The Blueprint

The Blueprint

The Blueprint Podcast is a transformative podcast that delves deep into the realm of personal growth, self-discovery and the evolution of consciousness in our ever-changing world. In this captivating podcast, we embark on a journey of self-realization, exploring the limitless possibilities that await us as individuals on our path to self-actualization. We believe that each and every one of us holds a unique blueprint for greatness, waiting to be unlocked and expressed. Through thought-provoking discussions and practical guidance, we navigate the human potential, igniting the spark within us to step into our fullest expression. We dive into various aspects of personal growth, including mindset shifts, emotional intelligence, spiritual awakening, holistic well-being, and conscious living. Through this podcast, we empower listeners, providing them with the tools, insights, and inspiration needed to tap into their highest potential. We explore practical techniques for personal growth, share stories of triumph and resilience, and uncover ancient wisdom that resonates with the modern seeker. Join us on this cosmic journey of self-actualization as we co-create a flourishing New Earth. Unleash your inherent potential, awaken your consciousness, and create a world that thrives. It is time to embrace our true selves and manifest the abundant future we envision. Welcome to the Blueprint Podcast where unleashing human potential to self-actualization creates a New Earth.


September 28, 2023 7 mins

If you really want to rid yourself of energy attachments to someone or something you have to pull those cords out by the root, cutting them does nothing because thoughts and emotions can recreate or reconnect them.  

Let’s take a deeper dive.  What are energy cords?  The idea or concept is that there are invisible strands of energy that connect you to other people, places and things.  These invisible cords keep you energet...

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Why doesn’t it work?

From last week's podcast - Are you still playing in a False Reality? - we talked about shifting with the least amount of friction.  In this friction we have all kinds of things….there are karmic patterns that repeat and we take them from one life to another.  There is unresolved trauma.  There are beliefs that you accept as truth and ignore the Universal Law of Acceptance around - because you are ...

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September 14, 2023 11 mins

Gads, that seems terrible to think about.  A false reality and isn’t this support to be reality? 

This shift in consciousness from 3D to 13D.  Yes, we are moving into 13D frequencies because 1-12D have been experienced here and all have some form of corrupted, controlled, manipulated, distorted component in them.  We are not, I repeat not moving to 5D.  That is a distorted dimension of safety.  If you are still believing ...

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September 7, 2023 11 mins

The most important thing to know about the akashic records is that it’s a field of energy that is you. It’s your written record. You are the written or imprinted record and the information is found in your energy field. It can be imprinted in your dna, your mental body, emotional body or spiritual body. 

It is the record of your souls/energy existence.  You can tap into your own records.  Sometimes it takes a prayer or at ...

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If you do not know your potency as a creator/God/Higher Self what ever words you want to use, if you do not understand your ability to influence something then your intention falls flat.

The reason it falls flat is because you have energy that states you are not creator/God/Higher self and that you do not hold the power.  Your ability to influence something is one of the greatest powers of the shift in consciousness.  Beca...

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The idea of potency and speed is swirling around the cosmos and new earth.  The power to influence is your potency and if you do it with the speed of light or better yet neutrinos it makes lasting change very quickly. 

The Blueprint into the new earth is all around adopting and being these two powers.  So what happens when we become potent.  Potent in your real self, the authentic self (another requirement for New Earth) ...

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August 17, 2023 35 mins

We are in a battle of consciousness.  In order for consciousness to grow and expand there will be an infiltration of consciousness to try and hold it back.  If you are in the world of spirituality, I am sure you have noticed so many teachers who have gone back to some very old practices.  

We become infiltrated to stop the enlightenment process because it is the spirit that is leading this shift in consciousness.  There ne...

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August 10, 2023 35 mins

The more I learn about astrology, the more I wonder how much free will plays into it.

  • Natal Astrology - western world version of astrology
  • Vedic Astrology - the rest of the world.  

This path believes in a more deterministic view of the astrology chart.  Destiny - destiny, fate, what in your chart is who you are, deterministic, concreteness of it all.  This all depends upon your beliefs.  If you believe in fate then your char...

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How do we Protect our energies from feeling drained?
The first thing I would respond with is why do you believe you need protecting?  Feeling drained can come from a number of things but if you feel like you are being energetically zapped or have an energy vampire in your mix then I would say why do you put up with that?  We vibrate with what we are willing to put up with……this doesn’t mean we have to allow these people in our ...

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July 27, 2023 16 mins

An opportunity for growth.  But the problem lies in our inability to ask for support.  I went to an event recently and at one of the sessions we were asked to introduce ourselves and what drew us to the session.  The women that were there were all going through some type of major change, leaving partners, retirement, not knowing who they are anymore. 

The level of crisis that we are experiencing right now seems extraordin...

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Is there a spiritual explanation for not being able to concentrate, feeling scattered and stagnant?

The explanation is separation.  The world is based in chaos, and distractions and these are purposeful and harmful because they keep us separated from our inner connection to our own self mastery. 

These feelings are the symptoms, just as physical symptoms are warning signs that something isn’t functioning properly ...

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It takes a certain amount of boldness to achieve this shift in consciousness.  I don’t give a crap about anything, I am here to fulfill my purpose.  It takes a level of consistency and commitment in order to self-actualize and being bold is the key.  

Conviction is the key to this level of boldness. What does it take to be convicted, so focused that nothing can or will stand in the way.   

Grab my FREE Guide - The Blueprint...

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When you show up fully for yourself these energies are a must in order to self-actualize.  To receive you have to be committed and consistent.

Consistency - conformity - compliance with your own standards and boundaries for personal growth. 

Commitment - your dedication to your growth.  Really having a strong ritual for mindset, thoughts, understanding and in control of emotions, physical body, and spirit or sou...

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What will it take for you to wake up to the fact that you are changing right before your eyes.  Yet, you do not acknowledge or worse, accept it. 

This is the literal definition of suffering.  

Acceptance is the consent to receive.  Receiving the new earth, new you, new mentality, new understanding so suffering is no longer the way you live life.  This is the transmission of the new earth original codes for humanit...

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This is an interconnected concept that brings about personal growth and fulfillment. Is the soul responsible for Self-Actualization and thriving? 
It's a great question to explore?  The ego has not brought this type of life-style in the past - it is basically based on survival. 

Let’s break it down. 
Soul - the inner energy or essence of a person that encompasses value, beliefs, emotions, your identity.  Yo...

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Letting go of the old you, old energy, old codes. If you have felt that you need to hang onto the post or that you felt controlled or you felt like everyone was out to get you.  It is possible it is the old tree of life codes that serve no purpose no longer.  

The power of the soul is sometimes the pusher of our actions, yet we want to blame the ego because we somehow have a belief that the soul only wants flow. To be honest it is m...

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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of self-actualization and energy alignment? Join us as we chat with Angela Blaha and Jason Hermansen about the crucial role of building a strong foundation within ourselves to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of energies. Discover how the shift in understanding masculine and feminine energies has led to an exciting new horizon where we're able to hold more wisdom and information than ...

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The update for the new earth Blueprint is there is Freedom in the Universal field - the possibilities are endless as to what can be created.  Are you taking advantage of this energy or are you hanging out in the old you.

I have found that self actualization requires living purposefully, intensely healing the past, profoundly seeking the future and being present as often as possible.  Having the courage and power to transform oneself...

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May 25, 2023 46 mins

Getting rid of DNA imprints.  Do not allow yourself to shift off of your own center, your alignment.  When these old patterns show up, acknowledging it is the first step, accept the pattern and give it what it needs.  Then instant transformation is the result. 

When the body goes through so many changes, especially at the DNA cellular level we are bound to have physical symptoms.  Feelings of euphoria and dizziness, headaches, body ...

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Being 100% responsible for yourself, your thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs are all your logical and natural consequences.  The reason we have felt so limited is because we have locked ourselves into a physical belief of what is real and what isn’t real.  

What is Quantum Locking? And how does it trap you in a magnetic field?  Just because there  are quantum locks doesn’t mean they have to keep you trapped and they are ...

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