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February 26, 2024 45 mins

This week on Tuesday-Wednesday we have a 33-hour long void of course moon ☁️🌜💤 But if you’ve never heard of this before, you’re probably saying, “uh what now..?” So today on Moonday Musings we’re going to talk about what it means to be under a void of course moon in astrology, what to be on the lookout for, some common misconceptions in the astrological community, and what a void of course moon means for you and your magick.

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What does it mean to cleanse the energy in a space or of a person? When are do you know you’re supposed to do it? What’s the point of it? And how can you do it? That is exactly what we’re talking about on That Witch Podcast today. We’ll be going beyond the usual laundry list of magickal correspondences, and focusing more on how you can practice letting your intuition guide you.

I’ll share my own experience, along with my f...

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A fresh season of Pisces has officially begun, which means the sun has moved into the dreamy, imaginative sign of Pisces. Saturn’s already been hanging out there for about a year, and this week Mercury will also join in, and start its own new chapter in Pisces as well. We also have our full moon in Virgo this weekend, bringing some earth energy to the party.

Today’s episode of Moonday goes into the astrology of the week, p...

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This week Mars and Venus each will respectively enter Aquarius and form an embrace with Pluto, who is waiting at the gates of the Aquarian landscape. At its most basic, we can deduce this to be a time of great transformation—but in what way? And how can we open ourselves up to Divine rebirth?

This week on Moonday Musings I want to exemplify another way to interpret the messages of the cosmic weather report beyond reading a...

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The innovative star child Aquarius brings us a beautiful new moon, and with it today’s episode of Shadow Chats with Ashley Michelle and That Witch Next Door. Every facet of Aquarius energy is channeled today, from the humanitarian to the alien to the revolutionary.

Join us for a conversation saturated in truth, progress, and the universal greater good as we share with you our own intuitive insight on this new moon’s astrol...

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I had a strong feeling it was the right day for a nice, full tarot reading for Moonday, and then our messages for this week quite literally leapt out for us haha. As Mercury, Mars, and Venus each respectively end their cycles in Capricorn and begin new chapters in Aquarius, one-by-one they will engage in a full embrace with Pluto, who will be staying in the early degrees of Aquarius for the next several years. 

With our c...

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February 1st-2nd marks the Celtic pagan celebration, Imbolc (aka Candlemas, Brigid’s Day, Oimelc), the first pagan sabbat of the calendar year. Today I’m going to share with you the roots of this celebration, the significance of the season, and offer you a variety of ways you can honor Imbolc in your witchcraft practice this week.

Learn more about Imbolc:
Boston Public Library
Wiccan Calendar
History Channel

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January 26, 2024 32 mins

If you’ve scrolled through WitchTok or any side of the witchy social media space, chances are you’ve heard someone say, “You need to do your shadow work!” But not a lot of people are talking about what that actually means.

Recently I was asked by several of our neighbors what tips I have for anyone who’s never done shadow work before. This is something we’ve chatted about in a previous episode of That Witch Podcast, but I ...

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What a weekend! Astrologically speaking. Saturday was full of shifts—the moon moved into Gemini, the Sun moved into Aquarius, and so did Pluto. It’s not quite all about Aquarius though, and this week we’ll see Venus join Mercury and Mars in Capricorn where we may find some real flow of efficiency, and opportunity to cross some big tasks off our list.

All of this combined with our upcoming Leo Full Moon this week means ener...

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January 19, 2024 60 mins

The much-anticipated death witch episode…! This is one branch of magick particularly difficult to encapsulate into one episode (so maybe there will be more?!) but I really tried to offer my best explanations and advice for anyone feeling intrigued by and called to this sacred path. Death witchcraft and death magick are not evil practices, their work is centered around honoring one of our most divine universal laws, and healing our ...

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We’re getting up to a couple of things in this episode. For one thing, we need to chat about this Pluto in Aquarius business because you are sure to see it talked about everywhere. Aquarius season is arriving, and this year it is joined by a massive Plutonian—therefore generational—shift.

And finally, I'm giving you homework. Yep. Because late Monday evening the Moon will move into Aries, beginning a new cycle in the ...

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Recently I was sent an excellent question from one of our neighbors who asked about why some astrologers will advise against sharing your birth chart on social media. So I wanted to take some time today to talk about why this is, the pros and cons, and my tips for safely sharing your chart with others.

→ This is your last chance to join us for Level 01 of the I Can Read My Astrology Inside & Out program!

Join ...

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On this week’s episode of Moonday Musings, I wanted to give you a little breakdown about the 1/11 Portal you’re probably hearing about, and what it means on a spiritual level. Plus, Juno retrograde, Mercury in Capricorn, and a Void of Course moon that lasts allllll day.

If you’re wanting to learn more specifically about the upcoming Capricorn New Moon, make sure you listen to last week’s Shadow Chats episode with Ashley Michelle.


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2024 is here and the Capricorn New Moon is on its way to help you feel like you finally have your shit together. On this month's Shadow Chats episode, Ashley Michelle and I are breaking down the astrology forecast for this new moon, giving our tips for your magickal rituals, and helping you get the most out of the first new moon of the year.

If you love hanging out with us for the Shadow Chats episode on That Witch Po...

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I started this week feeling instantly stressed and was totally scattered from the weight of New Years expectations. Then I was able to directly face it, work through it, receive clarity, and move forward with easy focus and peace—something I’ve been working for years to be able to do.

Today I’m going to share with you the quickest and easiest thing you can do BEFORE you take your deep breath and try and give yourself a sys...

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When I first embraced myself as a witch, I really struggled with the whole idea of Christmas. Was I doing something wrong by celebrating it? Was I being a hypocrite by singing Christmas carols about Jesus? Did this mean I wasn’t really a witch after all?

If you’re feeling any of this confusion yourself, today’s Moonday Musings is especially for you, neighbor. All you need is 15 minutes of your time today for this episode, ...

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Today I am honored to host the most lovely guest in our Neighborhood. Author of ten books, ordained priestess, healer, Xicana witch, and mentor, Jamie Della joins me today to discuss her newest book, A Box of Magick.

Fifteen years after the passing of Jamie’s Elder Priestess and mentor, Connie DeMasters, a literal box of magick landed on her doorstep. “23 pounds of Connie’s rituals, hymns, spells, astrology, and more.” And...

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Today I want to talk to you about grief, gratitude, Yule, and the Winter Crone. In many ways this episode is an open letter from my heart to yours, neighbor. Think of me walking up and standing before you, standing with you. In the cold, in the dark, and by the fire, and in the light.

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Better make it count! This week's Sagittarius New Moon is the last one of 2023, and it is followed by a Mercury Retrograde cycle that will take us allll the way to 2024. With the energy this time of year, the expectations vs the reality, the pressure to perform and do it all with a big smile on your face- it turns most of us either into hyper overdrive or into a total freeze state. 

 →  Listen to today’s episode for a walk-thru...

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Our Sagittarius Queen, Ashley Michelle, is here to chat all about our upcoming Sagittarius New Moon—the final new moon of the year!

Not only is this the last new moon of 2023, it is almost immediately followed by the start of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. But don’t go running scared just yet, neighbor, Ash and I are going to walk you through the astrological forecast for the new moon, tell you all about what Sagittariu...

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