The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"

The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"

A cheeky, irreverent yet informative deep-dive into all things Shakespeare, hosted by two longtime Shakespeare performers, directors, and teachers.


July 22, 2021 53 min

Look.... we LOVE Shakespeare.? Like we love theatre in general.? That being said....

....some of it just - simply - sucks.? We are NOT bardolators.? Nothing is sacred, dammit!!!!

Crappy characters, plays that don't work, story lines that are quintessentially uninteresting, oodles of misogyny....

So, in this episode we discuss the stuff in Shakespeare's plays that we just don't care a bloody whit for - end of story.

Do you a...

Mark as Played

To doob or not to doob??  That IS the question!!

There are many substances that are consumed in Shakespeare plays and, indeed, the Bard himself may have snorted a fingerful or smoked the proverbial bowl before he sat down to write the canon.  Not to mention the usual pint or five!!

In this episode, we discuss the ways and means that the Elizabethans adjusted their attitudes!!

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Mark as Played
June 24, 2021 57 min

It's June - Happy Pride everyone!!!  Love is Love is Love!!!

That being said (even though it should have ALWAYS been love is love), in the Elizabethan times things were very different as far as the way people lived, loved, and talked about same sex relationships. In fact, they didn't really outwardly deal with anything other than the traditional man and wife (purported to be the only acceptable relationship in the fictional ...

Mark as Played
June 10, 2021 58 min


Or not so holy!!!  We don't actually know for sure whether Will was a practitioner of ANY organized religion, especially because he lived when one's religious beliefs were literally a matter of life or death.

And who says we can decipher his personal beliefs by what he writes in his plays???   Did Theodore Geisel - better known as Dr. Seuss - actually think that we eat a roast beast during Christmas, a...

Mark as Played
May 27, 2021 63 min


It's been an ENTIRE YEAR?!?!!?!?!?

And we STILL have SO much to talk about!!!! 

In this episode, we are joined by our wonderful guests Michael Daly, Alvin Keith, Caleb Feigles, Randy Kovitz, and Patrick Lawlor - past experts on the pod and amazing artists who have also been a part of Shakespeare Sunday and The Bardcast Players, which has kept us SANE throughout the last year.

We talk about how the pandemic affected the art...

Mark as Played
May 13, 2021 34 min

Coming to you live from.......... Maine?  

Owen is off directing a play, so even though this episode is chockfull of more opinion than fact, we do discuss a bunch of famous productions of Shakespeare plays that are "conceptual."

Do they work?  What makes a concept fly or not?  Does it add to the text or distract from it??

The answer is..... both!!! Depending on the production.

Make sure you stay tuned for information our next F...

Mark as Played
April 29, 2021 50 min

You know how sometimes you just feel like dishing and bitching about a particular topic instead of getting all academic??

Welcome to Dishy Shakespeare!

In this episode, we let it all (proverbially speaking) hang out, insofar as what WE think about all things Shakespeare - plays, productions, and people.  WTF, sometimes you just gotta bitch.

It's gettin' real, friends.

Mark as Played
April 15, 2021 55 min

We WERE going to call this episode Romantic Shakespeare - but then we realized in a lot of the plays, non-platonic relationships are often UNromantic so.... yeah.

So therefore, in this episode, we discuss the believability and viability of the "love" relationships in Shakespeare's plays.  Can one really sustain a marriage when you fall in love in less than a page?? Can you have a happy marriage when you have managed to g...

Mark as Played
April 1, 2021 66 min

The Elizabethan era was a time of great fun and frivolity.... usually involving beating the crap out of someone or something.

Seriously.  You can't make this shit up.

Although........... since this episode was recorded on April 1 - Happy April Fool's Day!! - we did!! 

Listen to the episode and hit us up via our website or social media and tell us which two games are a product of our own twisted imaginations.  One right answer...

Mark as Played
March 18, 2021 43 min

What the dickens does "Invented by Shakespeare" mean???

As luck would have it - in this week's episode, we discuss all the phrases and words we modern folk use every day - that came directly from William Shakespeare!!

It's a brave new world!!  Can there be too much of a good thing?? It may be a foregone conclusion!!

But we wear our heart on our sleeves and it would be cold comfort if our listeners weren't waiting w...

Mark as Played
March 5, 2021 40 min

What do farting, syphillis, misogyny, homo-erotica, and bodily mutilation have in common??

They're ALL in the plays of Shakespeare!!!

In this episode we discuss all the things that make us go: 

"What the actually fuck, William Shakespeare?!??"

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Mark as Played
February 19, 2021 39 min

"It's the end of the world as we know it......"

Not really, although the pandemic has put quite a damper on theatre.  How to get around that???  One word....


In today's episode we discuss the inaugural livestream performance of The Bardcast Player's Macbeth.  How do artists make what quintessentially depends on the congregation of human energies into a satisfying and electrifying theatre experience??


Mark as Played
February 5, 2021 38 min

An academic walked into a bar and sat down at the counter.  "Barkeep," he said "Pour me a stiff one. I've had a hard day." "What's the matter, friend?" said the barkeep. "Well," said the academic, "this morning's class was all about the life of Shakespeare himself. This afternoon's class will be all about his poetry. Things are going from Bard to Verse!!!"

(Ba dum dum.)

Okay, ma...

Mark as Played
January 22, 2021 115 min

The well known American author Susan Vreeland was correct - art begets art!!!

On the heels of our Film Shakespeare series - here is our longest episode so far, comprising even MORE stuff that is based on, or inspired by, the works of our friend Will!!!

His plays have given birth to SOOOOO MUCH ART!!!!!

We can tell you this.... 

Shakespeare AIN'T GOING NOWHERE, folks, and this episode proves that indisputably.  

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Mark as Played
January 8, 2021 65 min

"Have at thee, coward!!!"

As we've discussed before, there are SOOOOO many instances of violence of one kind or another in the Shakespeare canon.  So... how does that get translated onto the stage or in a film in a believable way?

We talk to Randy Kovitz, master fight choreographer, who helps us understand how we can stab, strangle, smother, or otherwise subdue a character and make it look real - while being safe... cuz w...

Mark as Played
December 25, 2020 29 min

Merrie Christmas, dear listeners!!! 

In this episode we discuss how those Elizabethans celebrated Christmas - for twelve days, those filthy animals!!!


At the end of the episode is a special gift from us to you... Merry Merry!!!!

So now is come our joyful'st feast, 
   Let every man be jolly. 
Each room with ivy leaves is drest, 
   And every post with holly.
Though some churls at our mirth repine,
   Round your foreheads...

Mark as Played
December 11, 2020 65 min

Was Shakespeare racist?  Was he anti-Semitic?  Or was he just writing as a product of his times?

And what about modern day productions of Shakespeare - how  do they deal with these  issues?  Is there such a thing as truly colorblind casting?

We are proud to  welcome our first guest (YAY!!!!), the wonderful and talented Alvin Keith, to discuss this very timely, important, and frankly, often inflammatory topic.

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Mark as Played
November 27, 2020 43 min

We're back at it!  The bard's youngest lovers on the big screen!!

For this episode, we stuffed ourselves full of Romeo and Juliet in preparation for stuffing ourselves full of turkey!! Although frankly, some of the Romeo and Juliet was far less palatable...

But we digress.

We give thanks for YOU this year, dear listener!!!  

So dive in with us to the world of love, passion, weapons, family feuding, and fatal mistakes!!

And hopef...

Mark as Played
November 13, 2020 40 min

Winners and losers... losers and winners....

What kind of behaviour does a winner or loser display?  Are they gracious?  Do they experience a moment of clarity in loss?  Do they ascend with humility or do they try to burn the freaking house down??

On the heels of the recent United States Presidential election of Joe Biden (and yes, he DID win, contrary to what SOME people would like to believe), we return once more to the plays of th...

Mark as Played
October 29, 2020 58 min

Double, double, toil, and trouble....
Fire burn and podcast bubble....

What??  Never mind. 

It's Halloween!!! Samhaim!!! All Hallows Eve!!!  And our boy Will has magic and witches and ghosts and demons and  premonitions and precognitions and dreams and all kinds of freaky shit literally sprinkled throughout his plays.  In this episode, we discuss some of the history that influenced Shakespeare's writing as well as some conjec...

Mark as Played

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