The Action Sports Podcast

The Action Sports Podcast

The Action Sports Podcast is designed to drive stoke and exposure to the action sports industry by empowering one rider at a time. Each week, we tap into the minds of industry leaders, enthusiasts, and action sports companies so they can share how they created results for themselves, and get an insiders perspective on what they do and what they look for when it comes to sponsorship, and ultimately how to spend more time riding.So grab your headphones, connect your Bluetooth, or crank up your computer speakers and tune into each episode. Don't forget to smash the subscribe button so you are notified about new episodes every single week! Want to join The Action Sports Army so you can land and develop sponsorships the right way, and see how riders just like you are turning their Action Sports passion into careers?Go to and request your invite today!


July 1, 2022 39 min

What challenges keep you from riding?

When you get injured, do you quit?

Honestly, this is a tough discussion to have..

There are many ways to get injured, right? Some are simple falls but can have devastating results. Others are crazy instance crashes and you might walk away with a minor damage. Then there are those crashes that happen for you and your life is turned upside down… that is truly the time you can decide to quit and be d...

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Social media can be so time consuming, right?

It seems that if we are thinking we are watching a video for a min or two..

We find ourselves hours later still scrolling through stories and reels!

There are some individuals out there that make great content or are extremely talented and their content is hard to pull away from. Seems as though that is the mission of these platforms.. Right? But seriously there are some extremely talented...

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June 25, 2022 51 min

Who doesn’t like a two part episode?

I suppose it depends on the content.

And let's face it, sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. 

It’s fascinating to think about the phenomenon of not knowing what we don’t know. When you learn a new skill and you believe you have mastered it, knowing everything you can about that particular skill, you still can learn something new about that skill. That is the part of growth that we don’t ...

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June 24, 2022 48 min

Here at The Action Sports Club we always say “Spend more time riding”.

That is the dream right?

So how do we get to the point where we can spend more time riding?

We regularly meet guests for the podcast that are so focused on spending more time riding that they either find a career (or create one)  that helps them live that lifestyle. There are so many enthusiasts and athletes that live a lifestyle like this. It’s quite fascinating t...

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Are you living a lifestyle that will benefit you down the road?

I don’t know if many people have even thought about what tomorrow looks like.

Someone once said “tomorrow is going to look alot like it always has”...

It’s a fascinating world we live in. With all of the different philosophies and ideas we have each day. But there of course are some constants that we can take to the bank. The sun will rise and set. The earth will continue...

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June 18, 2022 43 min

Are you part of a family business?

There are so many ways to be part of the Action Sports industry as a business or enthusiast.

Maybe you’ve thought about starting up a business inside the industry.

There are endless opportunities in this world when it comes to landing and creating a career within Action Sports. Some will pursue what we believe to be the best opportunity inside the industry, landing sponsorships, but others will work ...

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We love seeing the passion of the Action Sports industry.

There are so many women and men that live, breathe, eat, and sleep in action sports.

Each one of them has their own unique story.

A friend once said “You are a unique snowflake!” Apparently that saying means something different in the US than it does in Canada. But get past the jargon and think about his point, it makes sense. Each person is different and has a unique backgroun...

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June 16, 2022 38 min

What is the ultimate goal you want to accomplish inside the industry?

There is still so much to explore and create, it’s hard to choose.

So if you had to pick one thing, what gets you moving out of bed in the morning?

Every single person has a goal bigger than himself/herself in this life. Though we might not know exactly what that is right away, we can find it as we pursue our passions. Some want to change the world, others want to h...

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We all know the phrase “When your hooked, your hooked”.

Especially when it comes to Action Sports.

There aren’t many of you out there that would rather work than get out and ride!

So it’s no surprise that many enthusiasts turn athletes after just one race. That phrase fits their lifestyle to a T! And the best part, they want to share that feeling with everyone else! That is why we love this industry so much. It’s way more than just ri...

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June 10, 2022 37 min

There are many career choices inside action sports.

Some are conventional like sales, parts, apparel, or repair.

There are a few that are less common but sometimes overlooked, and hard to come by

Let’s be honest. If you want to find a job inside the action sports industry, it’s not that difficult to find one. It might require you to move to a new area or city at times, however you local shops seem to always need some help one way or a...

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We all have those dreams of riding every single day.

We sit at work, look out the window and think “Wow. Today would be amazing to go riding."

Then we go back to work and push it out of our minds…

And that is where most people stop pursuing their dreams! If you don’t push for riding 60 days a year but you dream about doing it, then you are smothering your chances of actually doing it. Who told you to dream small? When did you begi...

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How often do you set yourself up for success in Action Sports?

Are you one of those that has natural talent?

Or do you have to fight for every inch of progress?

We live in such a diverse world that some people have a natural talent that they are born with. It seems unfair especially to those that have to work so hard just to progress one inch in their life. But at the end of the day, if you are progressing, it doesn’t matter if it’s f...

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Is competition the only way you can land sponsorships?

Or are sponsorships based solely on your talent?

What other way can you land sponsorships and spend more time riding?

When we sit in the comfort of our home and scroll through our social media, we may think “must be nice” when we see someone riding a new bike, traveling the world, or getting the “hook up” from a company. But what if seeing and thinking isn’t the reality of what is...

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How do you operate your social media account?

Are you enjoying what you are posting and sharing with the world?

Or do you consume more than you create?

When it comes to a life on social media there are a few “types” of people. 1. You might absolutely love posting all about your lifestyle and blast it to the world to see. 2. Social media is not about posting and sharing your life, but more about consuming others content and viewing the...

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How long do you stick with a sponsor?

Should you sponsor hop to the best deal possible?

Or should you stick with the company you believe in?

It’s a sticky situation when it comes to changing brands. It can be a challenge and a blessing depending on how you look at it. But at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself “Does this company fit with what I am wanting to accomplish inside my career”. That is a tough answer to swallow but ...

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May 12, 2022 60 min

What has been your dream lifestyle?

Are you currently living that lifestyle?

What would you do to make that dream a reality?

In today's world, you are capable of making most of your dreams a reality. Though it may take a little creative thinking to make it reality. But once you get the bug and start to touch that dream, it's just figuring out what that next step looks like to make it a reality. However, if you are one to alway...

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May 5, 2022 42 min

Do you have the endurance to race for hours on end or even multiple days in a row?

How about when the temperatures are well below freezing?

Would you give up on your dream if somebody told you NOW?

We all believe that we are unbreakable. But the reality is, there is a tipping point for each one of us and those points vary from person to person. So when you are told no multiple times over but you never give up, what does that say about...

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April 28, 2022 45 min

What’s the difference between sponsorship and marketing?

Should we be asking, “What are sponsorships?”

Maybe we should know “What is marketing”.

At the end of the day what is the difference between the two? You may not like our answer to this question. As kids we dreamed of being sponsored by big companies and riding the rest of our lives as sponsored athletes. As adults we believe that sponsorships are only for the top athletes. Mayb...

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Do you have to be fit to ride?

Does it even matter how you fuel your body

What goes in must go out, right?

These are actual thoughts I’ve had floating between my ears. Really trying to figure out if nutrition is necessary to excel inside a respective action sport. But at the end of the day, if you feel like crap, can’t sleep right, and have twinkies sitting on your night stand, probably should look at changing a few habits that you’ve...

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Do you enjoy your riding lifestyle?

How often do you have the chance to change things up, maybe for the better?

Or do you feel like something needs to change but your not sure what it is?

I believe that when we begin going down one path, we do not see an alternate path. Because we get focused on the one right in front of us, and it’s the one we want to take. So we take that path and we start the journey. But what happens when you go d...

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