The Burn Down Podcast

The Burn Down Podcast

The Burn Down Podcast brings people together over a cigar. No matter where you’re from, what you believe or how you look, cigars is what connects us! It’s designed to show the world the good that comes out of cigar conversations. Founded by Eric Josefson and Justin Heisig, The Burn Down is a podcast with conversations with people from all walks of life. From interviews with professional athletes like Ed Reed and John Starks, to singers and comedians like Ruben Studdard and Rocky Dale Davis, to mobsters and entrepreneurs like Billy Cutolo Jr. and Armando Montelongo, cigar makers like Robert Caldwell and Tony Gomez even military veterans like Ray “Cash” Care. Eric and Justin are passionate about cigars, but they’re also passionate about people. We created a podcast where guests can feel comfortable opening up and sharing their stories over a cigar. We’re here to inspire, uplift and to provide value. Check out our website:


March 1, 2024 78 mins

In the episode we have Chris Fontana who discusses his battles with anxiety, depression, severe weight gain, alcoholism and how it helped him develop a mindset that inspired a brand & changed everything!

Chris turned his struggles into a positive mindset with his lifestyle brand Go Primal, his podcast The Primal Mindset and mindset coaching! Now at 43 years old he is 7 years sober, 100lbs lighter, and has two young boys.


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On this episode, Master Instructor of Ju-Jitsu & Judo, Sensei Frank Bonanno, joins us to talk about his 40+ years of experience in the martial arts of Ju-Jitsu and Judo.

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In the studio we have William and Christian DeMeo! Will got his first start in acting in the A Bronx Tale when Will was an extra. Since then he went on to bigger things as an actor, writer and director. NOW William is the writer, director and lead in the hit Amazon Series Gravesend alongside his son Cristian a upcoming actor!


@ william_demeo_

@ cristian_demeo

Gravesend Series:

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Super Bowl LVIII is finally here. The Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Francisco 49ers! Patrick Mahomes vs Brock Purdy....Travis Kelce vs George Kittle...Christian McCaffery vs Isaiah Pacheco...who's going to win it all!

We talk about our picks and predictions, as well as reviewing some of the Conference Championship games and giving our opinions on what went wrong! Is the NFL really rigged? It might be.... Bec...

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The Sopranos are on The Burn Down Podcast for the shows 25th Anniversary !Jason Cerbone (Jackie Jr.), Dan Grimaldi (Patsy Parisi) & Robert Funaro (Eugene Pontecorvo) talk Sopranos, each of there favorite moment with James Gandolfini (WOW), their new venture Omerta Cigars & Coffee & so much more!

Order your Omerta products here:   Follow their socials: Jason Cerbone - @Jason_Ce...
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Kevin Nicholas aka The Modern Mentalist comes on The Burn Down Podcast and BLOWS OUR MIND! Kevin talks with us on honing his craft at 13 years old for his passion of magic and being a mentalist. His work has taken him around the world to some of the most exclusive entertainment events and performing with a roster of celebrities clients like Paris Hilton, Baker Mayfield, Shane Gillis, Michael Strahan and so many others. If you're li...

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We wanted to see what AI thought about cigars. We ask ChatGPT questions about cigars... What are the best cigar and drink pairings? What is the best cigars? What are the best cigar and food pairings? Do you know The Burn Down Podcast?!?


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January 5, 2024 97 mins

You might have seen Big Joe talking about his Kia Sorento on TikTok a few years ago, that old news Big Joe is huge media personality now, appearing in commercials, tv shows and movies! Every where he goes people recognize Big Joe. Joe Gambino sits down with Eric & Justin at the BDP studio to talk about his Italian upbringing in Astoria Queens, how his life changed after one viral video and so much more!

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Erik Coleman the NFL veteran is back with The Burn Down Podcast, this time in the studio! Erik Coleman is a 9-year NFL veteran who played multiple seasons with the Jets, Falcons, and Lions between 2004-2012. In this episode, we discuss Erik's journey from growing in Washington to making it to the NFL,  going up against Chad Johnson in his 1st game from trying his first cigar with Ray Lewis to the surprising twists and turns his car...

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This episode we have the pleasure of having in the studio, the funny, compassionate and down to earth individual Wanda Hernandez! She is the dynamic CEO behind Stixxx & Stones Cigars, she sits with us and shares with us her story from her roots in the Bronx to her journey as a former police officer to becoming a cigar brand owner! - CLICK HERE to purchase Our cigar "The Blueprint", Merch and Accessor...
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Neal McDonough, a Christian actor, was BLACKLISTED from Hollywood for 2 years after refusing to do sex scenes, out of respect for his wife! What is this world coming to?! - CLICK HERE to purchase Our cigar "The Blueprint", Merch and Accessories.  Become a member! $5 a month. Exclusive discounts and monthly giveaways!


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In this week’s episode we review the TOP cigar news articles of 2023 WHILE taste testing our new Connecticut blend cigar. Some good things happened in the world of cigars in 2023 and it’s going to get better when we complete our next blend! Thank you, ENJOY! - CLICK HERE to purchase Our cigar "The Blueprint", Merch and Accessories.  Become a member! $5 a month. Exclusive discounts and monthly giveaways!



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What is this world coming to? With the men identifying as women, women identifying as men...what's with all the "woke-ness" ??? Let's talk about it on this episode of The Burn Down Podcast. - CLICK HERE to purchase Our cigar "The Blueprint", Merch and Accessories.  Become a member! $5 a month. Exclusive discounts and monthly giveaways!


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November 24, 2023 28 mins

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This episode of the Burn Down we bring a lot of FLAVORRR, discussing some hilarious Thanksgiving stories as well as traditions. DID we say we are TESTING our new blend for our next cigar!? - CLICK HERE to purchase Our cigar "The Blueprint", Merch and Accessories.  Become a member! $5 a month. Exclusive discounts and monthly giveaways!

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From cutters and ashtrays, to trumpets and women's heels - Robert Glick, aka "Art de Fumar" turns cigar bands into works of art! We interviewed Robert to find out more about his passion for creating these beautiful and unique pieces. Join us on this episode of The Burn Down Podcast! Become a member! $5 a month. Exclusive discounts and giveaways! Merch and accessories available now too!

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November 10, 2023 33 mins

In this episode, we go over the statistics of underage smoking in the United States...and what do you know? There is actually a decline from 2022 to 2023 in underage TOBACCO smoking. Join us this week as we break down all the stats, from middle school to high school students, from male to female, from cigars to cigarettes and vaping products. We discuss it all. Check us out and become a member!

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We have back in the Burn Down Podcast studio Alan Jacoby. A previous NYC first responder, the owner of Patriot cigar company, and a popular political podcast host. We discuss the vision, the ups & downs of owning boutique cigar brand, some hilarious first responder stories, like when Alan smoked a cigar with a dead guy and so much more!



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In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of being the "cigar guy" in your social groups, and whether it's really worth it to be the one who always supplies everyone with cigars for every vacation and function you attend. We also recap the EPIC performance at Eric's brother's wedding, which is sure to be a story for the ages.


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Join us for a laid-back chat over cigars as we dive into the fascinating realm of home improvement. In this episode, there are no fancy guests or scripted advice—just two friends sharing their DIY stories and experiences.

From the tale of a bathroom sink that resisted all efforts for two days to the comical struggle of hanging sliding closet doors that took over three hours, we explore the amusing and sometimes frustrating side of ...

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