The Art of Sales with Art Sobczak

The Art of Sales with Art Sobczak

Everyone sells, regardless of what your job title is, and this is your place for authentic, conversational sales and prospecting tips without the sleaze factor. Art Sobczak shares proven sales and cold calling (without the cold) tips that you’ll feel comfortable using, and that get the results you want. You’ll help people buy, instead of pushing them into being sold. Over the past 30 years Art has helped hundreds of thousands through his books, newsletters, audios, videos, online courses, public seminars, customized company training and keynotes, and now, this podcast.


February 21, 2024 8 mins

Many people ask questions, then don't even listen to the answers. It's like driving somewhere, but when you arrive, don't remember anything about the drive because your mind was totally immersed in something else.

This is "sleepwalking" through the communcation process, and it is dangerous for us as sales pros. You'll hear specific how-to's on how to avoid it, and what TO do to be a high level questioner and communicator.

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Best-selling authors Bob Burg, and Jeff C. West have teamed up to write an excellent new sales parable in book form.

Filled with lessons on leadership, sales skills, music, and entertainment, it’s a short, fun read, which will both new and veteran sales pros, or anyone who communicates.

In this special video episode, Bob and Jeff share with Art lessons from the book, the inspiration for it, what it's like to collaborate on a book, ...

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February 1, 2024 20 mins

The saying is that people buy from those they know, like, and trust. But, how is trust built?

There isn't a standard playbook for that. But, in this episdoe Art covers 13 strategies and tactics you can use to build more trust and credibility with prospects and customers.

This is an excerpt from a comprehensive training Art did for his coaching members. You can get that at

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January 22, 2024 10 mins

There are many things we should not assume, in life, and sales. One thing we can assume, though, is that someone is experiencing a pain or a problem (IF you have done your homework, and have targeted your prospects well.)

By assuming a problem, we can avoid dumb, go-nowhere sales questions, and instead, ask great questions that get them to talk about that pain or problem.

These questions are easy for them to answer, as opposed to t...

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Most TV commercials are just plain dumb, and often annoying.

However, one company understands sales and persuasive messaging, and gets it right. That's Fisher Investments.

In this episode Art breaks down one of their commercials and points out the sales techniques at work, and how you can use them too.

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The not so secret, "secret" of the top achievers in anything is that they THINK differently than those who do not come close to their levels of accomplishment. 
One of those important areas of thinking is having an abundance--not scarcity--mindset.
In this episode you'll hear specific examples and actions you can take to model that thinking in your own life and sales profession t...
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When someone whom you thought was a great prospect then goes silent on you, that's the sign of a problem you could have avoided. It's actually the same problem that occurs when you take an easy order from someone who just volunteers to buy quickly.

It's not knowing WHY someone might, will, or does buy. In the former case, the result is evident. No sale. When they do buy, we potentially miss out on many more sales, and opportunities...

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This popular episode is being presented to complement a free training webinar, "Get the Sales Meeting No One Else Can- Intel Secrets for Finding the Right Person, at the Right Time, with the Right Message." Sign up at

To be relevant in today’s noise-filled sales world, we need to customize and personalize our messaging so it is all about the prospect and customer.

Some say that is being creepy. It c...

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Can you imagine someone being so impacted by a mentor that they write an entire BOOK and publish it as thanks?

That's exactly what sales pro Tim Rohrer did with his sales manager. His book, "Sales Lessons of the World's Greatest Mentor" details his relationship with his sales manager, and the many life and sales lessons he learned on the way to becoming a top sales producer. 

We all will benefit from these insightul, real-world tip...

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THE best way to deal with objections is to prevent them from coming up in the first place. One way to do that is to be sure you are only talking about what the other person is interested in.

The other is to get them visualize themselves already owning, using, and getting value from your product or service.

We do that with one simple question. You'll hear the template for the question, examples of it in use, and how you can use it i...

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Many salespeople destroy any chan"langce of having a meaningful conversation--much less a sale--by using language that creates immediate resistance.

Today's guest, Liz Wendling, is a sales trainer specializing in helping salespeople avoid "language landmines," "word bombs," and "phrase grenades," and shows them what to say instead to create interest and engage prospects and customers.

You'll hear lots of things to avoid, and what y...

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September 5, 2023 6 mins

Most salespeople have a dream customer they would love to have, who would make a great impact on their business, income, and life.

Yet, they have not pursued them yet.

The reason usually lies within the salesperson's own mind.

You'll hear what to say, do, and think to get in action to have a chance with this customer becoming a reality, and many more like them.

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So often when a sales call is reaching a dead end, the salesperson says, "Well, keep us in mind for the future."

That's a waste of words, since the prospect has no intention of remembering the salesperson past the next 10 seconds.

But, there might actually be potential now, or in the future. Here's what to say to find out.

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When a prospect or customers says, "The timing isn't right, right now," what should you do?

What you should NOT do is just offer to call back at future date. That could just move the next brush off further out. 

We do want to figure out, first, if they are or would be a buyer, why the timing isn't right, and get commitment that they will buy in the future.

You'll hear exactly how to do this, along with messaging examples you can us...

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Art answered the coldest of cold calls, where the rep made four fatal mistakes in just the opening sentences, then it got worse. Sadly, it's typical of some of the nonsense that is taught about prospecting.

Instead of just getting rid of the clueless caller, Art used it as an opportunity to coach him on what could and should have been said to create interest and engage.

Hear what you should avoid, and do, on prospecting calls to ta...

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The worst sales advice you could ever get is, "Just be yourself. Don't have a script. Let it flow."

What if a doctor or lawyer did that?

You'll always sound smoother when you're prepared, and the ultimate goal is to reach the level of "knowing" what to say.  You'll hear how to do it in this episode.


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Salespeople often waste time with people who have no intention of doing anything about their problem or situation. That's why it's important to get agreement on two different levels.

You'll hear what these are, and Art's personal example of how a grill cleaner did not do it with him.

And you'll get questions you can use in your own sales situations.

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Lots of potential sales are squandered every day, with people who have actually proactively shown interest in a company's product/service.

You'll hear when and how to respond, and what to say to close more of these opportunities, more quickly. 

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The ability to speak and communicate masterfully is one of our greatest assets in sales, and really life in general.

Michael Angelo Caruso teaches people how to be better speakers and presenters so they can help more people and amp up their careers.

In this episode he shares not only valuable presentation tips, but also some pure sales gold about questioning, closing, and proposals.

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What you ask, and say leading up to your presentation of price has everything to do with how it is perceived by the prospect.

You'll hear a timeless technique that positions your price much lower than the perceived value they will receive.


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