Taking Care of Bitcoin

Taking Care of Bitcoin

New to Bitcoin? Well, everyone was new to Bitcoin at some point. Taking Care of Bitcoin is the first stop on your Bitcoin journey. We talk to people from all walks of life and answer the basic questions common to every Bitcoin noob. We're trying to onboard as many freedom fighters as possible. Let's take care of it! TCB baby!


June 17, 2024 72 mins

Yes, THE Jeff Booth, best selling author of The Price of Tomorrow!

  Today we talk with Jeff about...

  • Price of Tomorrow thesis: "If technology should be driving everything cheaper, why is life getting more expensive?"
  • Natural state of free market is deflation
  • Fiat system cannot allow for deflation due to leverage in the system
  • Why growth cannot pay back the debt
  • By means of money printing, government steals all pr...
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Today we answer the question: How Does One Acquire Bitcoin?

  • Buy Bitcoin on an exchange
  • Peer to Peer transactions
  • Bitcoin ATMs
  • Earn Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin ETFs
  • Mining Bitcoin

And more!

Bitcoin conversations are better in person! Join us in Nashville for Bitcoin 2024!
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See you there!


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May 28, 2024 86 mins

Today we check back in the TCB Episode 9 guest Geoffrey Green!

  We discuss...

  • Inability for bailouts in Bitcoin
  • Importance of self-custody to protect against third party risk
  • Cold storage options and considerations
  • UTXO management and transaction fees
  • Bitcoin vs. Real Estate
  • Bitcoin vs. Gold
  • Questioning need for everything to be decentralized
  • Bitcoin is money. All other crypto projects are something else.
  • Bitcoin is a reinstat...
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Recently had the opportunity to appear as a guest on the CROX ROAD PODCAST!

  We discuss...

  • Tendency to initially ignore or discount Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin resilience in the face of powerful enemies
  • Rebirth of liberty through Bitcoin
  • Ideological power of Bitcoin is the people
  • Breadth of intellectual curiosities encompassed in Bitcoin
  • National debt as a threat to national security
  • Bitcoin restoring American ideals
  • Global Bitcoin awake...
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Bitcoin is for the Biotech Industry!

  Today we talk with Biotech professional David Garcia about...

  • Bitcoin as a workaround to a political structure that is failing us
  • Debt levels leading to inevitable further currency debasement
  • Concern that Bitcoin threatens American dominance
  • Is Bitcoin an investment? Or a currency? Or both?
  • Merchant incentive to drive Bitcoin adoption
  • Dominance of protocols that achieve network effect
  • Bi...
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Today we answer the question: Do People Really Use Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin usage statistics
  • Bitcoin as a Store of Value
  • Limitations to Bitcoin use as a Medium of Exchange
  • Future drivers of Bitcoin payments
  • Bitcoin revolutionizing remittance payments
  • Bitcoin empowering the unbanked and disenfranchised

And more!

Bitcoin conversations are better in person! Join us in Nashville for Bitcoin 2024!
Use the link and promo code belo...

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Yes, THE Brian De Mint, author of BITCOIN EVANGELISM!

  Today we talk with Brian about...

  • Don't get frustrated with Bitcoin skeptics
  • Bitcoin restores American ideals and empowers decentralized power structures
  • Incorruptibility of Bitcoin consensus
  • Bitcoin cannot discriminate and mathematically enforces equality
  • Bitcoin parallels to dynamics of free speech
  • Bitcoin halving pushing Bitcoin awareness to an inflection point
  • B...
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April 15, 2024 69 mins

Recently had the opportunity to speak with Robin Seyr of the ROBIN SEYR PODCAST!

  Robin and I talk about...

  • Bitcoin restoring American ideals and exporting them globally
  • Bitcoin impact on political systems
  • Bitcoin vs. CBDCs
  • Inevitable failure of fiat currencies
  • Spreading the Bitcoin message to loved ones

And more!

Follow Robin Seyr on X @RobinSeyr

Listen to the Robin Seyr P...

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April 8, 2024 14 mins

Today we answer the question: How Does Bitcoin Work?

  • Bitcoin is a decentralized, open source, computer protocol
  • Public/Private key pairs
  • Basics of a Bitcoin transaction
  • Not as important to know how it works, but to trust that it does work
  • Sending a Bitcoin transaction is simple, just try it!

Bitcoin conversations are better in person! Join us in Nashville for Bitcoin 2024!
Use the link and promo code below to receive a ...

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March 25, 2024 71 mins

Yes, THE Flo Montoya, Bitcoin Artist and voice of Libby from Love is Bitcoin!

  Today we talk with Flo about...

  • Speed/cost of international payments in Bitcoin vs. Traditional Banking
  • Bitcoin as a revolution
  • Anti-fragility of Bitcoin as a jurisdictionless asset
  • Bitcoin is the most respectful form of payment
  • Fiat inflation forcing investment out of necessity
  • People understand something is wrong, but have yet to diagnose money...
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March 18, 2024 58 mins

Bitcoin is for Tech Professionals!

  Today we talk with Vice President of IT at Native Roots Alex Bitz about...

  • Bitcoin as an answer to government fiscal irresponsibility
  • Ability of open protocols to evolve
  • Scaling challenges of Bitcoin
  • Worry over Bitcoin market manipulation
  • Game theory unlocking all players, including nation states
  • Burden of proof shift from advocates to skeptics
  • Reflexivity of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin vs. fiat curren...
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Bitcoin is for Academia!

  Today we talk with Westminster University Manager of Institutional Advancement Events Tiffanie Perotti about...

  • Cyclicality of Bitcoin volatility
  • Benefits to digital nature of Bitcoin
  • Generational durability of Bitcoin
  • Problem of necessitating growth on a finite planet
  • Challenge of educating the masses
  • How government debt is tied to inflation
  • Necessity of relying on incentive structures as opposed t...
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February 12, 2024 71 mins

Yes, THE Seb Bunney! Co-Founder/CEO of Looking Glass Education and Author of The Hidden Cost of Money

  Today we talk with Seb about...

  • Inevitable downfall of interventionist economies
  • Four stages of economic ruin: Misalignment to reality, the death of creative destruction, capital flow distortion, and decision making impairment
  • How intervention begets further intervention
  • Current debt spiral of the global economy
  • Bitcoin a...
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February 8, 2024 61 mins

Today we check back in with TCB Episode 1 guest Greg Monera!

  We discuss...

  • Bad actor wash out in Bitcoin since 2022
  • Volatility of Bitcoin
  • ETF effect on Bitcoin supply/demand dynamics
  • Bitcoin halving explained
  • Bitcoin vs. CBDCs
  • Anti-fragility of Bitcoin as an asset without jurisdiction
  • How might Bitcoin die?
  • Bitcoin unlocking different market participants as it grows
  • Importance of understanding what you hold
  • Intellectual capita...
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January 22, 2024 75 mins

Bitcoin is for the Solar Industry!

  Today we talk with Solar Specialist Cory Novak about...

  • Tipping point of Bitcoin awareness
  • Need for more well informed Bitcoin skeptics
  • Potential for government attack on self-custody
  • Individual cost to being directionally incorrect on Bitcoin
  • Long learning curve vs. short term volatility
  • Bitcoin as a global phenomenon
  • Monetary inflation driving wealth inequality
  • Inherent tendency of people...
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December 28, 2023 17 mins

Who Controls Bitcoin?

  Today we answer the question: Who Controls Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin is an open monetary protocol
  • Can Bitcoin be changed?
  • Who controls dollars?
  • Absolute scarcity and censorship resistance of Bitcoin

Bitcoin conversations are better in person! Join us in Nashville for Bitcoin 2024!
Use the link and promo code below to receive a 10% discount:
Promo code: TCB


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December 20, 2023 67 mins

Yes, THE Terence Michael, author of Proof of Money: The Big Idea Behind Bitcoin!

  Today we talk with Terence about...

  • Bitcoin as the first intentionally engineered money
  • False gaslighting that inflation is necessary
  • Intangible nature of Bitcoin is a feature
  • Premium carried by self-custody Bitcoin due to utility value
  • Mistake of discounting Bitcoin because it is not yet widely spent
  • How the Bitcoin incentive structure aligns...
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December 14, 2023 61 mins

Bitcoin is for Cabinet Makers!

  Today we talk with Master Craftsman Rayfield Wright of Wright's Cabinet Shop in Austin, TX about...

  • Difficulty of applying traditional KYC/AML regulations on Bitcoin
  • Cautionary warning about Bitcoin ATMs
  • Potential addressable market of Bitcoin
  • Exponential growth of debt and inflation
  • Status check on El Salvador on a Bitcoin standard
  • Bitcoin custody options with an emphasis on self-custod...
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December 11, 2023 85 mins

Bitcoin is for the Natural Resource Industry!

  Today we talk with Flint Hill Resources Senior Estimator Matt Lundberg about...

  • Dollar cost average investment strategy
  • Risk of trusting Bitcoin custodians
  • Self-custody solutions
  • Open protocol language of Bitcoin
  • Opportunity cost of paper Bitcoin in the form of lost utility
  • Misleading promise of an FDIC insured banking system
  • Bitcoin vs. Gold
  • Bitcoin vs. Crypto
  • Fleeting opportunit...
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December 4, 2023 79 mins

Yes, THE James Lavish, Managing Partner of the Bitcoin Opportunity Fund!

    Today we talk with James about...

  • US Government debt spiral
  • Abysmal bond auction reflecting increased concern over future debt issuance
  • Draw down of the Reverse Repo facility providing liquidity to the treasury market, at least for now
  • Anticipated "stealth" yield curve control
  • Bitcoin as the new risk-off asset
  • Arrival of Bitcoin ETFs
  • Premium carried ...
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