The Bene Mudra Podcast: The Sunday Supper

The Bene Mudra Podcast: The Sunday Supper

The Sunday Supper is a modern spirituality podcast hosted by James Bene of Bene Mudra Wellness and is inspired by the coming together of family and friends breaking bread and celebrating the communion of life. We wanted to take the concept of a Sunday family meal and create a virtual table where those who are hungry for spiritual lessons, metaphysical knowledge and inspiration may find a seat. Each week we host a different topic or special guest, followed by a guided meditation. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


May 16, 2021 73 mins

We welcome our special guest Spiritualist and fashion designer Jenny Chase as talks about her spiritual awakening, finding the right spiritual teacher to allow into your journey and ultimately, how to trust your own inner voice. You do not need a GURU to be spiritual! We talk about Jenny's experiences with spiritual "gurus" from around the world...including a relationship with one which provoked her to write a tell all book..."Danc...

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James Bene talks to past life expert and healer, Faith Streng, in order to get to the bottom of what past lives are, how we come to know them and how to use them to heal the body, mind and soul of trauma which might be carried over from another lifetime.  Scared of the dark but have no reason to be? This could be a past life trauma! 

Faith Streng is an acclaimed healer and past life reader residing in Los Angeles. She is a teacher a...

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In the late 60's the dawning of Aquarius sparked movements that would change the world. Here we are now in Aquarius... the dawn has turned to morning. Now what? Were the hippies on to something and are we experiencing the rise of consciousness now in 2021 even more then before? 

James interviews Los Angeles based master astrologer Lauren D'Alvia on this topic. She explains what Aquarius means, what we can expect during this revoluti...

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April 18, 2021 52 mins

Join Host James Bene and special guest, empath and hypnotherapist Cheyenne Kai Harding, for this deep look into the empath..what is it, how to navigate life as one and methods to cope with this psychic gift!  

Navigating 2021 as an empath!

How to best deal with difficult relationships as an empath.

How to cultivate empathic energy for the everyday person.

Best way to clear and balance your energy fields.

Bene Mudra


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January 13, 2021 36 mins

Join James Bene as he guides you through a 35 minute blissful and powerful meta meditation! Connect to deep self love and share it with others. Awaken your sense of forgiveness and find balance in the heart! Meta meditation is a powerful practice and has been known to create lasting results within all those who participate. 

The journey begins with cultivating the pure energy of love. As you light the way within you expand your love...

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The akashic records hold the secrets of the universe as well as the past, present and futures outcomes of all existence. Your past lives exist there as well as your purpose and destiny! We all have the power to access them! The secret is out! Learn how the CIA uses the akashic records for governmental uses!

James Bene @jamesbene @benemudra ISTAGRAM

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Faith Streng is a reiki master and chakra teacher in Los Angeles. She is a part of the Bene Mudra family, teaching the Down & Dirty Chakra class!

In times of crisis we become in-balanced and tend to be very emotional. With the protests and covid clashing you just might be feeling this way! Balancing your heart and connecting to compassion is the key in moving forward with hope and light! 

Social media:

@faithreikila ...

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This episode focuses on why we constantly rely on the wrong people, how we play a conscious part in our own suffering and the tools to transcend from reactive to proactive states of being in order to create lasting and successful relationships!

Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Mentor, James Bene: Host


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Did life all of a sudden take a left turn? Things aren't working out the way you hoped and perhaps you feel lost or hopeless? This episode is for you!

Do you blame the universe or are you using false positivity to cope?

Everyone wants to fulfill there soul purpose but is yours wrapped up in what you do for money? Survival job bringing you down? These are common issues people face daily. Learn to navigate the muddy waters of unexpecte...

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December 2, 2019 79 mins

Join host James Bene and guests Gina Andreano, Lorraine Giordano and Jacqueline Fardella as they share true life-changing stories which inspired spiritual certainty, healing and self realization! 

Find out how Gina  found  herself, faith and spiritual healing all within her crisis with addiction.

Lorraine talks about how listening to her inner-voice healed her physical ailments and changed her life!

Jacqueline reminds us how a life tr...

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In this episode you will learn the history of fortune telling and rituals used in foreseeing the future from culture to culture. 

You will learn about the most popular forms of divination available: Tarot, Palmistry, Angel Card reading, Tea leaf reading, Automatic writing, Dowsing, etc.

James will impart some easy ways to clear your energy and the energy surrounding your divination tools before and after use and school you on the pos...

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Your Host, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor James Bene, Los Angeles

Guest, Lesa Ferguson, Soul Path Coach and Healer, Los Angeles

"Everyone struggles with their 'soul purpose" but few know how to find it accurately! Join us as we reveal what soulful living means and how to tap into true purpose!"

watch us!

Instagram: @jamesbene, @benemudra

Twitter: @jamesbene @benem...

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Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Mentor, James Bene: Host

In this episode James talks about what intuition is and how to hack into it, followed by a psychic developing meditation!


Learn more about Psychic Development Here:

Hosted on Acast. Se...

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Watch the video version below


Learn how to navigate the grey areas of your life with James' spiritual tools that will help combat anxiety and stress during times of uncertainty! Followed by a guided meditation!

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September 16, 2019 61 mins

Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Mentor, James Bene: Host

This episode focuses on change and how to use spiritual tools to help navigate the process. Special guest Thomas Dunleavy shares his story of triumph! You cab watch the Live Video version at!

Hosted on Acast....

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