The Bible Speaks to You: Embracing the Mindset of Christ

The Bible Speaks to You: Embracing the Mindset of Christ

Do you wish your prayers could be more effective? Are you tired of theological debates and just want to get into the heart and soul of Jesus, follow him, and live his teachings in your daily life? Each week The Bible Speaks to You Podcast helps you rediscover the original Christianity of Jesus. Host James Early, Bible teacher, speaker, and Jesus Mindset Coach, along with an occasional guest, share fresh insights on how the Bible still speaks to us today. The focus is on embracing the mindset of Jesus and how we can all think, act, and love the way Christ did.


June 11, 2024 65 mins

244 – Do you want to be a more effective dad, or know someone who does?

This week I talk with Jared Haley and Chris Wilson about what it means to be a good dad, to nurture your kids and support their spiritual growth.

Jared and Chris are both passionate about being good dads, spending quality time with their families, and guiding their kids spiritually as they grow up. But most important of all, loving and respect...

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243 – What's the best way to experience spiritual restoration?

Have you ever felt like you needed some spiritual restoration in your life? I sure have.

The key word here is "restoration."
It means that God is restoring us to the original condition of how He made us in His image and likeness.

It's kind of like someone cleaning an old oil painting, removing all the dirt and varnish from ...

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242 – What is your priority at church, getting new members or taking care of the sheep you have?

I used to think my church should focus only on reaching out to the community, sharing the gospel, and getting more people to come to church.

But over the years I've realized it's equally important to nurture and care for the members we already have.

This week's podcast episode talks about the di...

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241 – Why should you read the Gospel of Thomas?

Well, do you want to be closer to Christ? Then the Gospel of Thomas is for you.

But you have to learn how to decode it.
That's where Kieth Giles comes in. His book helps find the deeper meaning:  The Quantum Sayings of Jesus: Decoding the Lost Gospel of Thomas*

This week I talk with Keith Giles
about the Gospel of Thomas. Keith explains why this ancient...

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240 – If Jesus was here today, would he get involved in politics?

Do you think he would be a member of your political party? Would he take sides at all? Or would he take a different approach to solving the problems people are facing today?

How would Jesus bring healing to the political divisions in today’s society? Would he go to Washington, D.C. and make a speech in congress? Would he meet with opposing political...

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239 – Have you ever felt far away from God?

Maybe you've made some huge mistakes, or someone had done something that harmed you. But no matter what has happened in your life, God is always with you, even if you're not aware of it.

This week's episode digs deep into this idea that God is always with us, no matter what. 

Highlights this week:

  • Psalm 139: Wherever you go, God is there
  • My pare...
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238 – Have you ever wondered if there's a way to really know God loves you?

Does God's love ever seem far away? Or maybe you know theoretically that God loves you, but you just don't feel it?

Maybe you've made bad life choices that makes it hard to imagine God still loves you.

When I'm discouraged, it's been really helpful to remember that God sent Jesus because He loves us s...

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237 – Is it possible to find healing from the effects of trauma and abuse?

Have you or someone you know been in an abusive or traumatic situation or relationship? This episode is for you.

Marina Carrier shares how she overcame the residual effects of being an unwanted child and sexual abuse at the age of nine.

It was only through the power of the Holy Spirit, which brought her back to the church and the ...

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236 – If the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to your church, what would he say?

First, imagine if you had lived back in the days of the early Christian Church. Paul may have come to your church to preach.

And you may have received a letter from him later with some helpful ideas, prayers, and reminders of what he told you when he was there.

Of course, he might also rebuke you for a couple of things your church...

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235 – What does it even mean to be filled with God's fullness?

In his letter to the Ephesians, at the end of Chapter 3, Paul prays that the church members would know the love of Christ and be filled with all the fullness of God.

But is that even possible?

Most Christians I talk to think that's the sort of thing that happens after they die and go to heaven.  But Paul is praying for the Ephesians...

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April 2, 2024 22 mins

234 – Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself?

Right. Join the club. It's not easy to forgive yourself. But it's something we need to do. And we can.

This week I look at several Bible characters who, in one way or another, had to come to terms with the mistakes they made and their sins.

The Bible doesn't tell us what these folks were thinking and if they ever forgave themselves or if it...

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233 – Where are you looking for Jesus?

A lot of people are looking for Jesus these days, the real Jesus.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have become disillusioned by the difference between what they’re discovering about Jesus in the Bible and the way their churches have followed, or rather not followed, Jesus.

This week's episode is about where to look for Jesus and where not look for him. The Bible g...

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232 – Is anything keeping you from doing what God has called you to do?

Do you have a strong sense of purpose in your life but it seems things keep getting in the way of you doing what God has called you to do?

Or maybe you're still waiting to see what God wants you to do with your life.

Sometimes, even when we know what God's will is for our lives, we haven't really pursued it because some...

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231 – Do you notice when God is trying to get your attention?

God talks to us in lots of ways. But how often do we notice?

Take a minute to think of all the ways God tries to get your attention. 

Sometimes it might be because you're doing something you shouldn't. Sometimes it's because you're not doing something you should.

And sometimes it's because your doing exactly ...

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230 – Has God ever asked you to dance with Him?

What does that even mean?

When God asks you to dance, it's a metaphor for God asking you to participate in life and follow where He leads.

Have you ever danced with someone who didn't know how to lead, or follow, depending on which role you were in? It can be confusing, awkward, and sometimes get pretty messy.

Things can get pretty confusi...

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229 – How often do you hear: "The blood of Jesus saves you from your sins," or something to that effect?

The more I have pondered and prayed about all the Bible has to say about God's forgiveness of sins, Jesus's crucifixion, and more specifically, the blood of Jesus, I've come to the conclusion that there's more to forgiveness than just the fact that Jesus's blood was shed.


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228 – Did you ever realize how many women leaders there are in the New Testament?

More than you probably realized. There are some I didn't even realize were women? Why haven't we been told about these amazing women who risked their lives to share the Gospel in the early Christian Church?

This week I talk with Dr. Nijay Gupta about these women leaders in the early Christian church and how they set example...

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February 13, 2024 17 mins

227 – Have you ever wondered if God still loves you?

All too often we think of all the mistakes we've made or the things that have happened to us, and somehow decide God must not love us anymore, that we're not worthy of His love.

But no matter what you've done ( or not done that you should have), no matter what mistakes you've made, big or small, God still loves you. It's as simple as tha...

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226 – What does  it mean to be more than a conqueror through Christ?

With all the challenges in the world and in your own personal life, does it ever seem like there's just no end to the chaos?

In Chapter 8 of Romans, Paul lists a host of challenges that describes what a lot of people are dealing with today. But he also promises us that we can find answers, solutions, and healing through Christ.

In t...

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January 30, 2024 23 mins

225 – If you could ask Jesus a favor, what would it be?

If you had met Jesus 2,000 years ago
while as he was traveling around healing and ministering to people, what would you ask him for? A healing? Deliverance from a problem? The answer to a burning question in your heart?

Lots of people came up to Jesus to ask him for all sorts of things. Sometimes he granted their requests and sometimes he didn't.

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