Stupid Boys Club

Stupid Boys Club

After all our excellent self-therapizing in Season ONE, we finally feel ready to start imparting our new found zen, knowledge, grown-up attitude or whatever you want to call it to you, our lovely audience who, by following us through season one, have clearly demonstrated the requirement for some life guidance from some professional, upstanding adults.Join us as we tick off all the various things you need to 'get' to function as an adult in our lovely society, from dating to crime (pretty much the same thing judging by Toby's record) - we've got the lowdown on how to adult like a mother-fucker.


May 5, 2021 50 mins

'How much do the Stupid Boys know about sport', I hear you ask - well you're about to find out in this VERY special episode all about all the exciting ways people choose to burn calories and make friends that don't involve a dark car park and a bottle of poppers.

In this episode we relive our sporting childhoods and our slightly less sporting teen years, figure out what the sexiest sports are, which sp...

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(shattered) hopes & dreams are something we all have in common, and whether it's a trip to New York, a relationship with an Elephant or a visit to an active warzone, this will be an episode you can ALL relate too. Join us today as we trawl through our bucket lists, run a careers session for Toby, discuss our perfect retirements, and embark on another of our famous guided meditations, helping us all to focus on and achieve ...

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In this weeks episode we talk shop! It's employment week at the Stupid Boys Club and we're here to educate.  Join us as we talk about all the various jobs we've had in our dubious pasts, we deliver some coaching on how to give delicate feedback, we learn all about the wages of the world's wackiest jobs, and, of course, Jonesy and Alex interview Toby for a job as the lady that holds the numbers up between boxing ...

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Everyone loves a good bit of crime, but did you know that 98% of Brits have committed a crime unknowingly?! My mother told me that creating this podcast should be made a crime so I suggested that her hairdresser should go to jail. Sorry mum.

Join us as we learn about the weird and wonderful crimes and criminals that the world has to offer, discover exactly how criminal we each are on a scale of 1 to 10, we solve a couple ...

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It's episode 3 and it's ALL about body positivity! DISCLAIMER - let's be honest, this episode will not give you ANY pointers, or make you feel good about anyone's body. It's merely a wonderful excuse for use to all take low blows at each other - one of our favourite pass-times!

Join us as we work our way through a wonderful guide to body positivity, including expelling negative thoughts about each ...

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It's episode two of our whole new educational 'ting' and BRACE YOURSELF my pretties because we're about to get polite on your ass. This deep dive into the murky world of manners and etiquette sees us debating whether manners are nature or nurture (nurture, obviously, we figured it out in 3 seconds...) and talking about all the weird (and incorrect) etiquettes from around the world. We also give Jonesy (a bit of ...

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So here we are in season two - who'd have thought three twats like us could actually get our shit together long enough to create something that has SEASONS?!

So - to recap, in season one we a) discovered how to make podcasts, the hard way, b) introduced Cookie the demon puppy to the world, or more accurately, to Jonesy's woefully inadequate flat, c) relived all of our most embarrassing childhood moments, teenage...

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The best of 2020! To celebrate the end of Season One and also putting the bastardly 2020 behind us, we've turned about 24 hours worth of shite material into 2 hours slightly less shite material. This would make a great first episode for friends or family, so get sharing you little munchkins!

Watch this space for Season Two, coming VERY soon!


This weekly podcast feat...

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December 22, 2020 44 mins

Ho Ho Homo. Meeeeerry Fistmas. In this seasonal episode we swap Secret Santa presents, play some festive games like tongue twisters and 'drunk, stoned or stupid', discuss the greatest festive tunes and traditions, and Jonesy tries to back up his weird wiping technique with some mumbo jumbo science talk!


This weekly podcast features long-time friends Jonesy, Alex & T...

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December 6, 2020 48 mins

Welcome to this, our 23rd episode, recorded remotely just before the UK's second lockdown was lifted. We cover off all the important things in this episode, like Toby's cooking expeditions, a Cookie catch-up, our attempts at home exercise, the potential porn crises brought about by the pandemic, our favourite Christmas adverts, and we try to organise a Secret Santa between the three of us. 'Try' being the operat...

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November 23, 2020 47 mins

We're half-way through UK Lockdown 2.0 so we return to a video recording for the first time since Lockdown 1.0 - a welcome return to being a long way away from these two muppets. In this episode we catch up on how we're all passing the time whilst our civil liberties have been removed, look forward to Christmas and, inspired by the return of I'm A Celeb, we discuss which TV shows we'd love to go on.


Mark as Played
November 9, 2020 50 mins

Happy 21st Birthday to us - yes it's ANOTHER birthday episode, not that we do anything to celebrate it of course, that would require MUCH more effort to prepare for than you lot are worth!!! Joking of course, we LOVE you ;)

In this episode  we fill you in on our very exciting Halloween celebrations, including Zombie paintball and scary movies,  we brace ourselves for another lockdown and reminisce about the distinct l...

Mark as Played
October 25, 2020 59 mins

Happy 20th Birthday to US!!!! This week's hot topics include the lack of Halloween, emotional dreams, hectic house parties,  near miss movie names and our most elite snack options.

This weekly podcast features long-time friends Jonesy, Alex & Toby, 3 "grown-ups" who haven't quite yet figured out how to be adults. Join each week as we discover the art of adulting and 'therapize' times when...

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October 12, 2020 52 mins

If you're a big fan of Toby then this episode is for YOU! We cover all of Toby's hobbies, like eating, drinking, food, booze, takeaways, alcohol, snacks, shots and much, much more (although really, not much more....). We also find out about Jonesy's incoming new pet, and talk about falling over. Such fun!

This weekly podcast features long-time friends Jonesy, Alex & Toby, 3 "grown-ups" who have...

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September 27, 2020 42 mins

In our first ever face-to-face interview the amazing Lucy Spraggan bowls into our lives (and Alex's front room) like a bubbly hilarious Tasmanian Devil. Find out all about her fab new single and album, her brief career as a magician, why she had her nipples pierced, her lockdown transformation, her wonderful dog Steven (stone cold) and her nickname that never quite caught on.

The normal episodes of this weekly podcast...

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September 20, 2020 44 mins

Our first delve into biology as we attempt to learn more about the female anatomy, also discussing pizza etiquette, Toby's main lookalikes (other than Clare Balding), a questionable party game and we unveil the revelation of Jonesy's unfaithfulness to this podcast. 

This weekly podcast features long-time friends Jonesy, Alex & Toby, 3 "grown-ups" who haven't quite yet figured out how to be adul...

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September 13, 2020 51 mins

This week we finally enjoy some listener submissions, hear Jonesy's opinions on parenting on beaches, discover some porn mags in a forest (classic) and discuss father-son nudity. All pretty standard stuff... 

This weekly podcast features long-time friends Jonesy, Alex & Toby, 3 "grown-ups" who haven't quite yet figured out how to be adults. Join each week as we discover the art of adulting and &apos...

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September 7, 2020 26 mins

This week we're joined by BBC Radio DJ of 40+ years and all round 80's legend, Gary Davies! We hear about the glamorous life of a professional DJ, get Gary's feedback on one of our jingles and, of course, find out all about how Gary is doing with his new cavapoo puppy, Chili!

The normal episodes of this weekly podcast feature long-time friends Jonesy, Alex & Toby, 3 "grown-ups" who haven'...

Mark as Played
August 31, 2020 59 mins

Enjoy our final Wikipedia entry in this episode as Alex gets royally roasted by the boys (calm down... roast like 'you're in the hot chair'...). We also learn about some of our listeners phobias and play another game of 'how much would it take'! As a little bonus, we also hear all about Toby's lack of gag reflex.... tissues at the ready.

The normal episodes of this weekly podcast feature long-...

Mark as Played
August 23, 2020 38 mins

We have the absolute pleasure of interviewing real life POP STAR, Nina Nesbitt - Scottish singer/songwriter and owner (pawrent...) of Prince Timmy, a former sex addict Pomeranian!

The normal episodes of this weekly podcast feature long-time friends Jonesy, Alex & Toby, 3 "grown-ups" who haven't quite yet figured out how to be adults. Join each week as we discover the art of adulting and 'therapize&a...

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