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July 12, 2024 96 mins

Do we become more humble with age? My guest Leif Anderson says he has, but humility did not come easily. Let's go back to a time where a young and cocky Leif set out with a crew from Ft. Collins, CO to conquer the Arizona kayaking scene, in one short weekend.

This podcast was inspired by Leif and Evan's dueling blog entries from 2010, which you will not want to miss:
Leif account
Evan's account: part...

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Serrasolses Brothers River Co

    When people talk about the best whitewater kayaker in the world, the list is understandably short. But I doubt there's a list out there that doesn't include Aniol Serrasolses. He's made a name for himself pushing the limits of the sport in almost every aspect: inventing new downriver freestyle moves, first descents, styling huge vertical drops, and exploring the boundaries o...

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Coto is back! It's been almost a year and a half since doing one of my favorite interviews with Andrey Coto in episode 9. When we last left him, he had dreams of starting a kayak school in his home town in Costa Rica, in order to pass along all the benefits he's received from kayaking to the next generation.

Coto fills us in on how to go to the Little White race and come home with a wad of cash, how to check 5 ka...

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May 11, 2024 144 mins

In this episode I sit down with Cody Howard for a ride through the undulations of life. Join us as we discuss: learning to kayak in the backyard pool, living through a piece of history in Fallujah,  unlocking whitewater runs in the elusive canyons of Arizona,  witnessing the world record waterfall descent in a kayak, and that's just scratching the surface.

0:00              Introduction
6:00              Learning ...

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March 11, 2024 97 mins

Whitewater kayaking doesn't get much more homegrown than the Demshitz. In this episode I sit down with one of the Demshitz founding fathers Dave Fusilli who proves that you can run the shit and not take yourself too seriously. Find out how Dave fulfilled his dream of living in a van down by the river and more.

If you just crawled out from a hole and this is the first time you've heard of the Demshitz, the intern...

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Jessie Stone, a kayaker with a doctoring problem, joins me to talk about some of the adventures that she's stumbled into by following her impulse to go kayaking wherever it may take her. From getting lost in the jungle following Eric Jackson, to founding Soft Power Health and finding a lifelong career in Uganda, this episode is bound to make you want to grab your kayak and see where it takes you.

0:00              In...

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In this episode we explore the world with Benny Clark. Benny kayaks to find peace and Benny kayaks to survive. We explore how Benny's mental health history and kayaking history have become intricately linked. And how Benny has found ways to give back both to the kayaking community and to a community struggling with their own mental health issues.

0:00               Introduction
7:05               Life in Ecuador

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Who is Brad Higginbotham: Stunt man? Mad man? Lover? Naturalist? Cover boy? Educator? Family man?

Find out that and more in this episode of Tales from the Cripps with Whitewater of the Southern Rockies cover boy Brad Higginbotham.

0:00            Introduction
9:00            If I could just get off of that L.A. freeway
30:24         Rediscovering kayaking and more
43:00         Living in Washington st...

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December 16, 2023 144 mins

I had the good fortune to sit down with paddle maker, fitter and turner, kayaker, sailor, adventurer, and all around crazy Kiwi, Mike Nash. Listen as he shares some adventures: learning to kayak in New Zealand, sailing around the world, and his most dangerous adventure of all, learning to make kayak paddles.

Hammer Factor, eat your heart out, because in the last half of this episode we'll explore some of the technica...

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October 29, 2023 127 mins

As David Olson put it, when running the Jarbidge Bruneau section, a series of remote canyons in southern Idaho, "we always thought, ... what would happen out here, if we had an incident..." Well, David and his two companions decided to put that question to the test when they missed a critical portage eddy and dropped into the largest rapid on the run completely blind.

0:00               A misadventur...

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In late June through early July Orin and Rowan Gartner made their first descent down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in kayaks. At age 10, Rowan tied Bodie Hilleke's record for the youngest known kayaking descent down the Grand Canyon. Orwin, at age 14, also made an impressively young descent. The flow for the trip was around 20,000 cfs, considered a high flow for the run.

Join me for a quick interview wit...

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This bonus episode is a companion piece to episode 14 with Abe Herrera. When Abe described his experience with a rescue on the Foss River, he noted that a Canadian crew had a pin on the same log, but their river rescue took almost 2 hours.

Well, I searched far and wide and tracked down a couple of the Canucks who were involved in the rescue, and they're here to tell their story.

This story from 2014 was writ...

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July 20, 2023 100 mins

Kayak Session coverboy, HBO documentary logistics man, swiftwater safety instructor, Ecuadorian river guide, international exploratory kayaker - today's guest wears many hats. I was lucky enough to sit down with Abe today, hear some of his stories, and in particular discuss how his experiences have influenced his approach to river safety and river rescue.

Find Abe at Boof Sessions where he can help you out with all a...

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In this episode, Tales from the Cripps goes tubing with Rolf Kelly. But you're going to have to leave your foam cooler of beer at home for this tubing trip because when you're hanging out with Rolf, there's no such thing as taking it easy. If you've ever wondered how to prepare to tube a 100 ft waterfall in 10 years or less, you're going to want to tune into this one. 

Check out Metlako Falls in a...

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Alex Nicks may be one of the best kayakers you never heard of. His self-induced kayak affliction has taken him around the globe finding some of the best whitewater on the planet. In this episode he shares some of those unique experiences ranging from his time on the Zambezi river during a transformative time in kayak history, to exploring the arid mountains in the Middle East.

0:00     Introduction
5:30     Sandals vs....

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What do you do when you find yourself experiencing your 4th near death whitewater kayaking experience, before you've even reached your 20th birthday? For some, the answer is quit. But for Gareth Fryer, the answer is, get smarter.

Gareth has spent much of his paddling career learning from hard lessons and close calls. He's done his best to perfect the art of being in the right place at the right time with the rig...

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In today's episode I had the unique opportunity to sit down with Kiwi paddler Gareth Fryer from halfway across the world. My friend Rolf describes Gareth as an athletic freak of nature. Gareth and Rolf spent some of their formative paddling years together exploring New Zealand.

In part 1 of this 2 part interview, Gareth shares some of the stories from their time together. Along the way, we'll find out why a heli...

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( Donate to Jaguar Kayak School at https://gofund.me/27cccbee)

Got $20 bucks in your pocket? Great, you’ve got enough to travel the world!

Most people that consider themselves river people have stories about how the sport has changed their lives, but few have a life story like my guest’s today.

Andrey Coto Robles, a self proclaimed son of the river, grew up in a sma...

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Today I sit down with Gary Edgeworth who has been a prominent figure in the Western U.S. kayaking scene since the 90s, or as his friend Rolf gliby puts it, "Gary is a caricature of a human being." After sitting down with him for over 2 hours, I barely scratched the surface of the amazing adventures and stories he's generated in his life.

This episode has a serious "inside baseball" vibe. I've ...

In this episode, I'm sitting down with Paul Raymond, who has taken the helm of OBJ race director in recent years. OBJ, or Oh Be Joy is one of the ultra classic kayaking creek runs in Colorado, replete with steep slides and waterfalls. He shares the history of the iconic event and how he found himself taking an active role in the race. As a bonus story, he shares his tips and tricks for how you can combine your Wim Hof cold the...

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