The 930 Podcast is designed to educate the masses on taxes and finances. The 401k plan is an antiquated concept. So is the 529 plan. That is why we have designed this podcast to educate any and all that are willing to think outside the box. The education starts with math. If you could add a 401k plan + 529 plan what would you get? The 930 Plan. Employees and employers want smart, tax-advantaged savings plans that eliminate risk and optimize the sequence of returns for taxation. I encourage all individuals to do a deeper dive into 401(k), 529 and other deferred compensation plans to determine if that’s what’s right for them or if there is another way to safeguard their financial future.


December 29, 2021 29 mins
t would be amazing if every hard-working American could get just half of the benefits that ourelected officials enjoy from the taxpayer dollars that we pay. Unfortunately, that’s just not thecase and I know you will be shocked to listen to some of the benefits politicians enjoy. Let’s getangry about it, but then get smarter. Learn more about the 930 plan to see how you can putsome of that money back in YOUR pocket rather than conti...
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Everybody has heard about Wall Street and Madison Avenue – even Hollywood Boulevard –but most people are unfamiliar with the most influential Street in America:K St.! K St. is where money transfers from the private sector to elected individuals in order to get policy shaped for the benefit of private industry. Most people refer to those on K St. as lobbyists, but after listening to this podcast you may form a slightly different op...
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December 29, 2021 30 mins
It will blow you away to learn how much money some of our career politicians are worth, never working a day outside of public service in their entire lives. They get to shape the law, invest in companies that benefit from their policies and make wealth beyond your imagination. If only they were limited in the amount of time they could serve an office, with reasonable term limits.So much corruption could be prevented. Learn how to p...
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December 13, 2021 28 mins
The line item veto was in place for a short period of time late last century, and later ruledunconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. Taking another look at the ability for the executivebranch to limit some of the unnecessary spending that gets attached to these massive spendingbills could greatly help the American people. Listen to this podcast, learn a little more and findout how much wasteful spending actually exists and how th...
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September 29, 2021 26 mins
It starts with TAXES. If you are a married couple in the US today and you make $120k/year,
your effective Federal Tax Rate is 13.1%. That number is lower than at any point in history for a
middle class couple. In 1978, a married couple in the US making $60k (reduced for inflation)
had an effective Federal Tax Rate of 53.3%.
Coincidentally, 1978 is the first year the IRS allowed workers to defer income into a 401k. The
federal debt was s...
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In this episode we review a live case study. Understanding how the 930 Plan can work with real
people in real life circumstances is key. There are many single parents out there, surviving on
one income, providing for their children.
Tax efficiency, understanding good debt vs.bad debt and deploying resources with purpose led
this client to discover a different view on financial matters.
Listen to this episode of The 930 Plan Podcast and ...
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The 930 Plan focuses primarily on efficiencies around income tax. In this episode we are gonna
cover all of the different ways the US government taxes its citizens.
I think we cover them all, but I am sure some of our listeners can find a few we may have
missed. While an inheritance large enough to trigger the federal estate tax may not be a
complete negative financially, not understanding provisional income tax could cost you more
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n July of 2021 Americans with minor children began to receive direct payments from the federal
government. Under the American Rescue Plan, what used to be credited to families when filing
their tax returns, is now sent out as a direct monthly payment.
Understand how this plan differs from the previous Child Tax Credits, how those who didn’t
qualify for them previously are now getting them and who is paying for it all.
Listen to this epi...
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We all experience life changing events over the course of time. Very positive events like the
birth of a child, a graduation, a new job, a promotion or retirement are a few that come to mind.
We experience events that can be equally challenging, losing a job, a loved one or family illness
can put tremendous strain on our lives.
Understanding how to be best prepared for the ups and downs of life financially can be planned
for even if the...
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Preparing for the death of a loved one can be next to impossible. Today’s episode reviews a
case study that not only has had a profound financial effect on the family being planned for, but
a case that has changed my life.
My career took on new meaning after this experience. A lifelong friendship was founded and a
family learned things about each other they never knew they had in them.
This episode of The 930 Plan Podcast talks about ho...
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The IRS has a secret that can cause individuals and couples to give back hundreds of
thousands of dollars of their hard earned social security checks. This is happening to
Americans all over the country right now and many have no idea it’s even going on, let alone
how to avoid it.
Provisional Income tax is a term that you hear very little about. In today's episode we will dive
into what it is, how much it can cost you and most important...
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Covid 19 has sent this country on a spending spree with no end in sight. Legislation already
passed totals almost $5 Trillion and includes: Coronavirus Preparedness and Response
Supplemental Appropriations Act, Cares Act, Families First Coronavirus Response Act,
Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act, Consolidated Appropriations
Act, The American Rescue Plan among others.
Legislation in discussion and yet to be pass...
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