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March 5, 2024 21 mins

230 – Has God ever asked you to dance with Him?

What does that even mean?

When God asks you to dance, it's a metaphor for God asking you to participate in life and follow where He leads.

Have you ever danced with someone who didn't know how to lead, or follow, depending on which role you were in? It can be confusing, awkward, and sometimes get pretty messy.

Things can get pretty confusing and messy when God asks us to dance with Him and we don't follow His lead, especially if we try to lead.

That's what this episode is all about. When God asks you to dance with him, do you

  • Accept and follow every lead
  • Accept and follow Him sometimes
  • Accept and try to lead Him
  • Decline the invitation to dance

In this Dance we call Life, I encourage you to accept the invitation to be God’s dance partner.

Let Him lead you to the dance floor, and embrace you. Look into His eyes and see His love for you. Follow His lead.

Pay attention to and learn the language of the many ways He directs you and shows you what steps to take. You don’t have to have everything figured out all the time.

You can trust God to lead you every time He asks you to dance.

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James Early, the Jesus Mindset Coach, is a Bible teacher, speaker, and podcaster. His focus is on getting back to the original Christianity of Jesus by embracing the mindset of Christ in daily life.

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