Bibles, Babies, & Business - Christian Entrepreneur, Stay at Home Mom, Coaching Business, Making Money Online, Marketing and Sales Strategies

Bibles, Babies, & Business - Christian Entrepreneur, Stay at Home Mom, Coaching Business, Making Money Online, Marketing and Sales Strategies

Do you dream of being a stay at home mom while also providing income for your family? Do you feel the Lord calling you to start your online business, but have no idea where to start? Do you wish you knew how to get more coaching clients, market yourself online, & increase your income, so you can experience the time & financial FREEDOM you’ve been craving? If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then welcome to the Bible, Babies, & Business Podcast, my friend. You’re in the right place. Inside these episodes you will find all things faith, motherhood, coaching, & the strategy you need to build a business that makes money online. My mission is to help you market yourself online using Instagram, get more coaching clients, know which tasks you need to focus on each day to move your business forward, & grow your income so that you can stay home with your kids. Because no one is more anointed to raise your babies than you, mama! I’m Camie Wilke. Unapologetic follower of Jesus, wife, soon-to-be-mom (eeeeek!!!) & your Faith-Based Online Business Coach. Back in 2019, my husband and I were living paycheck to paycheck in a tiny little apartment & struggling to make ends meet. I had a dead-end job that stole all of my time & barely paid the bills. As a brand new wife with a deep desire to be a stay at home mom someday, I began searching for a way to make money from home, & the Lord led me to online coaching. #THANKYOUJESUS After starting my coaching business, quitting my day job, & closing over $125,000+ online, I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned into a step-by-step formula so that you can build YOUR coaching business & grow your income from where you’re needed most: home. It’s everything you need, with zero fluff, because as a busy mom, you don’t have time to waste. So if you’re ready for all things Bible, babies, & building an online business, then grab your coffee & press play on these episodes, sister. & just remember, you were made for this. Xoxo, Camie MOM BOSS COACHING ACADEMY: Facebook Community: Instagram: @camie.wilke Email:


June 8, 2023 22 mins

What if you experienced SO MUCH SUCCESS in your coaching business that you had all eyes on you? 👀

You had the attention of believers & non-believers.

What if you were SO GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO & HAD SO MANY TESTIMONIALS OF TRANSFORMATIONS that even if someone didn't align with your faith, they respected the level of excellence you brought to the table in your work.

& because they respect your work - they’re more receptive to hearing ...

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Is your coaching business in tip top LEGAL shape?!

One of the most intimidating parts of starting an online coaching business can be navigating the legalities of building a business from scratch & having all the right legal paperwork!

Inside today’s episode, you’ll hear insight on top legal questions & issues online coaches deal with from business lawyer, Yasmine Salem Hamdan!

Yasmine is a business attorney, branding consultant, en...

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😳 Feel like you’re hearing crickets when you post content on Instagram?

You’re even getting a few likes here & there... but those likes aren’t converting into leads 😔

This SUPER common problem amongst online coaches is a problem that will put you out of business if you don’t fix it fast!

Inside today's episode, I’m sharing my 4 part marketing strategy to turn your Instagram followers into paying clients 📲💸

I teach you this ENTI...

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She has every reason NOT to join, but took the leap & joined High-Ticket Powerhouse anyway!

✅ Now Kristina has an INCREDIBLE offer.

✅ Signed her first coaching client.

✅ & has a step-by-step game plan to continue growing her coaching business.

All while continuing to steward over her roles as a:

  • Wife
  • Mom
  • & Daughter of the One True King!!

⏰⏰⏰Coach, we are just DAYS AWAY from the next round of High-Ticket Powerhouse kicking...

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If you want to close high-ticket sales as an online coach, it starts with picking the right NICHE.

AKA - Picking a niche that is positioned to SELL 💸

Too often, coaches are picking niches that just “feel right” without much regard to the market & whether or not people will pay a 4-5 figure price for that program.

Really when it comes down to it.. this is the heart of serving others where they need it most.

"Don't look out only for...

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"I've made more in 4 months than I've ever made in my online practice."

Those words make my heart SO happy.

& you know what makes me even MORE happy?!

Knowing that the money from the sales Kristen has closed inside of my program, High-Ticket Powerhouse, is going to fund a MISSION TRIP.

This is the DEFINITION of Kingdom impact 🙌

Now imagine for a moment if EVERY ONLINE COACH was making THIS KIND OF MONEY & therefore able to have TH...

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Can I be honest?

Praying is challenging for me.

The reason is, prayer is a conversation with God that requires a sense of stillness & being with God.

I'm really good at DOING.

I'm working on getting better at BEING STILL.

My mindset mentor, Betsy Croney reminds me that we are humanBEINGS - not humanDOINGS 😅 #convicted

Inside today's episode, Holy Spirit has prompted me to lead you in 3 UNSCRIPTED prayers for the online coach.


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Inside this episode, you'll hear an interview I did with one of my students inside of High-Ticket Powerhouse, Melanie Colon, & her results are SPECTACULAR✨

Not only did Melanie create an irresistible offer that guaranteed her clients' results, she got MULTIPLE high-ticket coaching clients & closed over $13,000 in sales 💵

Press play on this episode to hear Melanie discuss her personal experience of what i...

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My first month in business, I made $100.

That was January 2019.

Four years later, January 2023, I closed $19,600 that month.

Inside today's podcast episode I'm revealing to you 3 business 101 principles that you NEED to follow if you want to have success as an online coach:

  1. Sowing good seeds
  2. Not giving up
  3. Doing good work

The truth is, the coaching industry is massively competitive.

Building a successful coaching business w...

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The jaw-dropping details of High-Ticket Powerhouse 👀

📲 If you want to get more high-paying coaching clients.

🔓 If you want to unlock $5K-$10K months in your business.

💸 If you want to closed thou$and$ of dollar$ in sales between now & the end of 2023 GUARANTEED...

Then High-Ticket Powerhouse is for you.

This is my 6 month group coaching program teaching you how to get more high-paying clients & unlock $5K-$10K months as an onli...

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Are you tired of feeling stuck and held back by self-doubt and limiting beliefs in your coaching business?!

Do you find yourself striving for success & feeling exhausted while doing it?

Are you feeling overcome by all the challenges & problems coming up in your business & having trouble seeing a way to move forward??

Do you feel alone & isolated in your journey to building a profitable business?

If so, listen up, coach! I have some...

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🧠🧐💳 Did you know there’s a psychology behind WHY your ideal clients will buy from you?

& because there’s a psychology behind why your clients will buy...

There's a psychology behind how you need to sell, present, & pitch your offer!

Inside today’s episode, we’re diving into the Psychology of Selling 💸

More specifically: How to understand your ideal client’s different buying behaviors so you can get more clients & close more sa...

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Is YOUR coaching business built on a strong foundation?

Or would it crash & burn the second a storm hit?! ⛈

Inside today's episode, we're answering 3 vital questions about your coaching business:

  1. Why do you NEED a strong foundation in your coaching business for long-term impact & success?
  2. What type of materials do you need to build a strong foundation?
  3. What are the consequences if you DON'T have a strong foundation in your coac...
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Do you ever struggle with creating content?

(every online coach raises their hand 🖐)

You know you’re supposed to post…

But it can be hard to know WHAT to post!

Especially with social media trends constantly changing + evolving.

Today we’re going to reveal 1 type of content that has withstood the test of time & will NEVER go out of style 😏


I’ve invited Marketing Coach, Sarah Beisel, onto the show today to help me wit...

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What’s YOUR spiritual gift?!🎁

The Bible tells us that God has given us spiritual gifts from His great VARIETY of gifts! (yay for us!)

But that begs the question….

❓What really ARE spiritual gifts?

❓❓How are we supposed to use our spiritual gifts? (especially as Christian entrepreneurs??)

❓❓❓What does your spiritual gift have to do with creating a successful online coaching business?

Press play on this episode to find out sister-fr...

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Uncomfortable Truth: Most coaches have average offers at best 😬

It's true. Don't hate the messenger.

Here's the deal, the better your offer is (or should I say the more "irresistible" your offer is), the more it will sell itself 🤑

On the other hand...

😐 The more average your offer is...

😕 The more bland it is...

🥱 The more UNDERwhelming it is...

😴 The more your offer blends in with everyone else in your niche...

The better YO...

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❓Have you been trying to Google your way to a 6 figure coaching business??

❓❓Or have you been listening to podcast after podcast trying to figure out how to get more coaching clients??

❓❓❓Orrrrrr what about this: Have you been watching the Instagram stories of business coach after business coaching trying to duct tape together some a strategy to increase your sales & make more money??

If so, today’s episode is for you, coach! (& no...

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Let me ask you a question...

Are you SICK & TIRED of not getting more coaching clients??

I know you are (because so many of you tell me!)

That's why inside this episode, I'm dishing out a SPICY SALES TIP for high-ticket coaches that will help you get more clients, close more sales, & make more money in your online business.


Today I am *officially* releasing my free training, the GET MORE CLIENTS C...

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I specifically delayed today's by 24 hours to make sure it aired on Good Friday.

Entering Easter weekend as believers, we are humbly reminded of the perfect sacrifice Jesus made for you & for me.

His mission was to come to earth to live the perfect life that we couldn't & die for our sins so we wouldn't have to spend eternity separated from our Heavenly Father.

A love this perfect is hard to wrap our human minds around.

Inside toda...

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Rich people read books 📚 & a lot of them

Idk about you, but I’ve never really been a big reader.

(& if I WAS reading, it was for fun.. Not to learn)

That is… until recently when it suddenly dawned on me that successful people read.

(I know… a profound discovery right?)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been devoting hours of time to reading! & not just reading for fun.. Reading to learn, grow, & become the best business coach I can be...

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