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TaylorFit Wellness

Join Frances in conversations that help support you on your wellness journey. Topics range from the very basics of yoga and Pilates to in depth anatomy and teaching topics. Feel empowered while working with special conditions in your body from pre and post natal to musculoskeletal injuries and more. Feel better in your body, more excited and motivated so you can go about your day with a smile on your face.


May 7, 2021 44 min

00:00:30 Meet Beth Terranova
00:01:05 Strength train to support scholiotic curve, limit progression and maintain bone health
00:01:38 Scholiosis Break Down
00:02:08 Cobb angle to measure how much side bend in scholiotic curve
00:04:40 determining treatment for scoliosis
00:06:30 scoliometer to measure the surface rotation in scoliosis
00:07:37 Structural versus Funcitional scholiosis
00:08:57 Can Sitting Improperly contribute to scoliosis...

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00:00:40 Meet Jennifer Brilliant

00:01:05 Jennifer Muller/The Works

00:07:52 The Wellness Focused Teacher's Perspective

00:08:40 Fixing Other People and Fixing Ourselves

00:09:53 Susanna Weiss

00:12:20 Teacher Training Trainer for Om Yoga With Cyndi Lee Before Yoga Alliance

00:12:40 ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist

00:13:00 Certified Yoga Therapist

00:13:43 Yoga For Trau...

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00:00:50 Meet Randi Stone
00:01:33 Injury Led to Opportunity
00:03:15 From ER to Aisle in Less than a Month
00:04:10 Discectomy at L5 S1
00:05:15 Trying All the Right Things
00:05:35 How Pilates was More Profound for Healing
00:06:05 Importance of Connecting Transverse Abdominals and Obliques
00:06:25 Neurosurgeon Recommends Pilates When All Else Fails
00:07:50 Working With Romana Kryzanowska after Visiting Sean Gallagher's Pilates St...

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00:01:50 Meet Laurel

00:03:20 Yoga Tune Up as Support

00:06:05 Jason Ray Brown and Anatomy Studies For Yoga Teachers

00:09:40 Yoga Injuries

00:11:00 Anatomical Approach to Injury Prevention and Bio-mechanical approach to Injury Prevention

00:11:20 Pain and Injury In Yoga

00:16:00 When Alignment Isn't Enough

00:16:35 Increase Your Capacity To Manage Load By Building Strength

00:17:25 Working With Elizabeth Wipff Olympic Weight Lifter an...

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00:00:57 Meet Jason Evans Lee
00:05:15 How do you "lean out" for a role?
00:07:57 Have Water In The Morning
00:10:25 Putting Together Effective Fitness Videos
00:17:15 What helps stay motivated to do the work?
00:18:08 Men's Health Magazine Article "Fit at Any Age Men In Their 40's"
00:19:08 True Grit, The Depth in Playing the "Bad Guy Roles"
00:20:10 Visualization. See Clearly What You Want
00:20:35 The Tri...

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00:00:59 Meet Travis Brown
00:02:50 Bouncing Spinning Crawling and Rolling
00:04:35 How To Get Wrestlers To Be Good Movers
00:05:55 Vestibular System First to Develop
00:08:20 Crawling
00:09:10 Rolling
00:09:40 Bouncing and Spinning
00:11:27 Agile at 83
00:11:50 Dancing for Agility and Enjoyment
00:13:50 Dancing Blind
00:14:37 Wrestling Blind
00:16:45 Better Wrist Elbow Shoulder and Neck Function
00:19:16 Your Body Will Follow Your Eyes

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00:00:30 Meet Rebekah

00:02:00 Post-Partum Pilates After Twins

00:04:10 Journey To Organization Podcast

00:04:25 More Stuff Equals More Stress

00:05:38 Recovering After Disaster

00:06:45 Storing Your Wedding Dress

00:09:45 Keeping Things That Represent The Memory Of A Special Event

00:10:30 Living for Your Memories Versus Living For Your Dreams

00:11:25 Where Do You Store Your Memories And What Can You Give To Someone Else That Can Use It ...

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September 24, 2020 42 min

00:00:37 Meet Christian Ramirez

00:01:50 The Importance of Water

00:02:15 There Is A Difference Between Quality Water And Tap Water

00:03:30 Fluoride Is Beneficial When Allpied Topically To The Teeth

00:06:22 Pharmaceutical Run Off In Our Water

00:08:00 Re-Mineralizing Water

00:08:22 Adding Celtic Sea Salt To Your Water

00:13:00 Simple Hydration Trick

00:13:58 Different Types Of Water And Where Does It Go?

00:14:35 Pure Mineralized Water


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September 17, 2020 39 min

00:00:30 Meet Beth Kruger

00:04:24 Birth Of A Mother

00:05:34 Letting Go And Welcoming Someone New

00:06:08 The Humming Bird Story

00:09:30 Safe Space in Pre Natal Yoga Class

00:10:56 Pre Natal Yoga A Time To Slow Down and Tune In

00:12:00 Birth of Twins and Prenatal Yoga

00:12:40 The Need For Positive Birth Stories

00:13:18 Why We Don't Hear Positive Birth Stories

00:14:44 How Fear Can Affect The Birth Process

00:16:10 Gap in Post Partu...

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00:00 Introduction

00:55 deb Wertz - Yoga Found Me

02:47 The Gold Watch Equivalent

04:40 The Personal Training Connection

05:35 Dharma Mitra

07:25 Hatha Raja Yoga Practice

10:00 Meditation … A Fork in the Road

11:00 There Are Always Guide Posts

12:48 breaking In To Your Friend’s House

13:16 Tools We Have When We Quiet The Mind

13:47 Thich Nhat Hahn’s Apple Juice Story

15:02 The Snow Globe Analogy for Settling The Mind In Meditation

15:58 Ownin...

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  • 00:58 Martin Hewlett Calming Anxiety
  • 02:11 The Guide on the Side vs The Sage on the Stage
  • 04:00 The Nature of The Way Things Are 
  • 05:05 A Total Transformation
  • 06:50 Freedom From Emotional Negative Anchors From the Past
  • 09:28 Taking Ownership and Making Amends is Hard but Necessary
  • 12:13 "Just Say Enough!" An incredibly Inspiring Story
  • 14:46 Diet, Body Image and Achieving Goals in Specific Sports
  • 20:10 Calmness and Focus Necessary i...
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    August 27, 2020 30 min

    009 Wilmien Blake—Across America Runner with MS- Overcoming Challenges

  • 00:47 Meet Wilmien
  • 1:58 MS Run The US
  • 3:59 Focus Pulls Positive Energy In
  • 4:28Talking to Other People and Acknowledging Your Feelings
  • 5:00 Putting on a Strong Positive Front
  • 5:24 “The Boxer” Story
  • 6:54 Tools To Help and Sharing Our Stories
  • 7:58 Teamwork and “Who do you want in your life boat?”
  • 9:00 The Silver Lining of The Virtual Relay for MS Run the US
  • 10:38 Sutradhari ...
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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 1:06 It all starts at home Parenting 2.0 The Focused Mindset, positive mindset in stressful times
  • 3:15 The unknown is throwing everybody off, be your best self In changing times
  • 4:20 Teens resistance to school and how things are different now
  • 5:20 An unexpected and strange journey
  • 5:54 What parents don’t get to see, emotions are high, guidelines teachers have to Follow
  • 7:35 How we can start fresh and take a breath
  • 8:10 Dealing...
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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 1:10 Dr Joella is a Sports Chiropractor injury and prevention specialist and ergonomist
  • 6:27 The best thing for scoliosis is swimming for balanced movement and then working on the tissue
  • 7:14 the bike accident story “The Great Teacher”
  • 9:28 Chronic pain and tissue work
  • 10:00 Ergonomics to hold your biological, mental and emotional health
  • 11:11 The Suzanna Weiss Story In home personal training for “in Between stage” clients
  • 11:...
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  • 3:00 Physical aspect of Yoga evolving to the depth of the philosophy behind it.
  • 5:30 Working with flexible people the importance of focusing on stabilization of the joints
  • 10:15 Origins and insertions
  • 11:25 Anatomy Studies For Yoga Teachers (ASFYT) Earn your “CSI Goggles”
  • 15:15 Anatomical cueing in the world of online teaching.
  • 19:40 Bringing the brain “Back” to a grounded place
  • 26:10 Community support sharing and strength in solidarity...
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    Reinventing Yourself

  • How to deal with multiple lay offs and stay strong
  • Have a plan B
  • Building resilience through experience 
  • Find something that brings you joy (like dance or whatever works for you)
  • Have something to look forward to
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Worry won’t help
  • Everything that you are doing today is a preparation for the next project
  • The skills you learn from one situation can help you in the next
  • ask people “what do you...
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  • The benefit of failing forward
  • The unofficial therapeutic aspects of One on One training
  • We comiserate over the intensity of an in depth Anatomy and Physiology course
  • How massage can mitigate the effects of burning the candle at both ends
  • The amazing benefits of Reflexology with Petra Van Noort
  • There are times when you need to “work in” and do mindful gentle movements
  • Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • The ...
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    I hope you enjoy this conversation with Annie LaCroix from the podcast Brainy Boss.
    Where She says: "It is time to rethink the way we work in our own small businesses. We can get away from the 24/7 hustle and constant grind by being smarter with our business."
     Annie's podcast, is all about intentional hustle through better systems, routines, and mindset. 
    In our conversation we talk about Her process in coming to do what ...

    Mark as Played

    In this conversation with Alexis Weatherspoon, we talk about the process of recovering from an intense injury, specifically, a ruptured achilles tendon. 

    The takaways:
    1) Be grateful
    2 Be okay with failure
    3) Stay creative
    4) Think outside of the box 
    5) Go at your own pace
    6) You get there when you get there 

    Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/taylorfit)

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