The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"

The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"

A cheeky, irreverent yet informative deep-dive into all things Shakespeare, hosted by two longtime Shakespeare performers, directors, and teachers.... Show More


March 5, 2021 40 min

What do farting, syphillis, misogyny, homo-erotica, and bodily mutilation have in common??

They're ALL in the plays of Shakespeare!!!

In this episode we discuss all the things that make us go: 

"What the actually fuck, William Shakespeare?!??"

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Mark as Played
February 19, 2021 39 min

"It's the end of the world as we know it......"

Not really, although the pandemic has put quite a damper on theatre.  How to get around that???  One word....


In today's episode we discuss the inaugural livestream performance of The Bardcast Player's Macbeth.  How do artists make what quintessentially depends on the congregation of human energies into a satisfying and electrifying theatre experience??


Mark as Played
February 5, 2021 38 min

An academic walked into a bar and sat down at the counter.  "Barkeep," he said "Pour me a stiff one. I've had a hard day." "What's the matter, friend?" said the barkeep. "Well," said the academic, "this morning's class was all about the life of Shakespeare himself. This afternoon's class will be all about his poetry. Things are going from Bard to Verse!!!"

(Ba dum dum.)

Okay, ma...

Mark as Played
January 22, 2021 115 min

The well known American author Susan Vreeland was correct - art begets art!!!

On the heels of our Film Shakespeare series - here is our longest episode so far, comprising even MORE stuff that is based on, or inspired by, the works of our friend Will!!!

His plays have given birth to SOOOOO MUCH ART!!!!!

We can tell you this.... 

Shakespeare AIN'T GOING NOWHERE, folks, and this episode proves that indisputably.  

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Mark as Played
January 8, 2021 65 min

"Have at thee, coward!!!"

As we've discussed before, there are SOOOOO many instances of violence of one kind or another in the Shakespeare canon.  So... how does that get translated onto the stage or in a film in a believable way?

We talk to Randy Kovitz, master fight choreographer, who helps us understand how we can stab, strangle, smother, or otherwise subdue a character and make it look real - while being safe... cuz w...

Mark as Played
December 25, 2020 29 min

Merrie Christmas, dear listeners!!! 

In this episode we discuss how those Elizabethans celebrated Christmas - for twelve days, those filthy animals!!!


At the end of the episode is a special gift from us to you... Merry Merry!!!!

So now is come our joyful'st feast, 
   Let every man be jolly. 
Each room with ivy leaves is drest, 
   And every post with holly.
Though some churls at our mirth repine,
   Round your foreheads...

Mark as Played
December 11, 2020 65 min

Was Shakespeare racist?  Was he anti-Semitic?  Or was he just writing as a product of his times?

And what about modern day productions of Shakespeare - how  do they deal with these  issues?  Is there such a thing as truly colorblind casting?

We are proud to  welcome our first guest (YAY!!!!), the wonderful and talented Alvin Keith, to discuss this very timely, important, and frankly, often inflammatory topic.

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Mark as Played
November 27, 2020 43 min

We're back at it!  The bard's youngest lovers on the big screen!!

For this episode, we stuffed ourselves full of Romeo and Juliet in preparation for stuffing ourselves full of turkey!! Although frankly, some of the Romeo and Juliet was far less palatable...

But we digress.

We give thanks for YOU this year, dear listener!!!  

So dive in with us to the world of love, passion, weapons, family feuding, and fatal mistakes!!

And hopef...

Mark as Played
November 13, 2020 40 min

Winners and losers... losers and winners....

What kind of behaviour does a winner or loser display?  Are they gracious?  Do they experience a moment of clarity in loss?  Do they ascend with humility or do they try to burn the freaking house down??

On the heels of the recent United States Presidential election of Joe Biden (and yes, he DID win, contrary to what SOME people would like to believe), we return once more to the plays of th...

Mark as Played
October 29, 2020 58 min

Double, double, toil, and trouble....
Fire burn and podcast bubble....

What??  Never mind. 

It's Halloween!!! Samhaim!!! All Hallows Eve!!!  And our boy Will has magic and witches and ghosts and demons and  premonitions and precognitions and dreams and all kinds of freaky shit literally sprinkled throughout his plays.  In this episode, we discuss some of the history that influenced Shakespeare's writing as well as some conjec...

Mark as Played
October 15, 2020 35 min

It's almost November, people!!!

There are certain ELECTIONS in certain countries that are very much on our minds, as well as the minds of the rest of the planet. 

So... how  we do deal with it?  We talk about the political atmosphere that surrounded our boy Will!!  Was there a separation of church and state for Shakespeare?  Hell, no!  Shakespeare had a devil of a time maneuvering around the politics of his time, but managed to...

Mark as Played
October 1, 2020 51 min

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes....." (and in some cases, it's the way the text of Macbeth is bastardized - feh!!)

One of the greatest dramatic plays ever written about the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake, we deep dive into the many versions of the Scottish Play available on film.

Can you smell the blood still???

You ...

Mark as Played
September 17, 2020 40 min

It's a bird!  It's a plane! It's a..................

No, wait... is that a male or female Desdemona?!?!???

In this episode, we go down the rabbit hole of gender in Shakespeare plays. Join us as we discuss some of the greatest cross-dressing "actoresses" of the Bard, as well as what the text of Shakespeare reveals about the differences between guys and gals (and we're not talking anatomy here folks - well, okay...

Mark as Played
September 3, 2020 43 min

To be, or no to be..... HAMLET!!!!  SOOOOOO many famous actors have given their collective eye-teeth to have a go at this role, and not just on stage. In this continuation episode, we go through a bunch of the many film and/or video Hamlets we've been watching lately.

And BTW... who knew how sexy Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek or Quint from Jaws as the unctuous Claudius could be?!?!? (pant pant)

Angels and ministers of grace def...

Mark as Played

What is the difference between an asshole, a douchebag, and a fuck-up?  

And that being said, how about a jagoff, a prick, and a dick?  And what title transcends even those???

In this episode, we discuss our favorites of the MANY somewhat detestable characters in Shakespeare, attempting to delineate between the above monikers.

Strap in, people - it's a bumpy ride through the crapola!!!

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Mark as Played
August 6, 2020 40 min

Did you know that Will Shakespeare - that bitch! - has the kind of numbers on IMDB that every freakin' actor DREAMS of????

It's true.

This is the first episode in a series, 'cuz this category is just too damn big for one. For the foreseeable future, until we've satisfactorily exhausted the category, the first episode each month will be an episode that falls under the Film Shakespeare umbrella.

Get your popcorn ready, ...

Mark as Played
July 23, 2020 41 min

There are SOME people who think William Shakespeare didn't actually write the plays he is so famous for... fuck 'em!!! However, to be fair, in this episode we will explain who they are and what they think (eye roll). 

Can you tell what WE think by this explanation???

William Shakespeare's Plays Matter!!!!

Sources for Bardcast Episode 4: Was it Shakespeare? 

Heather Wolfe, Adam G. Hooks, Erin A. McCarthy, Alan H. Nelson, et ...

Mark as Played
July 10, 2020 57 min

What do Stephen King, Clive Barker, Bram Stoker, and Edgar Allen Poe all have in common?? They WISH they could throw the gore the way Shakespeare did!! Take a trip with us back to the days before chainsaws and automatic weapons, when men were men and bears were bears and murder was up close and personal.

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Mark as Played
June 25, 2020 32 min

This social distancing thing?? It's been around for hundreds of years!! In fact, they did it way better than us!! Learn how repeated epidemics of bubonic plague impacted Shakespeare's life and work AND learn how the Oriental Rat Flea accomplished its nasty, nasty business!!

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Mark as Played
June 9, 2020 38 min

Were you ever sitting in high school English class, struggling to stay awake while listening to the theatre kids schmacting Romeo and Juliet out loud, and you hear a phrase that perks you up for a second? You think, "Was that a dick joke??? Nah, can't be, it's Shakespeare."

It WAS a dick joke!

And there's SO much more.

Mark as Played

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