problems and issues, you're actually trying to lead the discussion toward a close. When you do this, you’re coaxing, persuading, and pushing things forward ... Which will cause the prospect to put up a wall, the opposite response to what you want.

In this episode of Stump The Guru Podcast, I'...

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The traditional sales formula looks like this:

Qualify the lead + Present your solution = New paying client 

 That’s basic selling 101, isn’t it? 

 But if this formula, which has been taught by the “sales gurus” for decades, is bulletproof, then why doesn’t every single person who is qualified become a new paying client? 

 In this month’s Stump The Guru show, I'll be talking about the missing piece of this puzzle that cause...

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If you’re chasing somebody and you don’t hear back from them for a while, you will probably feel like you’ve lost them. And, you know you can’t chase them anymore because doing that will inevitably burn the relationship with them, right!? 
Have you had those days where it feels like every sales conversation ends in rejection!? And how confidence shattering and exhausting that can be. Well, you know, I have discovered that this reje...

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Most of us who sell get caught up in “hopeium,” a comical term that means we focus our hopes and desires on making the sale. But hopeium can be a trap, because it's impossible for you to keep in mind your most important goal: to learn your prospect’s truth.

When we fix our minds on the outcome -- making the sale -- we automatically begin anticipating how the process will go, and we also begin expecting that things will happen as...

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You’ve probably heard this over and over in your career. “If you hear an objection, immediately overcome it and move towards making the sale.” That’s a very one-sided approach to a moment that could get awkward quickly. 

Objections are challenges raised by prospects. They put pressure on you, and they can bring your conversation to a halt, or help it grow. The traditional sales mindset will have you defending yourself, chasing them,...

Mark as Played

Building a relationship is about building rapport… which is often ineffective for solving problems. In fact, how many times does being friendly and agreeable get in the way of telling someone what they need to hear?
Building trust with your potential client is about what I call “going down the iceberg.”

Going down the iceberg as an advisor means helping your potential client understand the gravity of their situation and the implicati...

Mark as Played

We have been taught to chase opportunities, play the numbers game, and pursue prospects. But it turns out that if you stop doing those things, which extend your sales cycle, but instead focus on building deep trust with people, you can actually shorten your sales cycle dramatically!

In this episode of Stump The Guru show, I'll be talking about how you can shortcut your sales cycle.   I've made it my life’s mission to give yo...

Mark as Played

People who sell typically handle objections in a defensive manner or in ways that try to convince prospects that their objection isn’t true. But that’s actually an attack on the other person’s reality and puts them on the defensive. They start fearing that we’re going to try to “sell” them by persuading them, so they either challenge us more, or they try to get out of the situation.

In this episode of Stump The Guru, I'll be tal...

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It's like walking a tight-rope, if you push to hard in your sales conversation, you'll break trust and lose the sale. On the flip side, if you're too passive, over educating, doing "free" consulting, attempting to create a relationship, you'll often hear "I want to think about it"....then you end up in chase mode, the last place you want to me.

In this episode of Stump The Guru Podcast, I'll be ad...

Mark as Played

This is happening all the time, everywhere, on virtually every sales conversation you’re having… you’re prospect is holding something back from you.
Why are they afraid to just tell you the truth?
What are they afraid you might do if they are vulnerable with you?

In this episode of Stump The Guru Podcast, I'll be talking about How Do You Get To The Truth Of Your Prospect?   I've made it my life’s mission to give you the ...

Mark as Played

Not sure if you do any outbound sales calling, but if you do, this podcast episode will either be a shock to you or what you’ve been looking for.
We’ve been conditioned to believe by the traditional sales gurus that the sale is lost at the END of the process – and I’ve always known it’s lost at the BEGINNING of the process.
Can you create trust at “hello”?
In this episode of Stump The Guru Podcast, I'll be talking about How ...

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It’s always an awkward moment, you had a great conversation with someone, they are qualified for your solution, it’s time to “follow-up” with them …. what do you say, without putting pressure on them? 
The answer lies within the mindset shift of re-focusing the conversation on their problem, and not your solution. 

In this episode of Stump The Guru Podcast, I'll be talking about Following Up A Prospect Without Chasing Them.  I&#...

Mark as Played

Your doctor gets paid for giving you deep clarity on your problem, in ADVANCE of solving the problem. CLARITY is the biggest issue your prospects really want first, before actually getting their problem solved.

In this month’s Stump The Guru episode, I'll be talking about how you can use the "doctor" model to position yourself as a Trusted Authority.   I've made it my life’s mission to give you the clarity that you a...

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CEOs need to take a hard look at their sales process to not only focus on how many sales they are making, but also to focus on why they are losing many of their most lucrative sales opportunities.

They need to begin shifting the mindset of their sales teams away from being solution-focused to being intensely problem-focused, so their potential clients feel their core issues are deeply understood, creating an unbreakable bond of trus...

Mark as Played

When you’re chasing a vanishing prospect with follow-up messages to try and get them onboard, you’re following the old mindset of chasing the sale.   You’re focusing on getting a “yes”, without really knowing the truth of what they’re thinking.

Let me remind you, at this stage, you haven’t lost the sale, you just don’t know the truth yet!  But let me tell you, if you’re willing to be humble, reach out and “fall on your sword”, then...

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If someone gives you an objection, a pressure on you like, “Your price is too high,” for instance. The number one response to that in sales is usually to defend yourself.  “We’re the best. We have this.” You start to defend, get your shoulders up and say, “We can work with that.” We either get passive or aggressive. There are only two options.

The new sales thinking mindset is different. It’s about diffusing the pressure to preserve...

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What do you do when someone says to you they already chose someone who offers what you do?   In traditional selling, you’re only options are FIGHT or FLIGHT. 
Defend your position, go after the other vendor explaining how they aren’t as good as you, or back away and let them go. 
With Trust-Based Selling, there’s a different approach and I will be talking all about this in this months episode.  I've made it my life’s mission to...

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Have you got a tricky sales situation that you can't solve on your own... your chasing a potential client you who isn't calling you back?

You're hearing "I'd like to think about it" or "I'll get back to you when I'm ready"?

Whatever sales challenge you are experience right now, join Ari Galper, the World’s #1 Authority On Trust-Based Selling and the creator of Unlock The Game® every month as h...

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