The BraveHearted Woman

The BraveHearted Woman

Welcome to The BraveHearted Woman, a podcast dedicated to calling out the brave, bold, beautiful dreams women have for their lives. I’m your BraveHeart mentor, Dawn Damon. I’m a Confidence Coach, Author, Teacher, and Speaker, whose ultimate goal is to champion women like you! As your BraveHeart mentor and certified coach, I push you to shed false limits, labels, and lies, so you can find yourself, discover your dreams, boost your confidence, and flourish in midlife and beyond. And because I know how scary it can be to take steps of courageous action that lead to change, I want to support and equip you as you move toward any life transformation you desire! Our discussions cover various topics for mid-life women, including bold life reinvention, beauty hacks, powerful mindsets, healthy habits and disciplines, physical health, spirituality, and soul healing. I help awaken your heart to believe and to see what is possible! We explore the mindsets of a successful woman, and talk about what I call the “5 Fortitudes of a BraveHearted Women;” of course, I use the acronym BRAVE. • Bold Vision • Real Identity • Able mindsets • Virtuous Self-Talk • Excellent Habits If you want to grow and develop, ignite the flame of your vision, reach your goals, and achieve your dreams, you’ve come to the right place because we are all things “women empowerment.” So, thanks for stopping by. I believe you will be motivated, inspired, challenged, and, if you keep coming back…changed! Reach me at


November 27, 2023 35 mins

In this episode of The BraveHearted Woman Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Nancy Meyer as she shares her inspiring journey of transitioning life from being a chiropractic physician to now a triathlete, life coach, author, and speaker.

Find out the struggles, challenges, ups, and downs of challenging herself to something unfamiliar and unknown. She highlights the importance of defyin...

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Hey there, BraveHearts! It's fantastic to connect with you again today. I'm thrilled to share the excitement about my latest book, "The Making of a BraveHearted Woman: Courage, Confidence, and Vision in Midlife." In this book, we delve into the essential concept of fortitude and its significance, especially as we navigate the challenges of midlife.


📥 DOWNLOAD a copy: The Daily Brave Journal: https://www.braveheartedwoman....

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November 13, 2023 19 mins

In this week's episode, let me share a part of my new book, The Making of a BraveHearted Woman ~ 5 fortitudes you need to have in your life.

Fortitude, a beacon of strength and resilience, stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit within us all. In the tapestry of human virtues, fortitude weaves a thread of unwavering courage and steadfast determination. It is the sturdy ...

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In today's episode of The BraveHearted Woman Podcast, let's recap how Pam Duran survived domestic violence and how she turned her pain into self-love and forgiveness.

About Pamela Duran:

Pamela Duran, MBA is an IT business professional, entrepreneur, community leader, and podcast host for “Real Heart Talk – You Are Enough”, hosted North Georgia’s Got Talent fundraising for domestic violence non-profits, specializing in lifting others...

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What if your world turns against you?

In this episode of The BraveHearted Woman Podcast, I am joined by Pamela Duran, an IT professional turned into a women's advocate for domestic violence. 

Today, Pamela shares her inspirational journey to empower women to overcome adversities, challenge societal notions, and embrace their true purpose. She als...

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You do you!

In this week's episode, let’s delve into the profound theme of living a life of significance and the timeless concept of mattering. 

The universal human need to be known and to know others emphasizes the importance of being valued and adding value to others. Drawing on my personal experiences, Biblical references, and societal issues ...

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When was the last time you felt pained?

In this week's episode, let’s explore the intricate dynamics of pain, healing, and forgiveness. 

Life's melody is often punctuated by the haunting echoes of pain, leaving us at the crossroads of heartache. Join me on a journey of resilience and renewal as we delve into the artistry of healing. Together, we'...

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Are you feeling sad and lost in life? Maybe you’re experiencing depression.

In this week’s episode, let me talk about depression, what is it, and how to overcome it.

In the ebb and flow of life, we sometimes find ourselves navigating through storms of emotions, where shadows seem to linger a bit too long. Depression, a silent but powerful force, can w...

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A midlife crisis isn’t just for men - it affects women too! 

In this week’s episode, let's continue to discuss the midlife crisis and its impact on women.

A midlife crisis is not exclusive to men and affects women as well. There are challenges faced by midlife women, including feelings of invisibility, changes in relationships, family dynamics, a...

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September 25, 2023 25 mins

Are you feeling lost, uncertain, or unfulfilled in your midlife journey as a Christian woman? Don't worry; you're not alone!

In this week’s episode, let me discuss existential crisis and how it relates to midlife. 

An existential crisis is a deep introspective and often unsetting experience that can strike anyone, regardless of age, background, o...

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In this week’s episode of The BraveHearted Woman Podcast, I invited Mona Corwin – an international podcaster and the host of the Liftable TV network. Not only that, she's also a mom, mentor, author, and the woman behind MomsLikeUs Academy and MomsLikeUs Do ThingsLikeThis Show.

Today, Mona Corwin shares her journey, including her desire to be a mom and her 7-year struggle with i...

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September 11, 2023 19 mins

In this week’s episode, let me share some insights about navigating through the pain of life’s challenges and problems. 

But first, let me define pain - pain is an intricate and often unwelcome companion on our journey through life, touching all of us in various forms. It’s a universal human experience that transcends boundaries, cultures, and backgrounds. While pain may s...

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In this week’s episode of The BraveHeart Woman Podcast, I have a special guest and very close to my heart, Dr. Chonta Haynes. 

Dr. Chonta is an empowerment coach, author, and motivational speaker dedicated to guiding women through life’s challenges with resilience. She specializes in biblical money management, engineering, theology, and counseling which focus on aiding wom...

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August 22, 2023 18 mins

In this week’s episode, let me share the importance of effective goal setting for achieving your dreams and goals in life by identifying the 5 common mistakes that most people often make.

Do you know that goals are the guiding stars that illuminate our journey in life? Whether personal, professional, short-term, or long-term, goals offer us that sense of purpose and direction. ...

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In this week’s episode, we’re going to discuss the top 8 answers to the question, What would you do differently if you could live life again? We’ll reflect on insights from a group of successful 70-year-old executives who were asked about their regrets.

Let me share this notion of revisiting one’s life with the opportunity to make different choices and embrace a better pathway ...

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In this week’s episode of The BraveHearted Woman Podcast, we have a remarkable guest joining us, the incredibly talented and inspiring Jade Simmons

Jade delves into the profound meaning behind four powerful words: purpose, passion, destiny, and calling. Through her own experiences and wisdom, she unravels the misconceptions surrounding purpose and passion, highlighting h...

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In this week’s episode, we’re diving into a topic that may have seemed virtuous at first glance but hides a dangerous trap that undermines your joy - the perilous world of people pleasing. Join me as we stretch our boundaries and challenge the belief that constantly sacrificing your true self for the approval of others is the way to harmony.

Let’s explore the three hidden dange...

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In this week, we have a very special guest joining us, the multi-talented entertainer and communicator, Michelle Mendoza. With an impressive background in stage, screen, and talk radio, Michelle’s voice has been heard on popular stations in Seattle, the U.S., and Radio UK. Her discussion always carries a non-judgmental faith-based perspective focusing on the importance of bravery and finding one’s voice....

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    Join me as I share practical tips on creating a plan, staying on track, and achieving your goal. Remember, focus on taking baby steps toward your big goal. Take a step at a time, work at your own pace, stay consistent, and be prepared to succeed.

    Connect with your BraveHeart Mentor, Dawn Damon:

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    Today, I have a special guest joining us, Cheri Tamburro, an inspiring woman and entrepreneur who will share her remarkable journey of facing fears and conquering challenges. Cheri, a devoted wife, and mother, experienced the circumstances of raising a son who was born with a rare disorder that presented him with various difficulties and complications. In response, she created C.A.B.A., an acronym for Ch...

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