Super States: Practices of TRANCE-formation

Super States: Practices of TRANCE-formation

Super States explores the intersection of super states - altered states of consciousness - with personal and professional development. We talk with experts in hypnosis, breath work, psychedelics, and sexuality, and more to uncover the ancient and modern practices they use to create changes in their lives. If you are interested in using Super States to push your boundaries and live your best life, this is the podcast for you.


July 16, 2024 45 mins

Elizabeth is an Integrative Hypnotist and Coach specializing in helping dancers and performing artists. She helps people break through what's been holding them back so they can step into their fullest expression. 


In this episode, Elizabeth discusses her journey with hypnosis and how she has embraced both the science and the magic of it. She shares how her approach to hypnosis has shifted from a perfectionistic mindset to a co-c...

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Catherine Campion, a SAG-AFTRA on-camera and voice talent, possesses an intelligent, intriguing, inspirational, and irresistible voice. Jane, a trained end-of-life doula, is well-known for her popular TEDx talk, where she shared her profound experience of caring for her husband during his whirlwind decline, an event that deeply shaped the rest of her life. 


In this episode, they share their journey working in nursing facilities ...

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In this solo episode, Joshua explores the concept of freedom and its importance in personal growth and self-improvement. He discusses breaking free from societal rules and expectations to live authentically.  


Through his personal journey of overcoming fear and the impact it has on our lives, he invites you to explore various techniques such as meditation, breathwork, and hypnosis to cultivate freedom and release emotional trigge...

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Brandy is a therapist and an intuitive. She just started her own private practice and has a big personal mission to help raise the frequency and consciousness on the planet. As a therapist, she takes what you could call a “psychodynamic, solution-focused” approach. 


She also teaches workshops to make concepts like inner child, shadow work, and past lives more accessible and digestible. 


In this episode we discuss her unique a...

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Sabrina Santa Clara is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Spiritual Doula. She studied at Naropa University, where she earned a Master of Arts in Somatic Counseling Psychotherapy, with a dual emphasis in Body Psychotherapy & Dance/Movement Therapy. She is a specialist in Psychotherapeutic Touch, and trains other clinicians on the use of touch in therapy. Sabrina is genderfluid and uses the pronouns she/her or ze/zir...

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Yoni Havana is a Holistic Lifestyle and Awaking Guide, and Host of the Yoni Havana Podcast. He is also Co-Founder of Men of Integrity, a Brotherhood of Divine Masculinity. His work is focused on guiding people to heal, expand, and find their divine alignment in life.  


During this episode, Yoni’s shares his journey to becoming a guide and the impact of holistic health and awakening on people's lives. He discusses his background i...

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Mahesh Grossman is the “Love Heals Anxiety Guy” and a somatic hypnotherapist who specializes in overcoming anxiety, depression, & trauma as well as managing chronic pain. 


In this episode we discuss his journey and the transformative power of somatic hypnotherapy. He specializes in anxiety, trauma, and pain management.  


Mahesh explains how he became a somatic hypnotist and the process of starting his own business. He also ...

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Jill Sawchuk empowers people to connect with themselves at a deeper level through mindful movement and breath awareness. Starting with the physical body, Jill helps individuals tap into their inner voice and access their potential.  


In this episode, Jill shares the journey that led her to pursue yoga and meditation as a lifestyle to guarantee enjoyment, fulfillment, and balance in life. Movement and mindfulness practices can lea...

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In this conversation, we sit with Steven Twohig to discuss the concept of shadow work and its impact on personal growth and transformation. He shares his own journey of overcoming childhood trauma and finding healing through embracing and working his shadow.     Steven explains the process of a shadow ceremony and addresses common misconceptions about it. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing the fear of not be...

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Through a fusion of ancient healing wisdom and contemporary practices like psychedelic coaching and micro-dosing support, Casey is committed to helping you uncover deeper layers of mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 


His mission is to create a safe and nurturing space where each person can explore the depths of their consciousness, tap into their inner wisdom, and cultivate holistic well-being-ultimately inspiring them ...

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Jessica has transitioned from being a chemist to an alchemist. She has always been studying bonding and chemistry, whether molecular or interpersonal, and in this episode, she shares her journey from MIT to becoming a men's relationship and neo-tantric coach.  


We discuss the misconceptions about tantra and the importance of bridging the gap between science and spirituality. Jessica also provides simple techniques for starting to...

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Ali Fitzpatrick is a multifaceted Life and Spiritual Coach. Her knowledge goes from Kundalini Yoga to Numerology. In this episode we have an in depth talk about the importance of healing childhood trauma and core beliefs in order to manifest your deepest desires.  


Ali emphasizes the need to trust one's intuition and follow it, even when it doesn't make sense to others, and that what we call intuition is not always our real hones...

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In this episode, we take a moment to express gratitude for all the episodes shared and the stories we've listened to, as well as for the listeners and the team behind the podcast. 


Join me in this guided meditation focused on setting goals and letting go of obstacles. 


Choose a comfy spot and tune in. This episode takes you through a powerful journey of self-worth and helps grow your belief in yourself.  



- Expre...

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In this conversation, Nickolas Ely shares his journey into hypnosis and ritual magic, as well as his passion for helping people explore alternate spiritualities. He discusses his personal experiences with supernatural phenomena and near-death experiences.  


Additionally, Nik shares his focus on men's mental health and suicide prevention, highlighting the need to address the unique challenges faced by men in society, making clear ...

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Christian de la Huerta, is a personal transformation coach and breathwork facilitator. In this episode he shares with us his journey and the power of breathwork in transforming lives.  


We discuss the different ways he helps people, including retreats, one-on-one coaching, and online programs. He emphasizes the importance of sustainable transformation and the benefits of integrating breathwork into daily life.  


Tune in to hear...

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Sara and Thomas Stout share their journey of discovering Tantra and the transformative power it has had on their lives. They explain the principles of Sky Dancing Tantra, what it focuses on, and the three keys to ecstasy in Tantra. 


Join us as they share with us their relationship to Tantra and its ancient traditions. Sara and Thomas, directors of the Skydancing Tantra Institute, promote an ecstatic way of living as a way to brea...

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Dr. Courtney Padjen, a psychedelic informed sex and trauma therapist, discusses her work with ketamine and its impact on human sexuality and trauma. She shares how she became interested in this field and the benefits ketamine therapy can provide. Finally, Dr. Courtney addresses misconceptions and risks associated with ketamine and emphasizes the importance of being open to the possibilities of healing and growth.    Takeaways  - Ke...

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Lani's journey began in the legal profession, driven by a passion for advocating for marginalized voices. Today she is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a state-licensed diploma from the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. She is also a quantum hypnotherapist certified by the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy. 


Diving into the heart of traditional practices, we challenge the misconceptions surrounding ayahuasca and the...

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Our guest today, Savannah Joy, is the founder of Embrace Your Wild, a Voice Medicine Channel, Somatic Healing Practitioner, Portrait Photographer, Speaker, Plant Medicine Guide, and Retreat Facilitator. She is a safe and loving space for women to express their full selves so they can shed what is not serving them and see themselves as powerful creators of the lives they truly desire.  


Savannah shares with us her journey of helpi...

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Meet Vanessa Weseman, breathwork coach and relational coach, as she shares her journey and the transformative power of breathwork.  


Vanessa explains how breathwork helps people connect with their mind, body, and spirit, and discover their true selves and purpose. She discusses the origins of her breathwork practice and the influence of her father, who trained her in breathwork.  


Vanessa also explores the practice of authentic...

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