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The Awakening Her Podcast

Instead of doing more things - you are ready to quantum leap. Hey seeker, I’m Talia Joy, Manifestation Mentor and welcome to your new favourite podcast - The Awakening Her Podcast! I am a quantum alchemist, intuitive channel and manifestation mentor teaching manifestation to highly motivated light workers, seekers + empaths all over the world. On this show we explore my teachings and dive into what it takes to actually manifest the life you’re meant for. I teach about Quantum Manifestation, the law of attraction, tuning into you Soul’s purpose, developing your intuition, and living the life you’re meant to live - with abundance, impact, wellbeing and joy. I am passionate to show you how to live in purpose, make more money, amplify your intuition, quantum leap, use new manifesting hacks, and deepen your connection with the Universe and your Spirit team. It’s time to fully turn on your gifts, step into the magic and make a huge difference in the world. Instead of doing more things - you are ready to quantum leap. My intention is for you to feel a shift as you listen so that it can ripple out to create new manifestations in your life.


May 29, 2023 54 mins

Hello seeker!

In todays episode I am talking all about the 5 things that the Universe is calling you to step into to manifest more and ascend into higher consciousness, more joy, more abundance, purpose, expansion and freedom in your life.


This will help you manifest more because as the Universe calls you for more, it means you are also ready to receive more. Lean into these 5 things that the Universe is calling you to step into ...

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Hello seeker! Today I am sitting down with Nicole DiCristofaro - a medical intuitive, energy medicine practitioner who teaches people how to tap into their spiritual superpowers so they can feel more confident, connected and centered every day. 

Today we are talking all about past lives and how they impact our current lives. We also talk about what being a medical intuitive is and how we can restore our health with energy medicine.


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Hello Seeker!! Today I am talking all about balancing the energy and action, being and doing to manifest what you desire.  Using the law of attraction to manifest requires an energy shift AND a physical shift that changes your actions.

We need to understand that it's not all about action - but its not all about enemy either, its a beautiful balance of both. I hope this episode serves you my love.


Happy Manifesting!



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Hello my love! This episode is all about why we go in and out of our progress. Why we sometimes take 10 steps forward and 5 back or why we end up "self sabotaging" and doing things to ourselves that we "know" aren't good and that we don't want to be doing anymore.

I hope this episode helps you to see this situation for what it is rather than it being a weakness or that you are unmotivated, doomed to fail, without willpower or anyth...

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Welcome back seeker! In this episode I am breaking down the Initiation - what it is, identifying it and why it's so important in your process of manifestation, change and growth.


In the initiation, you get feelings of "things are about to change" - it may be an apex of frustration or it may be simple nudges and whispers from the Universe, guiding you toward more. You get the feeling that there is something missing and you start b...

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Hello my love! In this episode I am re-visiting one of your favourite topics - The Goo Phase. As you make your way through the transformation, you will and need to go through a breaking down of everything that has been holding you back. This is the start of the goo phase and is an important part of the transformation. In this episode I talk about:

  • What The Goo Phase is
  • What is feels like
  • Why it is happening
  • Inner Child & Shadow...
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Welcome back my love!! In this episode I am breaking down how we do not live in a vending machine universe - we live in an experience that is made to grow and evolve! Its not about just getting the things we want, its about who we become in the process.


We can 100% manifest anything we desire - especially when we are willing to grow through what you go through and expand as a soul along the way.


So much gold in here, I hope it ...

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Hello entrepreneurs!! Today I am sitting down with Cassie Mackenzie and we are talking all about how to activate your sales magnetism, connect with clients and make sales in a non-salesy way!

Cassie is a "non salesy" Sales Coach who helps entrepreneurs to get a red hot audience and replace your 9-5 pay check and live your dream life. She talks today all about connecting to your audience, how to post in a way that creates sales, you...

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Hey Seeker! Todays episode is all about checking in to see how ready you truly are to live your dream life! I combine Talia-style teaching and depth with point-form principals and practices you need to have to truly step into the life you desire for yourself.

I hope this episode helps you to see where you're rocking it and where you need a little more practice. 


Mentioned In This Episode

✏️ Write a review on the podcast and grab ...

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Hey seeker! In this episode I am breaking down the importance of putting into action the things you've been learning and starting to care for yourself more, to invest in yourself, to actively shift the way you've been doing things - miracles start to unfold.

This is a stage that I call The Shift - where you start creating new patterns and making new choices for your wellbeing. This is a powerful stage of you manifesting and transfo...

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Hello seeker! Today I am coming in hot with a new episode to help you go ALL IN for yourself and your goal for an entire week and WATCH what happens in your life. Focus on your goals, use these tools and start creating massive momentum toward your goals.

In this episode, I am offering you tools, practices and an outline to go ALL IN, focus and bring your goals into reality.


I hope you enjoy this seeker - do your 7 days and let me...

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🔥 Hello seeker! Welcome back to another episode! This is a powerful one! Today I am talking all about WHY you were drawn to manifestation in the first place and why it may to be working for you. On a soul level, you were drawn to the law of attraction and manifestation and when you understand this - it will change everything! I know this episode will help you to understand the deeper levels of manifestation and why YOU were drawn ...

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Hello seeker! welcome back! In the theme of the upcoming manifestation challenge I am diving deep into MOMENTUM in todays episode. Its not only the "secret" but you cant manifest without it!

I am talking all about what momentum is, how to create it and why its your secret power for manifestation and making change in your life. I hope this episode serves you and ACTIVATES you into your next level of trust, faith and momentum in your...

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✌🏼Discover your HD type >>

Hello seeker! Welcome back - I am so excited for this episode! Today I am sitting down with Hanna Noel in this powerful episode all about Human Design. Hanna is a Business Alignment Leader that helps entrepreneurs to tap into their expertise and creating an authentic, aligned business that lights them up. 

Hanna dives in and goes through each human design type - giving so...

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Hello seeker!

Welcome back to the show -  do you struggle with the same pattern happening over and over? Maybe it's a pattern with money, relationships, career, personal growth - whatever it is, if you've dealt with recurring themes and patterns - this episode is for you.

Today I am diving deep into looping patterns, what they mean, how to decode them how to move through them and how they are the answers to your prayers and your ma...

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Welcome back! In this episode, we are talking about all things QUANTUM! I love this topic and was the entire message behind naming this show The Awakening "HER" Podcast - I can't wait to dive in and teach you how to manifest using thee quantum.

I will share what the quantum field really is, how to use and how to quantum leap and quantum manifest. I offer practices you can do today to start quantum leaping.

By the end of this episod...

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April 3, 2023 38 mins

Welcome back seeker! Today we are talking about the Golden Onion. It's like the onion metaphor that we say about having all of these layers except the Golden Onion is about the layers of healing. We are always activating and realizing new pieces of the puzzle that aid in our healing and manifestation.

Today I encourage you to remember that there is never ONE thing that saves you - its a  bunch of different aspects (petals) that com...

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Welcome back! Today I am sitting down with Louise Hopkin! Louise has been a home organizer for over 7 years with a passion for holistic organizing and intuitive decluttering. In this episode she breaks down the 6 R.E.A.S.O.Ns that we collect clutter and how we can incrementally control our "stuff" without overwhelm and shame about it. 

You are going to love Louise's teachings and how she breaks down decluttering into simple steps a...

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March 27, 2023 38 mins

Welcome back!! In this episode I am talking all about the inner dialogue and battle between light and dark. It is important to be aware inside which wolf you are feeding, which voice you are giving your focus to. I share a lot of examples of how we can focus on the light within dark or challenging times and it's all in which aspects we are illuminating.

This will help you to manifest because when it comes to the law of attraction, ...

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Hello seeker! Welcome back to this episode all about purpose! I am talking about what your souls purpose actually is and how we can live in alignment with it. I also chat about how we can create a business and income from our purpose and help others with what we have learned!


I hope you enjoy this juicy episode all about finding your soul's purpose!



✨The Purpose Workshop >>

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