Take Notes with Jen Rafferty

Take Notes with Jen Rafferty

Are you caught in the whirlwind of overwhelming responsibilities, forgetting the fiery passion that once fueled your teaching journey? Do Sundays fill you with dread, and does the very thought of Monday morning send chills down your spine? It’s time to toss those feelings out the window! Welcome to Season 3 of the Take Notes podcast, where you get to give yourself a permission slip to disrupt the status quo, reclaim your agency, and step into a world where you get to make yourself the priority in order to show up as your best-self. I’m your host Jen Rafferty - a former music teacher, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, mom of 2, and founder of Empowered Educator, and I’ve been where you are. In this season, we’re not just talking about surviving; we’re diving deep into thriving! We’re rewriting the educator’s narrative and tearing down the walls of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and that crippling guilt that has held you captive. It’s time to liberate yourself from the chains of conventional education and step into a world of empowerment and freedom. This is a space where your well-being is the core curriculum, where taking care of yourself isn’t just encouraged – it’s a requirement. Where your empowerment translates into the transformation of lives, creating a ripple effect that shapes future generations. In these electrifying episodes, we’re moving from mere inspiration to tangible integration. Each conversation is a stepping stone to transform your practices, breathe life into your passion, and ignite the change to live a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. We’re about taking action and turning those “how’s” into now’s! The transformation begins HERE and NOW. Say goodbye to the mundane, and hello to a world where you are unstoppable. Buckle up and get ready to explore territories unknown because, in this space, we are unearthing the extraordinary in every educator. Are you ready to take the lead in your life? To not just be an educator, but a revolutionary and make transformational generational change? Let’s do this!


March 28, 2024 27 mins

Have you ever wondered who you are when no one's watching, or who you could be if you never doubted yourself for even a second?

In today's episode, I’m shedding light on how to overcome obstacles that might seem too big to handle and how small, daily choices lead us toward a fulfilling life.

I’m diving deep into the topics of personal growth, overcoming self-doubt, and how believing in yourself can truly change ev...

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As educators, we've all seen the fear in our students when they're afraid to make a mistake, the anxiety that bubbles up at the thought of failing. We can recognize it in ourselves too.

It's a common experience..

So how do we help our students understand that failure isn't just a part of learning, but a crucial step toward growth? 

Join me and my guest, Theresa MacPhail, as we explore the power of em...

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How can we continue to keep students engaged and motivated? 

If we’re being honest, the traditional education system falls short in meeting everyone's needs. 

In today’s episode, join me and the brilliant Chantel Prat, a professor with a vast background in psychology, neuroscience, and linguistics as we explore why it's crucial for teachers like you to understand the brain's workings to connect better with st...

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Are you eager to be a leader who truly connects with your team but not sure how to get there?

Many leaders find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of their positions, struggling to connect with their teams and make a positive impact. It's easy to fall into the trap of leading with authority and ego, but this approach often leads to dissatisfaction and disconnection from those we aim to inspire.

In this enlightening ...

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Have you ever been frustrated by the feeling you're not being heard? 

It's a common feeling, especially in schools and at work, and even more so when power plays a role in the relationship dynamic. 

But don't worry, we've got a solution for you!

In this episode, I am joined by the incredible Dr. Teresa Peterson from Sarah Noll Wilson Inc. With her deep roots in education, conflict resolution, and lea...

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Ever wondered how much impact your words have on those listening?

It can be easy to forget the big role that language plays in education. Language affects the students’ behavior, self-confidence, and overall engagement.

To state it directly: words can make or break a student.

In today's episode, I am joined by Shauna King to tackle this very issue. Shauna, once known as the "yelling teacher,&quo...

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Feeling stuck in a job where you can't be yourself? Tired of shallow work interactions

Many of us spend our days in environments where we have to wear masks, playing roles that don't fit us. But what if there was a way to break free from this cycle, to bring your true self to your job, and form genuine relationships?

In this episode, I'm joined by the amazing Sarah Noll Wilson, an expert in emotiona...

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Feeling stuck in the endless cycle of work, family responsibilities, and personal growth?

Many dads find themselves caught in struggling to balance their professional ambitions with the demands of fatherhood. It's a juggle that often leaves little room for self-care, leading to stress and burnout. 

But what if there was a way to break free from this pattern, to find fulfillment in both your career and family life?


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Do you ever feel like life's challenges are too much to handle? 

Whether it's the stress of daily responsibilities or something as life-altering as health crises, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves.

In today’s episode, I sit down with the inspiring Crissy Florio, a yogi and breast cancer thriver. We delve into her story, showcasing her emotional resilience in overcoming cancer and t...

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Are you struggling with teacher burnout and longing to rediscover the joy and purpose in your teaching career?

You're not alone, and there's a path forward to help you find that fulfillment again.

Join us in today’s episode where I am joined by Lily Jones, the founder of Educator Forever. 

Lily shares her journey and experiences, guiding us through the importance of reconnecting with our 'why' – the ...

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Do you find yourself too busy to eat healthy as an educator? 

What if I told you that nourishing yourself on busy work days is possible?

Join me and Hannah McKitrick as we talk about practical tips for making healthy eating simple and enjoyable, even in a busy schedule. Hannah is an alchemist culinary healer and the founder of My Intuitive Health.

As someone who had Crohn's disease, Hannah shares how balanced nutrition provided t...

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Ever wondered how to voice your concerns without sparking conflict?

Even though teachers have credentials to teach and work with students, it is a different skill set to talk effectively with adults.

Effective communication with adults, colleagues, and administrators, allows educators to express their concerns without complaining and still maintain relationships, both personally and professionally. And that takes skill building, incl...

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Feeling stuck in your career or searching for purpose in your life? 

Join me and our guest, Taylor Nardone, a dynamic speaker, coach, and former teacher, in today’s episode where we discuss finding your truth and power during times of transition.

Diving deep into personal transformation and intuition, Taylor shares his journey of embracing a career change guided by spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Discover practical ...

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Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to be a great leader, especially in the challenging world of education? 

Join us in today’s episode as we explore simple, yet powerful insights into authentic leadership with our guest, Sarah Johnson, an English teacher and school principal turned renowned author, speaker, leadership coach, and podcaster.

You’ll discover how to overcome imposter syndrome, trust your intuition, and ...

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Imagine a world where every child's unique learning style is not just recognized but celebrated.

That world is closer than you think! 

Join us today as we explore neurodiversity in education with Dr. Matt Zakreski, a clinical psychologist and neurodiversity expert. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how we can better teach and support neurodivergent children. Dr. Matt advocates for a shift from a one-size-fits-all a...

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Creating a safe and inclusive environment is crucial not just in our homes and workplaces, but also in our schools.

In today’s episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Flint Huffman, a veteran transgender teacher and content creator. Flint is not only a figurehead in transgender advocacy but also an inspiring voice in education policy.

Flint shared his personal journey of transitioning in the public eye, both as an edu...

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Ready to explore a holistic approach to movement and learning?

In today’s episode, I'm thrilled to welcome Carol McAmis, an expert in the Feldenkrais Method.

Carol shared her personal journey and the transformative power of Feldenkrais, a method that emphasizes body awareness and learning through movement.

We explored how this approach has revolutionized wellness worldwide and discussed the powerful...

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Can you recall a moment when a story deeply resonated with you and made you feel seen and heard?

In today’s episode of Take Notes  we are joined by Michael Katz, a professional storyteller and educator. We dive into how storytelling can make a big difference in elementary education and help with mindfulness in schools.

Michael talks about his path to becoming a storyteller and shows us how telling stories can grab our atten...

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As an educator, putting yourself first isn't selfish – it's transformational. 

When you prioritize self-care, you become a better version of yourself for those around you. 

In today’s episode, join me and Jillian Seibel Pawlowski, as we dive deep into personal growth, coaching, and the power of transformation.

Jillian is a Trauma-Informed Certified Transformational Coach, who has joined our Empowered Educator ...

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Do you wonder if our education system might be overlooking crucial elements beyond academics, such as emotional and social readiness for real-world challenges?

In today's episode, we're joined by Dan Wolfe, an educator and Assistant Principal at Sunray Elementary. With over two decades of experience, Dan brings to life the transformative power of Social-Emotional learning (SEL). 

We delved into the challenges and ...

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