Super Prompt: Generative AI w/ Tony Wan

Super Prompt: Generative AI w/ Tony Wan

Curious about how AI will transform our world and careers? Join me, Tony Wan, ex Silicon Valley exec, on Super Prompt. We use breaking news as a springboard to build our foundational knowledge of generative AI, covering everything from ChatGPT to cutting-edge startups. We 'unhype the hype' via deep dive solo episodes and insightful conversations with engineers and entrepreneurs to help us grasp the real impact of AI on our lives. Tailored for the nerdy and critically-minded, we explore topics like Large Language Models (LLM), neural networks, multi-modal systems, GPT-4, Gemini, Llama, and DALL-E. Together, let's decode the complex, fast-evolving world of generative AI.


May 20, 2024 10 mins

The recent spring updates and demos by both Google (Gemini) and OpenAI (GPT-4o)  feature prominently their multimodal capabilities. In this episode, we discuss the advantages of multimodal  AI versus models focused on specific modalities such as language. Via the example of chatCAT, a hypothetical AI that helps owners understand their cats, we explore multimodal’s promise for a more holistic understanding  Please enjoy this episode...

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Google recently announced, Gemini, a family of large-scale multimodal AI models: Nano, Pro, and Ultra.  This podcast is a brief summary of Google's models, and the Open AI comparables  e.g.  GPT3,  GPT4, and chatGPT. You can take Gemini for a spin at (Note: I am not sponsored by Google.) Long time listeners will probably notice a change to our theme music and intro. I hope you like it!

For more inform...

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How I built a travel planning AI named Holiday using the GPT Builder just launched by Open AI. I share 7 takeaways from my "no code" experience of building a GPT. Voicing the part of Holiday: my friend, Leslie Marrick, a writer and actress. This may be one of the few times AI has been replaced by a human. Sorry AI... the tide will turn for you soon.

The following is a link to GPT that I built with GPT Builder as ...

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Conversation with Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist at Rackspace, a cloud computing company. We explore how they deployed a LLM (Google PaLM)  for a sales application, and how they're enabling their Azure and AWS customers too.

What I learned I learned from Jeff

  1. You should probably go with the LLM of your current cloud provider be it, Google, Microsoft, or Amazon.
  2.  All the major vendors have versions of LLMs that can...
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Alfred Guy,  Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at Yale College, and Director of Undergraduate Writing & Tutoring at the Poorvu Center and I discuss Yale's AI Guidance, and generative AI’s impact on teaching, learning, and evaluation. Do you have school age kids? Are you a product of a college or university education? if so, podcast may be of interest to you. 

Yale's AI guidance is published online here:

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We create a  pitch for an epic Sci-Fi blockbuster, using chatGPT power prompts of Role Play, Chain of Thought, and Self Critique.  We see how these successive prompts used individually and in combination create a better and better pitch. I discuss the 2023 Writers / Actors Strike, and the AI-related issues impacting actors, writers, and studios right now. Please enjoy this episode.

For more information, check out https://www.superpr...

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“Does chatGPT possess human-like intelligence?” It turns out there's a right answer, and that answer is “NO”! Does this definite answer seem out of character for chatGPT which usually goes overboard  with fair and balanced views?  It did to me. That's the rabbit hole I explore in this episode.  By probing around this  accidentally-encountered guardrail, we discover the kinds of ethical issues chatGPT's creators  are ...

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Does chatGPT have a sense of humor? What if after Microsoft's acquisition of Open AI, the Onion ran the headline, “Microsoft renames chatGPT to clippyChat”? Would chatGPT find this funny? TL;DR LLMs are better at analyzing humor than creating it. Please enjoy this episode. 

For more information, check out There you can contact me and/or sign up for our newsletter.

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How do you extract prohibited information from ChatGPT? What are Grandma and DAN exploits? Why do they work? What can Large Language Model (LLM) companies do to protect themselves?  Grandma exploits or hacks are ways to trick chatGPT into giving you information that is in violation of company policy. For example, tricking chatGPT to give you confidential, dangerous, or inappropriate information. "Jailbreaking” is a slang  for ...

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What are AI hallucinations, and are they a feature or a bug? We start with the Top 10 categories of AI Hallucinations and examples, then explore how chatGPT might hallucinate an answer to the question, "What is the central theme of Blade Runner?" We end with chatGPT debating with itself whether AI hallucinations are bad or good for humanity. Which side wins? Tune in to find out.

In these solo episodes, I provide ...

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Using the prompt, "Why isn't Superman's suit Kryptonite-proof?", we learn how Large Language Models are trained,  why "self-attention" and the "transformer" architecture (which is what the T in GPT stands for) makes GPT-3 so powerful, the process of "inference", and how chatGPT generates answers to nerdy Superhero questions. After this episode, you'll be able to impress your fr...

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"How do ChatGPT, GPT-3, and Large Language Models (LLMs) relate?" 

That is the question we explore this episode via

  1. Nursery rhyme
  2. A satirical Friend's episode w/ Chandler, Joey, Ross, and Monica
  3. Fairy Tale 

We also examine the hierarchal order of: artificial intelligence, neural network, large language model,  GPT-3, chatGPT. And why I got the order  wrong initially. Hint: I reversed chatGPT and GPT-3.<...

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In these solo episodes, I provide more definition, explanation, and context than my regular episodes. The idea is to help  those new to AI get more out of my conversations with guests.

Format: Letters read aloud. 

I start each solo episode with a question. In this one, I ask, "How would you describe ChatGPT in your own words? " I answered it for myself, then asked chatGPT how I did. Mayhem ensues.

For more informat...

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I speak with scientist entrepreneur, Arijit Ray. Arijit is a PHD candidate at Boston University. We speak about generative AI, why it’s so hard to get DALL-E to create  the exact pizza we envision, how one goes from scientist to entrepreneur, and his startup, which is training AI to predict social media responses and run marketing focus groups. Please enjoy my conversation with Arijit Ray. 

For more information, check out https://ww...

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I speak with CTO and Chilean entrepreneur Mario Arancibia, about AI his company has developed and deployed which screens for diseases, such as Covid-19 based on the sound of our voice. Speaking a simple phrase into your phone, such as the days of the week, the AI can tell based on your voice profile if you have Covid. Or not. The AI can be trained to screen for other respiratory illnesses, and conditions as far ranging as obesity, ...

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AI that can assess if a painting is fake. Husband-and-wife team, Steven and Andrea Frank, have developed a neural network that can assess the probability that a painting was painted by the supposed creator. They ran their neural network on a newly discovered Leonardo da Vinci painting called the Salvator Mundi which in 2017 sold at Christie’s for a record $450 million dollars, which at the moment, is the most expensive painting eve...

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Alpha Go AI plays the game of GO against a human world champion. Unexpected moves by both man (9-dan Go champion Lee Sedol) and machine (Alpha Go). Supposedly, this televised Go match woke up China's leadership  to the potential of AI. In the game of Go, players take turns placing black and white tiles on a 19×19 grid. The number of board positions in Go is greater than the number of atoms in the observable universe. We discus...

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A 100% digital version of the world's driving environment is being created AKA The Metaverse. Think an immersive virtual reality environment like Grand Theft Auto with less destruction, profanity, and mayhem. The goal? Have a self-driving AI not be able to tell if it’s driving in the real-world or a simulation. Can we fool AI into thinking it's not AI? Don’t freak out. Or freak out. The Matrix is being coded as we speak. ...

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I speak again with my friend Maroof Farook who is an AI Engineer at Nvidia. [Note: Maroof’s views are his and not that of his employer.] This is a continuation of our previous conversation about self-driving cars.  We discuss AI challenges including  humans on bicycles, bicycles on bike racks, motorcycles, and other things easy for a teenager with a driving permit to figure out but hard for a computer. "Roads with fully autono...

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I speak with my friend Maroof Farook who is an AI Engineer at Nvidia. [Note: Maroof’s views are his and not that of his employer.] We discuss what’s different about the self-driving approaches of Tesla and Alphabet/Google/Waymo. We cover the phases of autonomous driving, from level 1 to level 5, the capabilities of each phase, and at which phase we can eat a cheeseburger while our car drives itself.  Finally, we discuss why one of ...

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