Thank God Cancer Saved our Divorce

Thank God Cancer Saved our Divorce

Could you do a podcast with your ex AND your new spouse? Armed with nothing but a microphone, Denny defends himself from Jamie (the ex-wife) and Amanda (the new wife) as they discuss life, parenting, divorce, and overcoming CANCER with their shared daughter, Audrey. As parents they discuss dealing with relationships, adoption, cancer, divorce, step-kids…..all of it. This is a podcast about life, family, and "parenting without excuses"!


October 2, 2022 94 min

So, we admit it. 

The last few pods have had GREAT content with GREAT guests! In actuality, we've been fortunate enough to have several great guests thru the last few years.

What makes this week stand out? Well, this podcast is what happens when you DON'T have a great guest.

Join us this week as we can't even get through introductions before we Denny says..."off the rails". We talk birthdays, birthday trivi...

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As we continue our series on helping Dads navigate tough divorces, we have found Nathan Wilson. Nathan has such a great story of perseverance and his willingness to help others is nothing short of inspiring. Nathan also talks about working security for the Queens funeral...unreal!

Listen in and learn more about how "Dads Advocates" came to be and what he hopes to achieve! Click HERE to go to

Click HERE to l...

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September 21, 2022 40 min

So this week we cut the "fat" outta the podcast! No TGCSOD Family Fantasy Football Update. No Dating Profiles...nothing!

But, guess what....that doesn't mean they didn't get recorded :)

Now, there's a few "mistakes". Brayden is off site and the delay is throwing him off, so he steps on some introductions!

Jamie is half paying attention and Amanda...well Amanda wants to blow your eardrums out by coughing.....

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Meet Taryn Sinatra! 

Friendly, outgoing, and intelligent attorney by day and mom of two boys by night!

You may have seen her recently on TikTok, discussing divorce issues that MAY stress dads going through divorce. She is also active on Instagram, sharing some of her moments living her life.

Listen in as we talk to Taryn and get in depth about her feelings on divorce and custody issues....we go so in depth that we lose track of time a...

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September 12, 2022 102 min

We're looking forward to introducing you to this weeks guest......BUT, we hit a snag with technology! Don't worry, we'll fix it!

But for now, listen back to our tips on being a successful parent. Really, we're good :)

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September 4, 2022 97 min

Imagine a scenerio where you load your wife and kids for a fun filled two days at an amusement park! Now imagine you've driven 3 hours to get there and find them closed!

This week we talk about why we missed last week, where Brando is, and upsetting kids for a trip! 

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August 22, 2022 109 min

This week we dabble in reality a bit.

Reminder, we handle adversity with OUR humor. YOU chose to listen (and we appreciate it!) so please don't be offended by what you hear. We know the score us!

Dating Profiles makes it's return! Can ANYONE "outpick" Amanda? I mean, she's got Denny, right?

We open the mailbag!

Denny debuts a HIT song with Bob Jovi!

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August 15, 2022 63 min

This week we had a game time change! 

Brandon will be back soon and this week BOTH Jamie and Brayden CALLED OUT! Their pay will definitely reflect this change.

So, we called an audible. This week we discuss "Back to School Anxiety". Kids, parents, teachers.....there's always SOME anxiety. 

We also look back to Denny and Amanda's childhood....obviously at different times :).

We will be back to full strength next week. We...

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Through the magic of technology we are able to bring you this week's podcast from three different locations!

From the "Every Joke Has A Little Truth" studio in Russiaville, Jamie's house in Kokomo, and Braydens house in Tipton we discussed "the week that was " & our usual sophomoric games.

Special thanks this week to Tabbi Ann, friend of the show, as she recorded some audio clips that enhanced a couple of ...

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Do you ever feel like you are humming along just living your life, and everything FEELS in place? Then, something happens, and you see everything through a much different lens?

Meet Stacey Piedrahita (like "margarita"). Stacey was serving people in a most noble way, working as an RN in oncology for 27 years. Each day she was offering what we've come to expect in western medicine, chemo and other various chemical based m...

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July 25, 2022 35 min

So, listen, there's a LOT going on!

Brayden has moved.
Garet has moved.
We have half a dozen kids.
Jamie is in Florida.
Baby Rick has COVID.
Amanda is losing her voice.

Need I say more? We week we're BACK at full strength! Book it.

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July 10, 2022 51 min

This week we're down a Brandon AND a Jamie!

We'll make the best of it!

We catch up on the beginning of the week of "Mandica" as it's Amanda's birthday week!  Wait until you hear the AMAZING Surprise Party Denny pulled off....with Jamies help!

We also introduce a new segment "Parenting News". Maybe it stays....maybe not :)

Don't forget....#Bray4Prez!

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This week we introduce you to @fiddely_momjess from TikTok.

Jess is a counselor by day and creator by night...ok really all of the time! You'll recognize her from TikTok and her "Bad Word Alphabet" with any combination of her combined SEVEN kids!

Jess' unique approach to keeping a COMPLETELY open door to her communication with her kids is admirable. Not enough parents do this today...but they sh...

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June 26, 2022 80 min

This week we get back in the saddle!

We've had some things going on, but we're ready! We're BACK and better than ever!

No, no Dating Profiles OR Brandon! They'll both be back....don't worry!

For now listen to us ramble about the last two weeks...and talk about next weeks guest that you will LOVE!

Send us some questions! 

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You guessed 's a re-run! Don't worry, we'll get a fresh pod out Tuesday....stick around! 

 Until then, it's a FIRST! 

This week Father's Day caught us! It was SO busy celebrating Dads! 

So we decided to revisit our interview with Jess Hooker, media guru and mother of 2! Jess is an incredible advocate to any cause she puts her mind can feel her energy in this one! 

Now, we combined TWO episodes in...

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It's little ole me in the studio this week. It's also Fathers Day this week.

This week I decided to share what is possibly the best gift I've ever received for any holiday. The audio is all over the place.....transitions aren't tight...levels are off. In spite of all that, it's perfect.

Maybe this will bore most to tears. If it does, then I guess we'll both have them, but for different reasons.

Thanks for liste...

Mark as Played

A sick kid and a HUGE home improvement project delayed this weeks pod! (pssssst....check back tomorrow)

We'll make it up, we promise!  Until then....

Listen back to February of 2021 and our VERY inspirational guests!

Last week Stephen from Speedway C-Stores told us about a little girl he'd met through the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. He told us the incredible story of how a mother, Shannon, learned her 3 month old...

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June 5, 2022 56 min

Nothing more to say here besides....sorry. 

We have been COVERED UP busy the last few days. The "Every Joke Has A Little Truth" Studio was cleaned and we didn't even talk about it! 

This episode is a look into Jamie's mind if Amanda is is driving the bus. Think on that.

Better content next week, promise!

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May 31, 2022 85 min

This is not a lot to explain.....our society is in a TOUGH place right now.

We felt it was important to talk freely about our feelings from the horrible acts in Texas.

No frills here...all business. There isn't much to laugh about in talking about kids being murdered in cold blood.

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May 22, 2022 110 min

This week the group talks about kids coming back home! This can happen for SO many reasons:
1. Divorce or break up
2. Money issues
3. Help parents
4. Building or in transition

Now, to be clear, we as parents will nearly ALWAYS take our babies back home....but what are the POSSIBLE ramifications of that? It's not always pretty.

We're lucky in that we have GREAT kids and we love having them around....

This week we also unleash #Bray...

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