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Welcome to the dynamic and captivating world of Talking Flutes, the ultimate Flute Podcast Channel that combines simplicity with sensational content. Join us as we unlock the secrets to flute mastery and dive into intriguing conversations with leading flute players, all while sprinkling in mental health awareness, stunning music, laughter, and boundless fun. Picture this: two extraordinary individuals with a passion for the flute come together to create something extraordinary. Meet Clare Southworth, a renowned flute player, author, golfer, and esteemed retired Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Add to the mix Jean-Paul Wright, flute player, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker, and the Managing Director of the world-famous TJ flute brand. Together, they form a duet that will entertain and inspire you throughout your flute journey. Prepare yourself for a symphony of engaging conversations as we sit down with some of the world’s most prominent flute players. From the legendary Sir James Galway to the mesmerising Jasmine Choi, Denis Bouriakov, Paul Edmund-Davies, Gareth Davies, and an extensive list of other phenomenal flute-playing guests, our podcast boasts an incredible lineup. And that’s not all – we’ll also be joined by Grammy and Emmy-winning musicians who will leave you in awe. But Talking Flutes is more than just remarkable interviews. We go beyond the flute to address mental health awareness, featuring advice and insights from Dr. Joe Stammeijer and Forensic Psychologist Dr Beth Wright. It’s essential to nourish not only your musical talents but also your well-being. Each episode is carefully crafted to provide a delightful blend of entertainment and education. Immerse yourself in captivating discussions, discover insider tips, and witness the magic of music as it intertwines with the stories and experiences of our esteemed guests. Laughter is the secret ingredient that infuses every episode, making Talking Flutes an enjoyable and light-hearted experience. So, are you ready to embark on this enchanting flute-filled journey? Subscribe to Talking Flutes today and join the vibrant community of flute lovers. Let the music, laughter, and wisdom nourish your passion for the flute and leave you craving more. It’s time to let your flute dreams soar with Talking Flutes as your trusted guide.


April 22, 2024 26 mins

Stress vs Anxiety in our musical performance!

As musicians, the stage is not only a platform for showcasing our art but also a battleground for our inner demons of stress and anxiety. In the latest episode of our podcast, we delve deep into this subject with forensic psychologist Dr. Beth Wright, who offers a compelling analysis of the psychological challenges that musicians face.

Dr. Wright distinguishes between stress and anxiety...

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The Complex Dance of Judgment and Opinion in Musical Performance

In this captivating episode of Talking Flutes Extra, host Jean Paul Wright is once again joined by his daughter, forensic psychologist Dr. Beth Wright to delve into the intricate relationship between judgment and the mental and performance outcomes for musicians. The discussion kicks off with two thought-provoking listener questions about the effects of internal and e...

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Navigating Procrastination with Dr. Beth Wright

In this enlightening episode of Talking Flutes, host Jean Paul Wright is joined by Dr. Beth Wright, a flute player and forensic psychologist, to unravel the complexities of procrastination, especially as it relates to musicians. As the first in a short series focused on musician mental health and awareness, this discussion delves into the voluntary inaction that plagues many of us, ...

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The Flute Pad Revolution: A Symphony of Sustainability

Are you a flute enthusiast always on the lookout for the next big thing in instrument care and maintenance? Well, prepare to be blown away by a recent innovation that's been the talk of the flute world, albeit in hushed tones until now.

Welcome to the world of Poriflola, a groundbreaking padding system that's set to transform flutes globally. In this week's episode of Talking F...

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"People don't respond to what you do, they respond to why you do it."

This is a brilliant sax player perspective for every instrumentalist! Unleashing Creativity: The Musician's Perspective! Episode 306   In this captivating episode of the 'Talking Flutes' Podcast this week, Jean-Paul Wright ventures outside the realm of flutes to sit down with the multi-talented Steve Cole, the acclaimed composer, recording artist, saxophonist ...
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As musicians, we often find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of rehearsals, performances, and the pursuit of perfection. But have you ever stopped to consider where your sense of self-worth lies amidst this relentless chase? This is the heart of our latest podcast episode.

In a candid conversation, Jean Paul Wright guides us through the often-overlooked aspect of a musician's life: the intrinsic value that goes beyond the applaus...

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Spicing up your relationship with the flute!

Extended techniques expand the palette of flute learning and playing.

"The benefits of using extended techniques to improve your flute playing

This week on 'Talking Flutes' Jean-Paul speaks with Dr Mary Matthews and Nicole Chamberlain about their latest publication 'Into The Beyond', a method book for flutists looking to develop their extended techniques such as beatboxing, jet whistles,...

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How to break free from the shackles of comparison!

In the intricate tapestry of musical expression, the quest to be true to oneself often encounters a formidable obstacle—comparison. The impulse to measure one's musical journey against others can hinder creativity, stifle growth, and erode the joy of making music. In this short podcast recorded on the banks of a stream in the north of England on a cold day in March, Jean-Paul delve...

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Transformative Notes from Death Row!

In Talking Flutes Extra podcast this week Jean-Paul has a fascinating discussion with musician, composer, flute player and activist Elsa Nilsson.

We start with the power of improvisation. The podcast then moves on to a composition using the voice of 'Maya Angelou' with 'The Band of Pulses' and we end with the story, voice and music of Keith LaMar, currently fighting his innocence from Death Row ...

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Gosh we made it!

Join us as we celebrate our 300th episode of Talking Flutes!

In this special podcast, we'll reveal the secrets behind our success and share some behind-the-scenes stories from our journey as flutists and podcasters. Whether you're a flute player, a musician, or just a fan of podcasts, you won't want to miss this episode!

When we began the Talking Flutes podcast over 6 years ago, we initially had a target of getting...

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Taming the Musical Control Freak: Unleashing Creativity and Achieving Musical Excellence!

As we all know, music, a universal language that transcends boundaries and stirs the soul, has the power to evoke emotions, inspire creativity, and connect us on a deep level. For many musicians, even if you don’t do if professionally, it becomes a lifelong passion, demanding dedication, practice, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


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To make the contrabass sound when you want you sometimes have to hit the notes two measures away 😂

This week at a very noisy NAMM Show, the worlds biggest musical instrument and technology show in Anaheim, California, Jean-Paul speaks with flute player, educator, repairer, maker and self confessed flute nerd Dr Keith Hanlon about 'The Flute Examiner' free resource for all flute players along with talking piccolo making, flute play...

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"Failure is feedback - feedback is knowledge - knowledge is power!"

This week Clare is talking about the role of teachers, hobbies and mentorship.

Listen to the complete 8 minute podcast and you'll hear Clare (retired Flute Professor at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London) making you a wonderful offer!!

'Talking Flutes', Talking Flutes Extra' and 'Bitesize' are podcast productions by the TJ flute company.  For more inf...

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Welcome to an exploration into the profound world of mindfulness. This practice, celebrated as a remedy for the strains of our modern lives, has gained significant popularity. But, as musicians, it's crucial to scrutinise the claims surrounding mindfulness and discern how it seamlessly intertwines with our musical journeys. In this Talking Flutes 'Bitesize' podcast, we embark on a quest to demystify the lore of mindfulness, unravel...

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"Tension and release draws the audience in and unlocks the narrative of the piece you're playing..."

This week on 'Talking Flutes Extra' Jean-Paul speaks with the fabulous musician, flute player, composer and educator Hadar Noiberg.

During this nearly hr long podcast they cover so many areas of performance and practice from 'Finding your authentic flute voice' through to the need to "open your heart and thoughts to different genres...

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The joy of being a flute player!

Being a flute player is a journey filled with joy, self-expression, and personal growth. As musicians, we embark on a unique path that allows us to create beautiful melodies and connect with the world through our music. However, the joy of being a flute player can sometimes be overshadowed by self-doubt and the temptation to compare ourselves to others.

In this bitesized Talking Flutes podcast, we w...

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Take action! DO NOT simply have plans and dreams!  

As a musician it's vitally important that we are specific when we're setting new goals and intentions for our flute playing.  Having ideas and dreams remain just 'ideas & dreams' unless you 'Take Action'! 

This week on our 7th Annual New Year episode, Jean-Paul is summoned (with a post NY eve party headache) down to Clare's family home to record an on-the-day pod.  Jean-Paul a...

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How much should I practice over the festive period?

In this 7th Festive episode (Podcast #292), gosh this is actually the 7th annual Christmas Talking Flutes podcast that we've made, Jean-Paul and Clare cover some of the flute playing questions that you've sent in.  They also speak about what they will be doing over the festive period, including the obligatory jigsaw.

The opening and closing 'Jingle Bells' track is played by the br...

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The pitfalls and solutions to over thinking!

As musicians, it really easy to fall in to the trap of setting up a recursive loop pattern of over thinking.  It could be about a difficult piece or passage that is causing us issues, a past performance or something that's happening in our lives outside of music, which is then having a major impact on it!

In this short podcast, which includes a short creative visualisation, Jean-Paul loo...

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Revamp your flute journey by diving into the latest episode of "Talking Flutes" with Jean-Paul and Clare down in Hove (south of England), unraveling the many mysteries of setting up your very own flute studio. Join the conversation with them both as they tackle more intriguing questions from fellow enthusiasts.

Discover the liberating yet occasionally frustrating aspects of establishing your flute teaching practice. Uncover the sec...

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