The Brave Podcast

The Brave Podcast

The Brave Podcast will inspire you to live bravely! Listen as I share stories of hope, faith, courage and transformation while teaching listeners practical tools for living their best lives now! Big thanks to these for helping make the episode awesome! Podcast Music: Different Story by Another Kid Podcast artwork: Cynde Rose Podcast Photography: Ginny Wagner


May 26, 2021 57 mins

On todays episode of the podcast we get to hang out with Kim Ledgerwood. Kim was  a police officer for 28 yrs and  was diagnosed with PTSD and  Anxiety. Kim thought she was functioning okay and had everything  under control, not realizing her adiction was controlling her. Kim experienced a significant event that turned her life: professional, spiritual and personal completely upside-down. This caused her to start tackling her PTSD ...

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Have you ever explored the power of the gospel? Today's guest Cassandra Philogene talks  about her newest book, The Power of the Gospel; In your Relationships..   Her story stems from her journey with her relationship with God and with other people. One day Cassandra was by herself and she heard this voice say, " you don't know me".   This set her off on a journey to know who God is and to share this with others...

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May 5, 2021 29 mins

Today's episode is a bit different than the others. Today, I am showcasing an amazing podcast series: Jesus and Big Joe. I spent today's episode with Kyle Hogan, the creator of the podcast. He discusses the why behind the podcast, how he got involved and his walk with Christ.
This podcast is a 7 episode narative style podcast that follows Big Joe from potiential NFL superstar to someone who completely fell in love wit...

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How's your thought life? Today's guest Dr. June Hall shows us that our thoughts are essential in our success. Dr. Hall is the founder of It's Time To APT: Accentuate Positive Thinking. Dr. Hall faced a dark period in her life that forced her to take a good look at her thoughts. We talk about the importance of positive thinking, leaning into our faith, gratitude and the negative impact stress can have on our bodies. I...

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April 21, 2021 61 mins

Have you ever struggled with prayer? Today's guest Bunmi Laditan shows us that prayer is as simple as breathing. We are given such a gift to commune with our Holy Father and Bunmi does so in a way that is truly beautiful. Her newest book, Dear God, showcases how Bumni speaks with God honestly, giving us permission to do the same.
We talk about prayer, geek out about The Chosen and Jesus, and chat a bit about being an intr...

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Today we get to hang out with Janet Grillo. At 52-years-old, her  life shattered as she entered a world that she never knew.  She was once an unsuspecting wife and mother who learned about her husband’s secret life after he mysteriously died.  To this day, she still questions whether his death was a suicide, assisted suicide, suggested suicide or murder. 

Janet uncovered alleged Mafia ties and multiple affairs with other women.  Aft...

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 Do you want to hear a story of hope?  Rashawn Copeland has been through it all. He was shot and left for dead as a teen, then faced suicide later in life. Both of those experiences led him on the path to pursue a relationship with Christ. Now using social media, Rashawn uses this platform to share his story and reach the lost. His newest book, Start Where You Are encourages readers and  shows us that God can use any story for good...

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*Warning this episode may be triggering for some and may not be appropriate for those under 18*
If you’ve been sexually abused, know that there is hope.
My guest, Sandy Phillips Kirkham experienced the unimaginable at age 16- sexual abuse from her youth pastor.  27 years later, she started on the path of healing to confront her abuser and restore her broken faith. Although her story is difficult to hear, she offers hope- t...

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Have you ever felt as if you were in an impossible situation that would never change?
Dr. Latarsha Holden is a sought after speaker and author of "No Longer Lost" which shares her story of transformation from being homeless with six children, uneducated and underemployed to a PhD in Leadership Studies. She has an extraordinary story that will inspire you! You can learn more about how God helped her on her journey by l...

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March 17, 2021 39 mins

 Have you ever been abused in a secular or spiritual space?
 Tiffany Bluhm shares her personal experience with abuse and how it left her faced with a choice to stay silent or speak up in her newest book, Prey Tell. She talks about the importance of being brave and speaking out, no matter what the cost may be.  You deserve to live your life without fear of being silenced by someone else's power over you. And we want to help...

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In this episode of The Brave Podcast, we get to hang out with Lori Marini.  Lori is a fellow cancer suvivior! While working as a PA in Pathology, Lori found herself on the other side when she was diagnoised with breast cancer. Though the diagnosis was difficult, Lori found a way to empower other cancer survivors by coaching them. She  is now  a motivational coach who specializes in empowering women, during and after, their healing ...

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March 3, 2021 19 mins

Hey hey Brave Fans! Welcome to the third episode of Brave Bites. They will be short episodes  at the start of each month with me sharing a little more about myself and how God has helped me conquer fear. They're about 20 minutes long. Let me know if you love it and what fear topics you'd like me to cover. 


Today's episode goes into detail about something that has been on my heart for a while now and just came to frui...

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In todays episode we get to hang out with Shelly Buck and Kathy Curtis, authors of Leave The Light On. Shelly and Kathy share the story of Ryder Buck, who lost his life in a car accident, shortly after defeating cancer three months prior. Shelly shares how writing helped her reconnect with Ryder and move through her grief of losing him. Kathy shares how she's used writing as well as other forms of creativity to help others dea...

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In todays episode we get to hang out with Tim Davis. He  is the author of TRIPOLAR: The Story of a Bipolar Triathlete, which chronicles his journey from childhood trauma into multiple addictions until finally getting sober through the 12 steps and  discovering triathlons and ultrarunning as important tools to help him stay in recovery.  He is a high school science teacher and coach in Los Angeles, CA.  He’s happily married with 3 a...

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February 10, 2021 30 mins

In this episode of The Brave Podcast, we get to hang out with Alexis Goring. If you are a writer, this is the episode for you! Alexis goes into great detail about the writing, editing and publishing process. She also shares the story of how she started her Blog, God is Love. 

Alexis A. Goring is a passionate writer with a degree in Print Journalism and an MFA in Creative Writing. She loves the art of storytelling and hopes that her ...

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February 3, 2021 17 mins

Hey hey Brave Fans! Welcome to the second episode of Brave Bites. They will be short episode  at the start of each month with me sharing a little more about myself and how God has helped me conquer fear. They're about 20 minutes long. Let me know if you love it and what fear topics you'd like me to cover. 

Todays episode I share about taking a step to conquer my fear of height by riding the Terrodactyl at Cave of the Winds...

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In this episode of The Brave Podcast, we get to hang out with Elizabeth Meyers.  Elizabeth shares about the death of her son, which caused her faith   and reality to collide. This left her broken, discouraged, and doubting everything she thought she knew about God.  She openly shares about her struggle with anxiety and depression. Going through and growing from that painful experience gave  her a  burden  to reach out to other stru...

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In this episode of The Brave Podcast, we get to hang out with Jennifer Perez. Jennifer shares her journey with infertility which led her and her husband Mace to become foster parents. Through foster care, they were blessed with their first son and then God had another blessing in store for them; Jennifer became pregnant with her first daughter Hannah, which they lost 31 hours after she was born. Jennifer talks about how she walked ...

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January 13, 2021 54 mins

In this episode of The Brave Podcast, we get to hang out with Mike Acker. His story starts off with a bit of a shock; his father was a drug smuggler and his mother was a witch. Despite those circumstances, they both found God and became heavily involved in missions. Mike shares what it was like to grow up in Mexico and some of the challenges he faced. He then shares how he changed his path from law school into full time ministry.  ...

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January 7, 2021 19 mins

Happy New Year!

The Brave Podcast is BACK!!! I have missed y'all so much and am so glad to start Season 2 of show next week! This episode is a bit different from the previous ones as it is just me chatting with you guys. This is something new I am trying called Brave Bites. They will be short episode  at the start of each month with me sharing a little more about myself and how God has helped me conquer fear. They're ...

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