Swingpod with Rocky & Hazel -A Swinger & Hotwife Podcast

Swingpod with Rocky & Hazel -A Swinger & Hotwife Podcast

Rocky and Hazel have been swingers in “The Lifestyle” for about ten years. Two years ago, they started a podcast examining the “Ups and Downs” and the “Ins & Outs” of being Swingers. Believe it or not, sharing your spouse isn’t always easy (even for Swingers) The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel takes a personal, sometimes raw look at The Lifestyle in a brutally honest way. But make no mistake, The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel is sexy, dirty, raunchy, and fun along the entire way! To top it off, Hazel just began her Onlyfans page to show off how dirty she can be! Check her out at onlyfans.com/hazelthehotwife!


November 1, 2023 35 mins

Get ready for a recap-packed episode as Rocky and Hazel take you on a journey of memories and insights from their Hedo adventure! 🌴🎉

They kick off with vivid recollections, starting from the moment they boarded the bus and even sharing some fun banter with the driver. It's a trip down memory lane that's bound to bring back smiles. 🚌😄

In a captivating twist, they interview a delightful couple, Rex and Candy, who may not ...

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Get ready for a special broadcast as Rocky and Hazel take you on an exciting journey from the heart of Hedonism 2! 🌴🎤

While "The Irishman" couldn't make it this year, Rocky brought the next best thing for Hazel – a special surprise that's bound to heat up their Caribbean adventure. 😏🍆

They provide a comprehensive review of the resort, from the tantalizing restaurants to their unforgettable outings to places li...

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Excitement is in the air as Rocky and Hazel gear up for an unforgettable adventure in the latest episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel"! 🌴✈️

They delve into their upcoming trip to Hedo II in Negril, Jamaica, where they're preparing for steamy theme nights with Hazel's alluring costumes. Get ready to join them on this tantalizing journey as they explore their desires amidst the Caribbean paradise. 🏖️👙


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Get ready for an erotic new episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel" as they recount an unforgettable weekend filled with passion, surprises, and laughter! 🔥🎉

Hazel's "boyfriend," the enigmatic "Irishman," paid a visit for a weekend of sizzling activities that left everyone breathless. The sparks fly as they discuss the electrifying turn-on it is for Rocky when Hazel flashes her devilish sm...

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Join Rocky and Hazel for a captivating new episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel" as they take you on a rollercoaster of experiences, from exciting day trips to thought-provoking discussions! 🎉🌟

They kick off this episode by sharing the joys of a day trip to a local mountain and a weekend movie date to see Equalizer 3. These moments remind us of the importance of engaging in activities as a couple, fost...

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Join Rocky and Hazel for an electrifying new episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel," where they continue to delve into the thrilling world of swinging with insightful conversations and entertaining insights! 🎉🌟

In this episode, Hazel dives into a captivating discussion about the fine line between dressing "classy vs slutty" in the swinging scene. Uncover the secrets to making a bold statement while exud...

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Join Rocky and Hazel in a captivating new episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel" as they take you on an enlightening journey back to the basics of swinging! 🎉🌟

In this episode, the couple delves into a treasure trove of tips and tricks, offering valuable insights into the world of swinging. Discover the art of meeting like-minded individuals as they share their experiences and advice for making meaningful connect...

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July 26, 2023 25 mins

Join Rocky and Hazel for an exciting new episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel" as they take you on an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, reminiscence, and insights into the exciting world of swinging! 🎉🌟

First, be amazed as they discuss the massive amount of luggage they packed for a seemingly short 2-day trip to see "The Irishman." You won't believe what they brought along for the advent...

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Join us for an unforgettable episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel" as we embark on a wild adventure! 🎉🌟

Rocky and Hazel, who share a loving marriage, celebrated their anniversary in style by heading to Tennessee to reunite with Hazel's boyfriend, "The Irishman." But this was no ordinary anniversary celebration—a delightful rendezvous that promises to leave you hot and entertained! 😏🚗

As they jour...

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Get ready for an exciting new episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel" as the couple delves into thought-provoking discussions and thrilling adventures!

In this episode, Rocky and Hazel engage in a captivating exploration of gender dynamics, discussing the intriguing differences between when a man says he's sorry versus when a woman does. Prepare for an insightful conversation that challenges conventional perspe...

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Come join "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel" as they explore swinger topics that will captivate you! 💫🔥

Discover the enticing offer of a free trip to Hedonism 2 for a unicorn, an irresistible opportunity that will ignite desires and create unforgettable memories. 🌴🦄

What answers will Hazel give to the question: "What kind of woman does Hazel truly desire?" Uncover her desires and the qualities that make her h...

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June 28, 2023 27 mins

The conclusion of Episode 28, Rocky and Hazel read listener messages and emails where they fulfill a request to send a dirty movie while recording. (And, of course, Rocky must share some of the audio!) Hazel dedicates the podcast to several listeners and Onlyfans subscribers. The couple finds an LS event for the 4th of July and debates how they will attend. Also, discover what happens when Rocky goes on a vanilla float trip. And fi...

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GET READY to dive deep into the world of exhibitionism and voyeurism in this latest episode of "The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel"! The couple embarks on a tantalizing journey, exploring desires and curiosities that will make your heart race and your imagination run wild.

This week, they'll take you on a pulse-pounding ride through some unforgettable experiences. Picture this: Hazel, her boyfriend, and even his MOTHER...

Mark as Played
June 14, 2023 19 mins

Welcome back to this week's scintillating episode! Continuing last week, we delve deeper into the spellbinding tale of Rocky's three-year odyssey within Hazel's irresistible friend zone. Brace yourself as we explore Hazel's allure and whether she remained the epitome of temptation throughout this captivating period. But hold on tight as Rocky experiences the passionate wrath of stealing Hazel's heart? Spark...

Mark as Played
June 7, 2023 33 mins

In this episode, the couple goes over Hazel's Hotwife pool party of her very own in detail! The day started innocent enough lounging around but ended with Hazel getting wet and dirty! The hosts also traveled to Mississippi and did more "product testing" with a particular auto pleasure machine! An important decision looms for the pair regarding where they position their new "furniture" so they may best utili...

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The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel goes weekly! We're experimenting with formats and frequency so you can get more of everyone's favorite hot wife, Hazel!

The couple finish last week's episode with Hazel admitting Rocky is always right! (Most of the time) Hazel talks about her encounter with a curious X-Ray technician about her clit piercing. The couple also discusses how their Lifestyle journey has evolved ...

Mark as Played

The Swingpod with Rocky and Hazel goes weekly! We're experimenting with formats and frequency so you can get more of everyone's favorite hot wife Hazel! In this episode, the hosts talk about "tugging" and how Hazel has begun to "condition" Rocky using nylons to tie up "parts" of Rocky! The couple discusses Hazel dressing slutty and the now infamous "Side Boob" dress!


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May 10, 2023 33 mins

In this episode, Rocky and Hazel talk about heading out for a content-making trip that culminates in meeting up with "The Irishman"! The Onlyfans "fan requests" start coming in, and Hazel is compelled to take a photo of herself while driving! A fan asks Hazel what's the best approach in bringing up The Lifestyle with his wife! Finally, the duo adds an unusual new sex toy to their growing collection. It&apos...

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April 26, 2023 37 mins

In this episode, the duo discusses the fun (and the work) of developing Hazel's Onlyfans page. They talk about some of the incredibly sexy women they've met on the platform and the help they've received along the way. They also discuss a BIG event they've got planned over the horizon! Also, Hazel share's that she's got another encounter planned with The Irishman! Finally, Rocky reveals that he's b...

Mark as Played

What another jam-packed, HOT episode! Rocky puts together a group of men to make another feeble attempt to satisfy the insatiable Hazel with her very own gang bang! Listen to the details as they discuss what went down (and who) during the incredibly steamy encounter! Also, the duo discovers that one of their Airbnb guests knows about their swinger secret!!! Who told them? How did they know? Finally, Hazel has her first Skype call w...

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