The Bridge To Infinity with Elaine Gardner

The Bridge To Infinity with Elaine Gardner

As a clinical nutritionist and health educator, I’ve helped thousands of people reclaim their health & implement a lifestyle that makes them feel great, continue expanding their health and able to pursue their dreams. When COVID hit and I had to temporarily shut down my practice, I took my sessions virtual. My intuition quickly intensified. And then I got a huge download from Source, showing me the energy fields around the human body that give us access to even more potential than we hold within our own physical body’s – potential for healing, expanding and becoming the best possible version of our unique selves, in full harmony with all the magical forces of the cosmos. Join me as I explore these fascinating insights with super interesting guests in all phases of their own expansion and journey to remembering who they are.


October 21, 2021 67 mins

Charisse Sisou uniquely combines ancient knowledge, lineage teachings, sensuality, femininity, embodiment and much more into all areas of her life. Among her talents are skillful, shameless belly dancing and copywriting. She is a beautiful example of embracing all that you are, following what resonates with you, and constantly coming back to the unique being you came into the world as.

I invite you to join me in exploring ...

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Kristen Stefiuk faced one devastating challenge after another. But she found hope by laying her hands on a loved one's severely damaged body. In that moment, she knew her loved one was still "in there" and would recover.

That spark of hope lead to an exploration and understanding of her own empathic and energetic gifts. Kristen now uses reiki, crystals, mediumship and other energetic skills and tools to gui...

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Summer Astrea utilizes her Master Certifications in NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnosis to help conscious leaders  express and embody their sexuality for deeper relationships, greater bliss, and a more fulfilling existence. Having utilized these tools for her own personal transformation, she is passionate about helping people overcome shame, negative emotions and heal trauma to be able to fully express themselves in and out of the ...

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Khadaura Celesteal was born with impaired vision, yet he could see things that others could not. He honed his enhanced perception in the military by learning to control his nervous system to be calm, no matter what he is faced with. This allows him to be fully engaged in his own uniqueness and able to share his gifts, and his heart, with others.

I invite you to join me in exploring your innate intuitive abilities as well a...

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Supplementation can be an incredible tool for healing and health maintenance. Some products fall short of providing the intended benefit. Upgraded Formulas' products are different (I've searched for high-quality products for years and honestly have only found a few companies I use and recommend).

Barton Scott is a chemical engineer, nutritionist and the creator of Upgraded Formulas. He creates high-quality miner...

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Many of my friends, clients and colleagues have faced health challenges. Most of us experienced a combination of physical and mental symptoms, along with the difficulty of wading through treatments and recommendations, before finding the magical, customized path to healing and freedom.

The common thread I’m finding in all of these stories is a deep inner knowing that the despair and pain of poor health is NOT the destiny i...

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April 21, 2020 47 mins

My sessions with my private clients involve checking the functions of all their glands, organs and bodily systems. Anytime a disruption in function is found, I always look for the presence of microbes like viruses or bacteria, as well as toxins like chemicals or heavy metals. And then a whole food supplementation program is designed to meet their needs and move the body into healing, recovery and full function. 

In the months leadin...

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Stephanie Peirucci healed her body and her life from a significant trauma via neuroplasticity and neural programming. That transformation led her to be a manifestation specialist. She continues to use those tools to enhance every area of her life.

I invited Stephanie to share her story and strategies as a beacon of hope, to help you see the potential of our current reality and what you need to create an incredible future f...

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For Camille Wilcox, being raised on a dairy farm by a master herbalist Mom, with access to healthy food and a wholesome environment created a strong immune system and excellent health. She has raised her children in a different environment while still being able to provide them with the same strength and immunity.

For more inspiration & resources on living a happier, healthier life, visit Design Your Healthy Life. It&a...

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From the outside, it probably looked like Krisstina had it all.

But things are often not as they appear, and she almost lost the one thing that made all of it possible: her very existence in a physical body.

She spent a massive amount of money getting her health back. And then revamped her entire life with her new understanding of how health is the foundation of everything.

Since Krisstina’s expertise is ...

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Curiosity and commitment always lead me to finding practitioners who are doing amazing work in the world. It’s not always easy to explain or convey the benefits of these non-traditional healing and self-exploration methods, which is why I invited Emily Waymire to talk about her work.

My personal work with her deeply explored areas I would not have been able to get to on my own. It allowed me to step even more fully into my desire to...

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Ron Michael has overcome and recovered from most people’s worst nightmare. He decided that the long term prognosis of never walking again or having less than a year to live was just somebody else’s opinion.

His story demonstrates that the healing capabilities of the human body are severely underestimated. And it’s incredibly inspiring, particularly when struggling with a health issue.

For inspiration & resources on livi...

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Victoria Whitfield is incredibly uplifting, enthusiastic and aligned. We spoke about her journey from toxic doer to healing, why people started offering her money for sharing what was helping her, and how that grew into her current business. She now serves others to move away from stress and into alignment and connection with their own unique brilliance.

We also discussed marketing, and being turned off by being sold or asked to pro...

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Our food supply is incredibly complex. It lacks transparency and is loaded with hidden dangers, many of which are never found on any label. Knowing how to find great quality food is possible but requires effort and educated choices.

Ridge Shinn, a grass fed beef expert and the founder of Big Picture Beef, and I recently chatted in depth about the differences between commercially raised vs. grass fed cows and which labels can help yo...

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A powerful story of love, loss & healing, my interview with Lira Kay highlights the myths surrounding mental illness, diagnosis, treatment, alternative options, mindset, expectations & recovery. It shines a light on things we sometimes avoid talking about or feel powerless over & showcases how all aspects of health are intertwined & inseparable.

For inspiration & resources on living a happier, healthier...

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