Tasting Terroir

Tasting Terroir

Welcome to our podcast, Tasting Terroir –– a journey that helps you have a better understanding of what really makes food healthier for you and for the planet. We do this by giving you a deeper understanding of the link between healthy soil and the flavor and health of your food. For help going further into the regenerative journey, join our online community: https://GlobalFoodAndFarm.com. Become a supporter! https://www.patreon.com/tastingterroir


March 27, 2023 41 min

It turns out that you owe a LOT to fungus. Specifically, you get more health and flavor in your food than you ever imagined from something called mycorrhizal fungi. 

In this episode, we dive into the following:

  • What are these magical fungi?
  • Why is it so crucial for creating healthy soil and flavorful food?
  • What kind of farming disrupts it?
  • What kind of farming enhances it?
  • How do these fungi change the flavor of food?


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When was the last time you were blown away by a blueberry?  If you found some that taste out of this world, it might be the healthy soil that is making the difference.

In this episode, we learn all about this topic from Hugh Kent with King Grove Farms in Florida.  Hugh is a blueberry grower who has impressed top chefs and children alike with the incredible taste that come from his Real Organic Project blueberries.

In this ...

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Have you heard about the lover’s quarrel between organic and regenerative food?  In this episode, we explore how binary battles like this contribute to the problems advocates are trying to solve and how the work of a Canadian forage-finished beef producer, Craig Cameron of Peony Farms in Alberta, can help highlight a better path.

If you haven't heard about the emerging rift between organic and regenerative farming, t...

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One of the top trends in food for 2023 is buying foods that have a simple ingredient list with a transparent supply chain.  Turns out....that's exactly what you get when you buy your food directly from the regenerative farmers that made it!

Check out an article talking about top trends that we refer to in this episode by clicking here.
In this episode, we go back to some of the farmers and food companies ...

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You’ve probably heard that grass-fed beef is better for you than corn-finished beef.  But….it turns out that the benefits that come from grass-finished beef depend a lot on what’s in “the grass” they were finished on…..

If the cows that became beef were eating a wide variety of different plant species….they were not just a lot healthier than corn-finished beef – they are significantly healthier than beef raised on only one type of g...

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Happy New Year!  Welcome back to Season 2.  This year we will be releasing new episodes every OTHER Monday.

In this episode, we share with you our new format, a soil health clip from Dr. Jill Clapperton and our feature interview with soil health guru Nicole Masters from New Zealand discussing her great book,  For the Love of Soil.

In this interview, we cover a wide range of topics from how regenerative farming cut...

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Did you know that your body can tell the difference - and get more benefit - from food that comes with it's natural fiber vs food stripped of its fiber but replaced with a supplement?

How about the fact that ultra-processed foods -- like fake meat and cheese -- can't compete with their real counterparts when it comes to providing nutrients your body knows what to do with??

These are just a few take-aways...

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November 30, 2022 38 min

This week's episode will help you take an even more significant step forward on the journey to change the food system.

  • Learn how you can join a monthly video call with producers and food-makers on the regenerative agriculture journey.
  • Gain insights as to why it is so hard to make the food system change - and why your role as a conscious consumer is SO important
  • Hear clips about products being made by farmers, ingredient-maker...
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November 18, 2022 62 min

Announcing our first Finding Regenerative Food Free Consumer Webinar – Dec. 1st at 11am eastern – featuring farmers, chefs and food companies on the regenerative journey…… from our Global Food & Farm Online Community.  Sign up for this and future webinars on our new website: globalfoodfarm.com  

In our first webinar - again, coming up on December 1st at 11am eastern….…., you will get to meet producers of ancient whole grain flou...

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Discover a world of “oddball grains” like millet and sorghum.  It turns out that these gluten free ingredients can offer us all a lot – from a flavor and texture boost in our bread and crackers…..to health benefits….and also…..positive contributions to the health of the soil that grows our food. 

This week - we are taking a closer look at some of the lesser-known ingredients being embraced by the natural food industry by continuing ...

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Can a brand be authentically regenerative if it doesn’t know the farmers who grow its ingredients?

If regeneration of the land is different from one place to another……….if it really is a mindset and not a simple checklist…….then, don’t you have to know the farmers implementing it?  

If that's true, can regenerative ever really be a commodity?  But instead, isn't it something unique……something able to preserve the uniqueness...

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What if the health of a LOT of soil could get a LOT healthier......pretty quickly???  What would that do to the health and flavor of our whole food system?  What would it do to help combat climate change?   This soil health revolution might be closer than you think.


We’ve talked about the important role that no-till farming plays in creating healthier soil…..and the fact that this is a challenge for organic as well as ...

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In this episode….. We are featuring an interview with Derek Azevedo of Bowles Farming Company in Central California…….

Derek is one of those rare gems of a person who has had experiences in many different parts of the same industry – in this case, the food supply chain.  As a result, he understands deeply the challenges, trade-offs, and pressures that affect each part of the chain……  

So, if we are going to have a chance to change so...

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Welcome back to our podcast, Tasting Terroir ––  a journey that helps you cut through the marketing claims of “better for you food” by understanding the link between healthy soil and the flavor and health of your food.


As you may recall from our episode last week, …..the big brands you have heard of are not really bringing regenerative ingredients to your door.  

To find them, you need to think small….and local.  Like the farmers...

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September 15, 2022 25 min

The healthier the soil…..the more likely you are to taste the uniqueness of a place…….

So, to get a sense of how a farmer turned food-maker is doing that……it’s important to start with how they define regenerative agriculture….. and how they put it into practice……….

This week's episode features an interview I did with North Dakota farmer Deanna Lozensky.  In addition to regenerating her land, Deanna and her hu...

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September 7, 2022 37 min

Your food is guided by a philosophy . . . it just may not be one that you agree with . . . or the one that you think you are supporting.

Regeneration of depleted soil doesn't come from a food company sending out an edict that the farmers in their supply chain will now add a cover crop to what they are already doing…..or even from them offering to pay for a regenerative farming course and then taking credit with consumers for ex...

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If food can likely get its flavor and certainly it's nutrient density from the health of the soil, then of course consumers need to be able to understand just what makes soil healthy!

That is a process you may have heard about called Regenerative Agriculture.....

But just what IS regenerative agriculture?  What does it look like on a real farm?  And what effect could it have on your food and the planet?  

In t...

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What's the challenge to soil health that even organic production isn't yet able to master? Just what does it take to restore unhealthy soil?   How can understanding regenerative agriculture empower you to find the flavorful, healthy food you are looking for despite a sea of misleading marketing?

Last week we discussed what we mean when we say Tasting Terroir.  My co-host Dr. Jill Clappe...

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Have you ever tasted a really great blueberry and wondered why it was better than a different batch?  Maybe it was the way it was grown?  Maybe it was affected by the health of the soil and the farming practices used to build it up?

Building up soil health isn't just a topic that should interest farmers.  It should interest anyone who enjoys flavorful food!  

In this episode, hear from soil and plant scientis...

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We are super excited to launch this podcast! In our first episode will explain what we mean by the ability to TASTE the TERROIR of your food – how this concept is directly linked to the health of the land and the decisions farmers make in growing food . . . and many other great insights from soil health expert Dr. Jill Clapperton– my co-host on this food journey.

In this trailer, get a preview of our first episode coming o...

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