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June 11, 2024 65 mins

244 – Do you want to be a more effective dad, or know someone who does?

This week I talk with Jared Haley and Chris Wilson about what it means to be a good dad, to nurture your kids and support their spiritual growth.

Jared and Chris are both passionate about being good dads, spending quality time with their families, and guiding their kids spiritually as they grow up. But most important of all, loving and respecting them under all circumstances.

We talked about all kind of dad things. I asked each of them:

  • What's your favorite thing about being a dad?
  • Who is your favorite father figure in the Bible?
  • How do you help your kids hold onto their innocence and creativity?
  • What's your biggest challenge being a dad?
  • How do you guide your kids with healthy boundaries without stirring up resentment? 
  • How do you quit repeating the patterns of temper or anger that you learned from your own parents? 
  • What if we treated our children the way we would treat Jesus? 

And of course, I asked my famous three last questions.

  1. If you could talk to any Bible character other than Jesus, who would it be and what would you ask them?
  2.  Is there any Bible character you especially identify with?
  3. This podcast is about getting back to the original Christianity of Jesus. How would you describe Jesus’s original message of how he wanted us to live our lives?

Listen now to hear the answers to these questions.

Show notes:
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James Early, the Jesus Mindset Coach, is a Bible teacher, speaker, and podcaster. His focus is on getting back to the original Christianity of Jesus by embracing the mindset of Christ in daily life.

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