The Active Amputee - English Edition

The Active Amputee - English Edition

Bjoern Eser from The Active Amputee blog provides all the information you need to live an active and rewarding life as an amputee. He invites you on a journey to explore the endless possibilities people with a limb difference have to try out new activities, constantly pushing the boundaries and extending their comfort zone. In monthly interviews, Bjoern talks to other amputees, sharing their inspirational and encouraging stories. He chats with people from the industry, learning about new and exciting developments in the prosthetic sector. And he provides regular updates on funding opportunities, support groups and support schemes that assist amputees from managing their day to day life to fulfilling their wildest dreams. Being an amputee himself, Bjoern can draw on 15 years of experience and countless adventures on four continents. And he is more than willing to share his knowledge freely to encourage others with a limb difference to be active, to be adventurous, to be happy.The music - as always - is Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix) by spinningmerkaba (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Morusque, Jeris, CSoul, Alex BerozaTo learn more about The Active Amputee, check out the following linksThe Active Amputee BlogThe Active Amputee on InstagramThe Active Amputee on YouTubeThe Active Amputee on TwitterThe Active Amputee on LinkedInThe Active Amputee on Pinterest


June 15, 2024 37 mins

TAA 048: Meet Christofferr Lindhe, Triple-Amputee, Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Paralympian

This month's guest is Christoffer Lindhe from Lindhe Xtend. Christoffer lost both legs and one arm in a horrible train accident. But with his can-do attitude and a positive mindset he embraced his new life, developed his own prosthetic feet and other devices, became an accomplished Paralympian, and entrepreneur.

To lear...

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TAA 047: Meet Chris Rains, talking about sports as a key element in his rehabilitation, being a peer mentor, and a ROMP climbing team member

This month's guest is Chris Rains, who lost one of his legs during a horrible car crash. Chris and I talk about the role sports played in his recovery, the organisations that allowed him to try out various outdoor activities, and his participation in one of the Range of Motion Pr...

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TAA 046: Five take-aways from the January Walking Challenge

Learning from my January Walking Challenge. 

The idea was simple. I walked each and every day during the month of January. I started gently with one kilometre on January 1st. Two kilometre on January 2nd. Three on January 3rd and so on. You get the idea. I did this until the middle of the month. January 16th was the pivoting point with a whopping sixteen kilometres...

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TAA 045: Join me for the January Walking Challenge

Here is my end of the year call to action. Join me for the January Walking Challenge. The idea is simple. We walk each and every day during the month of January. We start gently with one kilometre on January 1st. Two kilometre on January 2nd. Three on January 3rd and so on. You get the idea. We do this until the middle of the month. January 16th is the pivoting point with a whopping...

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TAA 044: Staying safe outdoors in winter - despite an amputation

So, today is November 15th. And that means it's less than two weeks until the beginning of Advent on the one hand and the official start of winter on the other (at least meteorologically, if not yet in terms of the calendar). Winter is - in my eyes - a great time. I enjoy it every year anew: The long evenings, the cozy hours at home, and the quality time with fami...

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TAA 043: Meet Peter Franzel, Head of Events & Exhibitions at Ottobock
Today's guest is Peter Franzel, who can look back at a decade and a half of being involved in the Ottobock's technical support services for para-sport events. If you want to learn more about Ottobock's support for big sport events or if you want to find out where the next running clinic takes place and how to get involved, please check out ...

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TAA 042: Meet Sydney Marshburn, Events & Outreach Manager for ROMP
Today's guest is Sydney Marshburn, an above-knee amputee from the US. Sydney is passionate about advocating for people with disabilities, she openly shares her story with the world through social media, and is a mentor to those facing chronic illness/limb loss. She is an events and outreach manager for the Range of Motion Project, an adjustability mento...

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TAA 041: Meet Jennifer Howland, the VP Marketing, Sales and Product at Click Medical
I had the chance to catch up with the Click Medical team during its visit to Germany. So I used the opportunity to talk with Jen about the importance of adjustability in general and about the approach Click Medical has taken to enable people affected by limb loss and limb differences to live an active and exciting life style.

Learn mo...

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TAA 040: Meet Jimmy Capra, co-founder and CEO of Click Medical
I had the chance to catch up with the Click Medical team during its visit to Germany. So I used the opportunity to talk with Jimmy about the importance of adjustability in general and about three exciting new products more specifically. 

Learn more about Joe, Click Medical, and devices to adjust a socket, please visit the Click Medical homepage. You can als...

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TAA 039: Meet Kyle Stepp, para triathlete, community organizer, and activist
We kick off 2023 with an interview with Kyle Stepp. Kyle is a para-athlete, a community organizer, and disability rights activist. In today's show, he talks about dedicating your life to using your pain for a bigger purpose and turning a privilege into a responsibility to give back.

Learn more about Kyle and his initiatives, please visit...

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TAA 038: Meet Joe Mahon, the founder of Click Medical
Today I have Joe Mahon on the show. Joe is an experienced prosthetist, the co-founder of Click Medical, and the inventor of Click Medical’s RevoFit® dial that allows prosthetic users to adjust their sockets on the go.

Learn more about Joe, Click Medical, and devices to adjust a socket, please visit the Click Medical homepage. You can also take this quiz to find out ...

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August 15, 2022 11 mins

TAA 037: Phantom pain after limb loss
Phantom pain is unfortunately something that many amputees know well and experience more or less regularly. And that's why I want to deal a little bit more with this phenomenon today. In this article, you will find a first overview of theories about the development of phantom limb pain on the one hand and various treatment approaches on the other hand. If you want to delve deeper into ...

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TAA 036: Meet Jodie St. Clair from Learners and Makers
Today I chat with Jodie from Learners and Makers. Jodie and her family are juszt about to start their next big adventure: A journey that will take them all around the globe. And as always, Jodie and her family combine their passion for travel with homeschool, and more into their everyday adventures of lifelong learning and joyful making.

Learn more about Learners ...

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TAA 035: What's in my amputee emergency repair kit?
I love traveling. Full stop. And while the last two years weren't much in terms of spending time away from the safety and comfort of my home, I used to travel a lot. Often in far flung places, off the beaten track, and far away from any prosthetist. As I never take crutches on oversee trips (and hardly on any of the trips around Europe) my prosthesis is the key to my...

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TAA 034: Hiking up East Timor's highest mountain to raise funds for people with disabilities
Combining my passion for the outdoors with a good cause. My work often brings me to countries in the tropics. Sometimes just for a few weeks. Sometimes for years. And while a high-tech knee is a great plus when it comes to being active and mobile, they soon hit their limits when water, sand, mud and rice paddies are involved. A sim...

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TAA 033: Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month Special - Did you know that...
April is Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. In its eleventh year, this month is a fixed feature in our calendars. A month to celebrate the limb loss and limb difference community, tell the world more about us, further work towards real inclusion and increased participation, and be proud of how far we have come. As Amplitude Magazin...

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TAA 032: Meet Nate Denofre, a double amputee who canoed the length of the Mississippi
Nate is a double amputee from Michigan. In 2020, just when the Covid19 pandemic put an end to many adventures all around the globe he canoed the length of the Mississippi River, source to sea. "You cannot prepare for such a trip. o you learn while you are already on the water!" Listen to his story, learn more about his support work f...

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TAA 031: Meet Lasse Madsen from the sports tech startup Levitate
Today I talk with Lasse W. Madsen,  the CEO and Co-founder of the sports tech startup Levitate. Lasse is an amputated runner himself and his mission is to give people with disabilities simple access to affordable sports equipment they need to live an active life. His company Levitate produces running blades that amputees can install themselves.

To learn m...

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TAA 030: Lifehacks for a good fit of your socket
Most amputees know that the key to an active lifestyle is a well-fitting socket. Most amputees also know that the process to get a well-fitting socket can be long, tedious, and often frustrating. And to make things even more complicated, even if you manage to bring this process to a successful end - read: If you have a socket that feels good, is comfortable to wear all day long w...

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TAA 029: Meet Enock Glidden: Developing  a can-do attitude and achieving your goals
Today I am talking with the always amazing Enock Glidden. Born with Spina Bifida, Enock is no one to shy away from a challenge. This lead him to climb big wall mountains volunteer as an ambassador for Paradox Sports, and make outdoor activities more accessible through his collaboration with Maine Trail Finder.

Watch bis video on YouTube...

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