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May 21, 2024 62 mins

241 – Why should you read the Gospel of Thomas?

Well, do you want to be closer to Christ? Then the Gospel of Thomas is for you.

But you have to learn how to decode it.
That's where Kieth Giles comes in. His book helps find the deeper meaning:  The Quantum Sayings of Jesus: Decoding the Lost Gospel of Thomas*

This week I talk with Keith Giles
about the Gospel of Thomas. Keith explains why this ancient text is really important and how it helps us get a really deep insight into how to follow Jesus.

We dig into all the questions you have about the Gospel of Thomas:

  • How do we have this ancient text?
  • What did church politics have to do with the disappearance of The Gospel of Thomas?
  • When and where was it discovered and how was it found?
  • Why wasn't it included in the Bible?
  • How does it help us follow Jesus better?
  • Is it really written by Thomas?
  • What is the secret to understanding the Gospel of Thomas?
  • Should Christians be wary of the Gospel of Thomas? Is it dangerous to read?
  • What is the main message of the Gospel of Thomas?
  • Why is it so relevant today?

Keith was on The Bible Speaks to You Podcast on a previous episode:
Episode 76: Keith Giles and the Atonement of Christ

Other resources mentioned:
Book by Elaine Pagels: Beyond Belief–The Secret Gospel of Thomas*
Book by William Duffy: The Hidden Gospel of Thomas: Commentaries on the Non-Dual Sayings of Jesus*
Quoir Publishing Company:
Happy Heretic Podcast
Second Cup with Keith Podcast

Show notes:
Full transcript and Bible references:

* Amazon affiliate link

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James Early, the Jesus Mindset Coach, is a Bible teacher, speaker, and podcaster. His focus is on getting back to the original Christianity of Jesus by embracing the mindset of Christ in daily life.

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