The Adams Archive

The Adams Archive

Welcome to The Adams Archive, a podcast that goes beyond the surface level and dives deep into the heart of the issues that shape our world. Hosted by the captivating and insightful Austin Adams, this show is your gateway to a new way of thinking about politics, current events, philosophy, history, and even the most intriguing conspiracies. Through engaging interviews, sharp commentary, and thought-provoking analysis, The Adams Archive is your key to unlocking the hidden mysteries of our modern world. Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge, challenge your beliefs, or simply gain a fresh perspective, this podcast is the perfect tool to help you navigate the complex landscape of today’s society. So come along for the ride and join us on this journey of discovery. The Adams Archive is waiting for you.


July 15, 2024 102 mins

Welcome to the Adams Archive, where we dig deep into the stories shaping our world. Hosted by Austin Adams, this podcast offers an unfiltered and in-depth look into the recent attempted assassination of Donald Trump. Our goal is to provide the insights and perspectives that mainstream media often misses.

Each episode takes you on a journey through the shocking details of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. We break down ...

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Dive into the most captivating and controversial topics of our time, blending deep research with a touch of humor and a lot of heart. From bizarre trends and historical horrors to groundbreaking medical theories and conspiracy revelations, we cover it al...

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Welcome to The Adam's Archive, where curiosity meets deep discussion. Austin Adams is the host of this podcast, which dissects the myths, ideas, and realities that have shaped our world. From historical insights to futuristic forecasts, each episode invites you to question...

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May 9, 2024 105 mins

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In this week's episode of the Adams Archive, I have a discussion with Eric Moutsos. Eric is the host of the American Moutsos Show, the founder and CEO of the health and wellness company Freedomblends, and a former police officer who has been at the center of political act...

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Welcome to the Adams Archive! Join Austin Adams as he takes you on a journey through history, current events, and deep dives into intriguing topics. In this episode, Austin dives into the true history of Revolutionary War, uncovering hidden reasons behind the conflict. But that's not all! From shocking revelations about the COVID vaccine to discussions on melatonin supplements and their impact on children, mysterious links between ...

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Welcome to the Adams Archive. In this podcast we peel back the layers of official narratives to explore the intersection of advanced technology, government intrigue, and the ethics of scientific ambition. 

Artificial Eclipses: Uncover the startling revelations surrounding engineered celestial events, exploring the technology capable of creating a...

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Welcome to the Adam's Archive, where host Austin Adams brings you on a thrilling ride through today's hottest topics! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of updates and breaking news as we delve into the Homeland Security raid on P. Diddy's homes and uncover the potential Libertarian party run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Join us as we navigate the aftermath of a devastating terrorist attack in Russia and peel back the layers of intrigu...

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Welcome to The Adams Archive, a thought-provoking podcast that delves into the nexus of journalism, politics, and societal dynamics. Each episode aims to dissect the intricate layers of today’s most pressing issues, from the ethical dilemmas faced by journalists to the evolving landscape of global politics and the personal tribulations of public figures. With a keen eye on the implications of legal developments and the ever...

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Welcome to "The Adams Archive," where we delve into the intricate weave of societal influences and global challenges. In our thought-provoking episode "Foundations and Frontiers," we explore the interplay between the development of political beliefs, the ethical quandaries of cloning, and the complexities of environmental activism.

Episode Summary: This episode offers a deep dive into the foundational elements that shape our politi...

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Welcome to the Adam's Archive, where each episode is a journey into the depths of intriguing topics. Join your host, Austin Adams, as he unravels conspiracies, explores controversial legacies, and dives into groundbreaking events that shape our world. From the dark secrets behind historical figures to the revolutionary moves by institutions like the FAA, each episode promises a captivating exploration.

In today's episode, we peel b...

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Welcome to 'The Adams Archive,' where host Austin Adams takes you on an enlightening journey into the heart of global conspiracies, cultural enigmas, and political intrigue. This podcast series sheds light on the most thought-provoking and underreported stories, exploring the unseen forces shaping our society and global politics.

Unravel the complex narrative of Taylor Swift's alleged involvement in psychological operations, diving...

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Welcome to a new exhilarating episode of "Adam's Archive," where curiosity meets revelations. I'm your host, Austin Adams, and today's journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster through the corridors of hidden truths and uncovered secrets. Brace yourself as we plunge into the labyrinth of the Epstein saga, unraveling over 10,000 pages of jaw-dropping legal documents. Unearth the names and narratives that have remained shrouded in ...

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January 4, 2024 20 mins

This week I wanted to have a brief discussion about the future of the podcast, the changes that will be made and the future ahead. 

Thank you for taking this journey with me, I am truly grateful. 



Full Transcription

  Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, I'm just gonna keep it real with you guys. All right,...

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Welcome to another fascinating episode of Adam's Archive! I'm your host, Austin Adams, and today we're diving deep into some of the most compelling and lesser-known stories of political intrigue and historical conspiracies.

🔍 In This Episode:

  • The Business Plot of 1933: Discover the shocking attempt to overthrow President Roosevelt, led by corporate giants. We unravel the plot's complexities and its impact on American history.
  • ...
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Get ready for an explosive episode of Adam's Archive, where host Austin Adams tackles some of the most jaw-dropping and contentious global stories of our time. The episode blasts off with Elon Musk's unexpected venture into Israeli politics and his intriguing pact with Netanyahu. The plot thickens with President Biden's contentious Hamas apology, stirring up a political storm. In a shocking health expose, a former White House docto...

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In this riveting episode of the Adams Archive, host Austin Adams takes you on an exploratory journey through a series of compelling and thought-provoking topics. From the storm brewing on TikTok over Osama Bin Laden's controversial 2002 letter to America, Austin doesn't shy away from delving into the complex narratives that are often avoided. He challenges the mainstream outrage and seeks to understand the underlying truths in thes...

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Join us on today's riveting episode of 'The Adams Archive,' where host Austin Adams delves into a medley of current, hard-hitting topics.

We begin with an extraordinary event in the political arena: Senator MarkWayne Mullins' open challenge to fist fight a Teamster boss during a Senate hearing. Austin provides a unique analysis of this rare display of raw emotion in politics, examining the intricate backstory of these two figures a...

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Welcome back to another riveting episode of ‘The Adams Archive,’ where your host, Austin Adams, takes you on an enthralling journey through today's most pressing and controversial topics. Today’s episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, insights, and expert commentary that you won't want to miss!

First on our agenda is a jaw-dropping scandal from the world of competitive Jiu Jitsu, involving a male competitor disguising himself to c...

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In today's critical episode of 'The Adams Archive,' Austin Adams takes the mic to dissect immediate breaking news, along with a deep dive into the harrowing events of a recent mass shooting at a bowling alley perpetrated by a military reservist. In a world where patterns begin to form and questions arise, Austin embarks on a journey to uncover the truth, questioning the potential ties to MKUltra-like manipulation and highlighting t...

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