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The Awakening Her Podcast

Welcome to The Awakening Her Podcast, your go-to podcast for manifestation and creating the life you see in your mind’s eye. Hosted by Talia Joy, an intuitive channel, spiritual guide and manifestation mentor who is here to help you master your mind, transform your life and manifest a freedom-filled future. Join me as we explore self growth, spirituality, awakening, manifestation, the law of attraction, intuitive development, and tuning into your Soul’s callings. Whether you’re an old Soul, seeker, empath, lightworker or cosmically curious - this podcast is designed to help you to manifest your dreams. If you’re ready to expand your consciousness, dive into quantum manifestation, develop spiritually, practice manifestation, hone your intuition, and heal your past to step into the future, you’re in the right place. Tune in and let’s awaken your potential together.


June 21, 2024 36 mins

Hey Seeker! Welcome back - today we are talking all about the power of activating your chakras for manifesting! I am breaking down what each of the 7 main chakras represent, the energy it holds and how to activate it so that you can become a clear channel to manifestations.



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Welcome back! Today I am talking all about going through a big shift, an awakening, what this process is and how to make the most of it. This is for all of you who are going though a massive transformation in your life. You've got this! You're not alone!


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Welcome back!! Pull up a bean bag chair, today we are diving deep into the essentials of quantum manifestation!

✨ Quantum Magic >>

To cause a Quantium Leap, you don't need to be perfect. I am certainly not perfect! In this episode, you'll discover the three key elements that anyone can harness to manifest their dreams and desires.

No special powers or perfect life required — just an ...

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Welcome to this short episode all about Timeline Shifting - and today I am making it make sense! 

✨ Quantum Magic - 4 week program -

Timeline shifting is a quantum manifestation technique and an understanding we have where we get that at any time, we can hop on to a new timeline, a new trajectory and new results in our life! 

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Quantum Magic - 4 week program - ta...

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Welcome back! Today I am breaking down Quantum Manifestation in the most grounded and simple way so that you start to understand this often confusing practice even more!

✨ Quantum Magic Program -

Quantum Manifestation is a process that combines the principles of quantum physics with the practice of manifesting your desires. It is based on the idea that everything in the universe is made up...

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Today we are breaking down BLOCKS and how I deal with them on the spot. I am teaching what a block truly is, how we are never actually "blocked" and how we can navigate this resistance with growth and manifestation in mind!

I am breaking down my personal process here and showing you exactly how to do it.

1. What is the block - what area of life?

2. What is the narrative under the block?

3. Is this ultimately true? Where can I see p...

🚀 Soulpreneur Success Guide:

This one goes out to all the soulpreneurs, light workers and even the healers undercover! In todays episode, I am diving deep into the blueprint to create success as a soulpreneur. I talk about your messaging, ideal client, aligned offers, authenticity and so much more!


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🦄 Exciting New Instagram - @taliajoyonpurpose 


✨ On T...

In this episode, I am breaking down the most potent 💸 Mindset Shifts For Abundance and Money Manifestation!

💸 Money Mindset Mastery Mini Course ($37 FOR YOU) - 

In order to manifest more money, your need to be a mental, vibrational, energetic match for it. In this episode I break it down in key points to help you shift your money mentality to attract more abundance!


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Hello love! Today I am diving deep into the concept of the Miracle Mindset, a transformative way of perceiving and engaging with life. Discover how to shift your perspective to see every moment, challenge, and opportunity as a potential miracle.

Learn the core principles of this mindset and how it can foster personal growth, resilience, and abundance. I also give you practical steps to cultivate a Miracle Mindset and start living a...

In this mini episode, I wanted to share some of the opportunities to connect and move you forward over the summer! From free to deep-dive, I've got something for you to help you to manifest.


Find me on Instagram @taliajoymanifestation


Here is what is going on 👇

🚀 FREE GUIDE - Manifestation Mindset Makeover -

 🦋FREE MASTERCLASS - The Goo Phase - https://taliajoymanifesta...
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Hey! Welcome back! In this episode I am breaking down the most common barriers to manifestation (aka BLOCKS) - how to identify them, de-code what is going on and  even your first step to flip them into a Manifestation Mindset!


Grab the FREE workbook - Manifestation Mindset Makeover >>

The most common blocks are:

  1. Lack
  2. Knowing All The Things
  3. Sneaky Negativity
  4. Pushing & Hus...
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Welcome back! Today I am sitting down with Stephanie Sage (aka The Spiritual Boss Babe) and this conversation was so good. We dive deep into the quantum manifestation, embodiment, light language and so much more. Stephanie is an activator for soul-led leaders - I know your going to love this episode, you're going to love Stephanie and everything she shares!


— - Find Stephanie - —

🎙 The Spiritual Boss Babe Podcast: Listen On Appl...

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Hello my love! Welcome back! In this episode I gave myself permission to flow and JAM OUT on the Universe and how this whole experience works!

I touch on:

  • My perspective on how the Soul's journey works
  • Universal Laws
  • The power of your mind and how it is the central point of this experience

... and so much more!


This was a fun episode to record and I hope it served you!



On The Path Pri...

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Hey welcome back! In today's episode, we explore the power of intuition and how to tap into its wisdom. I am sharing 3 trusted methods to awaken your intuition and start living a more guided life.

🔮 Awakened Intuition Program >>

Hey, I am Talia Joy and I have been teaching intuition for almost a decade! I am an intuitive channel and manifestation mentor excited to help you tap in...

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Welcome back! Today we are jamming on intuition again and 6 signs to look for that your intuition is trying to guide you.

🔮 Awakened Intuition >>

Being able to see these signs enables you to actually use, trust and co-create with your intuition. When you know what to look for, you get on the same page and finally speak the same language.

 I hope this serves you!



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🔮Awakened Intuition >>


Welcome back, lovely Soul! In today's episode, we're diving deep into the world of intuition. We'll explore how to distinguish the gentle whispers of intuition from the noisy chatter of our ego, fear, or everyday thoughts.

Join us as we uncover the 5 ways to tell which voice is which and learn practical tips and insightful guidance to help you tune into y...

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🔮 Awakened Intuition - 4 Week Activation - taliajoymanifestation/thirdeye

Welcome back!! In this episode of The Awakening Her Podcast, we dive into intuition, what to REALLY is and the key to receiving more of it.

I recorded this while I went LIVE on IG for fun 🔥✨

Intuition is often perceived as a gut feeling, sense or inner knowing that guides us. It's a form of inner wisdom that transcends logic and reasoning, offering profound...

Hey seeker! Welcome back. Thank you for tuning in to The Awakening Her Podcast. In this episode, we dive into what it means to "do the work" and how to get into the daily practice of a growth mindset. I am talking all about how we can allow "the work" to meet us where we are in any given day - whether we are happy, sad, excited or feeling heavy... we can still meet it with a growth & healing mindset.


 ~ Be sure to subscribe f...

Hello Love! Here are all the fun things going on in the next month around here at Talia Joy Enterprises!



❤️ Purpose Uncovered - April 24th, 2024 >>


❤️ Awaken Self Love Challenge On The Path - May 1 - 4, 2024 >>


❤️ Healing To Manifest - Full Day Event - May 18th, 2024 >>

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Welcome back to The Awakening Her Podcast, the show where we dive deep into manifestation, personal growth and transformation. I'm your host Talia Joy, and today, we're going to explore the topics of root blocks, limiting beliefs, and blind spots - and what to do about them. 


HEALING TO MANIFEST ❤️ Full Day Workshop >>


In this episode, I talk about:

  • What are root blocks ...
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