Tales from the Tannoy

Tales from the Tannoy

Everyone has a story to tell. Even robots. Have you ever wondered about the lives behind the people who provide the soundtrack to your life? Probably not. Did you even realise they ARE real people? Perhaps. Did you know that two of the voices on the London Underground are a married couple who work together all day long, even though one of them is dead? Did you know that the voice in your SatNav has a broken heart? Did you know that the calm, reassuring voice that accompanies your daily life has had a life punctuated by tragedy? Tales from the Tannoy tells the true life stories behind the voices you hear every day.


July 1, 2021 41 mins

For many of us, our homeschooling efforts during Covid have involved plonking the kids in front of a laptop or tablet, so that the digital school teacher can guide them through their phonics.

But who does the calm but engaging voice belong to? She's Claire Wyatt, and in the years leading up to the pandemic, that anonymous lady in the computer - who taught everyone else's child with friendliness and affection - wa...

Mark as Played

Most of the voices we hear in our day-to-day lives are anonymous. They tell us to put our shopping in the bag, or to stand clear of the doors please. In Hollywood movies, though, the voices we hear are often famous faces as well as voices, with their life stories splashed across headlines around the world. So, talking to people like them is not the point of this podcast. We like to tell the stories of the voices we recognise, but d...

Mark as Played

Trish Bertram will be familiar to television viewers as the continuity voice which has appeared between programmes on and off for years. In her view, though, her finest hour was when she became the voice of the Olympics. (But only just.)

She takes Elinor Hamilton through a career built entirely on blagging her way in, and explains how she managed to face workplace sexism head-on in a somewhat unconventional way...

Mark as Played

Gina Mellotte has one of the most gloriously resonant voices in the business, so it's no wonder hers has been chosen to read out some of the most famous and celebrated names of all - at the BAFTA awards.

But away from the microphone, that cool and confident sounding woman has struggled with impostor syndrome, crushing anxiety, and post-natal depression. And now, since lockdown, a double dose of unexpected grief on top...

Mark as Played
April 13, 2021 21 mins

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with that voice at the self service checkout in Tesco which tells us to "please rescan the item and try again". But who's the voice behind it, and what's his story? And did you know he's a hero... as well as being the voice behind one of the most popular characters in Paw Patrol?

The man behind all those voices belongs to Andy Turvey, who talks about some of th...

Mark as Played
March 23, 2021 33 mins

One of Britain's best-loved voices belongs to Alan Dedicoat - the man whose dulcet tones could make a millionaire out of... well... anyone.

His is the voice that announces the winning numbers on the National Lottery draws, but he's also heard on Children in Need and Strictly Come Dancing. (His boundless enthusiasm is everywhere, frankly.)

The man fondly referred to as "The Voice of the Balls" t...

Mark as Played

Tanya Rich's voice can be heard inside the lift which takes visitors up and down one of Britain's tallest buildings - the BT Tower. 

Although she sounds calm and sensible, her early years were neither of those things. (And, even now, she works very hard to avoid either of those labels.)

She talks to Elinor Hamilton about a life of rebellion, and the health battles she's had to overcome.


Mark as Played
February 22, 2021 34 mins

To viewers of Channel 4, Barra Fitzgibbon's voice is familiar even if his name is not.

His gentle Irish lilt has introduced countless programmes, but in the last couple of years his voice has disappeared from the airwaves and he's now using it for an entirely different reason.

Barra talks to Elinor Hamilton about his personal experience of Covid-19, and how this near death experience completely changed h...

Mark as Played
February 10, 2021 32 mins

Janey Godley has spent lockdown livening up Nicola Sturgeon's coronavirus briefings with her alternative voiceovers. She's made the nation laugh through the toughest of times, but who is the woman behind the voice? 

Tales from the Tannoy tells the stories behind all the anonymous voices in our day-to-day lives, and although Janey's name and face are known by many, we felt it was worth bending our own rules. (Well, it&...

Mark as Played

Emma Hignett's voice is heard on all the London buses, and she's employed for sounding clear and composed. But the woman behind that sound hasn't always been entirely sensible. In Episode 15, the voice of the London Overground speaks to the voice of the London Underground. They've both been paid to say Cockfosters, but only one of them might have done it in six inch heels and feathers... With Elinor Hamilton. Pr...

Mark as Played
August 11, 2020 39 mins

Mike Cooper's voice is perfect for the BBC - calm and assured; neutral but engaging. For many years he was heard across the World Service imparting news and current affairs... but a completely different kind of affair turned his world upside down. With Elinor Hamilton. Recorded in August 2020, and produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

Mark as Played
July 25, 2020 53 mins

The same tragic story told from two very different perspectives. Della and Abi Phillips are both voiceover artists who can be heard all over the place, from phone lines to radio adverts. Mum Della sounds cool and in control. Daughter Abi... just sounds totally cool. But fifteen years ago, a car accident changed their lives forever. With Elinor Hamilton. Recorded in July 2020, and produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

Mark as Played

Marc Silk is the voice of a number of characters on film and television: Scooby Doo, Go Jetters, Thunderbirds, Star Wars, Bob the Builder and more. But a brain tumour in childhood actually led him towards a very happy future, while his dad's wooden leg walked all the way to Hollywood. Elinor Hamilton talks to the man with a thousand voices (usually in his own voice, but with occasional trips into character. He can't help ...

Mark as Played

Every night across America, Anna Vocino's voice is heard by millions as the voice of NBC. She sounds fun, cheeky, and engaging... and she is. But that's because she's managed to put past traumas behind her - and cook her way into health and happiness. She explains her journey, from anorexia to blueberry muffins, to Elinor Hamilton. Recorded in June 2020. Produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

Mark as Played

Most of the voices we hear every day are completely anonymous, and the people behind them are a mystery... but every now and again, a voice is so familiar that it becomes a celebrity in its own right. In a lighthearted look back at his career, Elinor Hamilton hears Peter Dickson's journey to becoming the voice of the X Factor - beginning in Belfast, via Bolton. Produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

Mark as Played

Elinor Hamilton talks to Rio Attoh-Wood - the voice of Capital Xtra - about the Black Lives Matter movement. He describes his experiences of growing up as a young black man in the UK, his feelings in the wake of George Floyd's death, and his hopes for the future. Recorded in June 2020. Produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

Mark as Played

We've all shouted at that voice at the checkout when she tells us there's an unexpected item in the bagging area. But did you know there's a real person behind the voice? Her life began in Hollywood and ended up on the breadline. She knows how it feels to be embarrassed at the checkout because she's been there before, unable to pay. Elinor Hamilton talks to the voice of Morrisons, Posy Brewer. Recorded in June 2...

Mark as Played

Rik Scott is the man behind the cool but anonymous voice heard on many of the UK's hottest radio stations. But behind that super-hip sound is a guy who has fallen apart on air and off. Elinor Hamilton talks to him about his mental health, multiple marriages and more. Recorded in May 2020. Produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

Mark as Played
May 19, 2020 31 mins

Elinor Hamilton talks to Redd Pepper, whose voice is heard worldwide on movie trailers, video games, and on a whole range of adverts you'll almost certainly be familiar with. But while Elinor's husband is remembered as the voice of the London Underground, Redd's career began there... when he suddenly moved from driving trains to voicing trailers. Recorded in April 2020. Produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

Mark as Played

Elinor Hamilton talks to Katy Maw, whose voice guides shoppers to the latest offers in the supermarket - and elsewhere. She sounds perfectly composed and tantalisingly persuasive... but it hasn't always been this way. Recorded in March 2020. Produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

Mark as Played

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