The Call with Nancy Sabato

The Call with Nancy Sabato

Have you ever wondered how Jesus could change your life? My guests have faith in Jesus! Join 'The Call with Nancy Sabato,' a Christian talk show where you can learn about Jesus, Prayer, the Bible, transformed lives, and more. Hear inspiring faith stories and find encouragement to strengthen your faith, find hope in Jesus Christ and connect your life with Him in new ways. #TheCallwithNancySabato #faith #jesus #God #holyspirit #healing #miracles #addiction #depression #forgiveness #strength #promisesofGod


February 29, 2024 17 mins

Join Stacy Kaye as she shares her powerful journey from facing an unplanned pregnancy and judgment in her church to overcoming an abusive marriage through faith and prayer. Discover the importance of forgiveness for personal healing and the unconditional love God offers despite our flaws. Stacy advocates for transparency, urging viewers to support others and find joy in Christianity. Connect with her on https://www.stacykayebooks.c...

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 Dive into the world of enriching discussions on marriage and relationships with Dr. Donald Welch. This is a treasure trove of wisdom, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of a healthy marriage. Learn about the importance of setting clear expectations, mastering the art of active listening, and understanding each other's feelings. Dr. Welch brings his counseling practice to life, sharing real-life examples and practical...

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Discover a transformative story of a struggling marriage turned around by a surprising intervention. Join us as we delve into effective strategies for lasting and fulfilling marriages. Learn how changing your behavior can break the mesmerizing hold of relationship challenges. Explore the importance of transparency, assumption of innocence, and solution-focused communication. Dive into insightful tips for keeping your marriage fresh...

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Do you want to strengthen your marriage?

What steps can you take to a happier Marriage?

And is there such a thing as love language in a marriage?

My guest Arlene Pellicane’s the  host of the Happy Home podcast and the author of several books, including 31 Days to a Happy Husband and 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife - today, we are talking about 

National Marriage week -February 7-14 reminding us that marriage is more than a day or ...

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In a recent episode of The Call with Nancy Sabato, renowned marriage counselor and bestselling author Gary Chapman delves into the profound aspects of true intimacy and the essential traits of a healthy family. Chapman, known for his influential work, including "The Five Love Languages," shares valuable insights on navigating the early years of marriage, emphasizing the importance of empathy in resolving conflicts. He dis...

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Join an inspiring conversation with Dave Boden as he talks about why spreading the message of Jesus is crucial. Learn how to walk alongside others in their journey with Christ, emphasizing the importance of trust, genuine conversations, and the transformative love of Christ. Discover practical tips on supporting others in their faith journey by understanding where they are spiritually and helping them take steps toward Jesus. Dave ...

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What is Inerrancy?

Join George Shamblin on a journey to strengthen your faith and dive into the heart of preserving biblical teachings. In this down-to-earth chat, Shamblin warns against picking and choosing from the Bible, urging us to keep our faith foundation strong. Learn about biblical inerrancy – understanding that every part of the Bible is true, reliable, and trustworthy. Say goodbye to "cafeteria Christianity" an...

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January 25, 2024 19 mins

Biblical Prophecy with speaker and author Barry Stagner, exploring the captivating topic of "The Time of Jacob's Trouble." Uncover the significance of the 70th week of Daniel and the necessity for the church to be taken out, allowing God to address national Israel directly. Barry sheds light on the current world state, emphasizing the alignment of events towards the prophesied tribulation. Join the conversation as he ...

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Get ready for an extraordinary journey into the heart of biblical tales! Cheryl Palermo is joining The Call to discuss her riveting book, "Unusual Love Stories from the Bible." We'll unravel the captivating stories of Absalom, Sampson, and King Manasseh, exploring the intricate threads of love, redemption, and the transformative power of God's grace. From Absalom's reflections on strained family dynamics to Sa...

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January 10, 2024 12 mins

Psalm 91 | Powerful Prayers In The Secret Place

Have you ever wondered how your 'secret place' can be the ultimate connection with God?

Otis Ledbetter talks about our secret place with God and covers:

How Private Thoughts are Shielded from Satan.

Spiritual vs. Physical Warfare: Keep Plans Secret.

Power of Prayer: Silent and Out-Loud Significance.

#inthesecretplace @meetinggodinthesecretplace #jotisledbetter


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ennifer Sands' journey begins on 9/11 when she tragically loses her husband in Tower One of the World Trade Center. Initially relying on prayer, she grapples with anger after his loss. However, a turning point occurs when a Salvation Army bell ringer places something in her pocket, transforming her story from tragedy to triumph. This powerful story of how God, through unexpected moments, draws Jennifer closer to Himself. #heali...

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January 2, 2024 8 mins

How does your work on earth Matter in the Kingdom of God?

Chelsea Sobolick wrote the book Called to Cultivate and says:

We can get hung up on what we are supposed to do with my life and what God wants us to do and write about this in the book. Still, very few times, God's calling of every single woman and man is the great commission and the great commandment that is our ultimate calling to love God and love our neighbor, and th...

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Our Annual Christmas story is told by returning storyteller Tara Johnson; this year, she delights us with a story of a letter she discovered written about the original shepherd's account of the Bethlehem star. #thestar #christ #bethlehem 

Watch and listen as Tra tells this historical account of Jesus' star!

To learn more about this ministry, go to 


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December 18, 2023 9 mins

So let's say the atheist says there's no evidence for God, right OK, well, I know that one of the best evidence for God is that the universe had an origin, and when the universe comes into existence, those kinds of things require causes adequate to the effect right this is called cosmological argument for the existence of God the existence of the cosmos is evidence that there is a God who made the cosmo. #answeringtheatheis...

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December 16, 2023 14 mins

#KarenKingsbury  #justonce  #someonelikeyou 

With over 25 million books sold, Karen Kingsbury  has just released her latest novel, "JUST ONCE." It's a World War II love story. 

Karen talks about: 

#How does "Just Once" connect to The Baxter Family series?

#Why does the book bring you to tears? 

#How God inspires Karen to write these novels and the message she wants her readers to know 

Karen’s newest film, d...

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Heather Holdsworth wrote the book Landscape of Hope. She faced the loss of both of her parents, suffered trials, and was a victim of long COVID; she found peace and joy in the  Psalms and could sketch and draw pictures through the inspiration of reading them. This inspirational story of trusting God brings Joy to the hearts of many who hear it. Heather currently lives in Scotland.

Watch the story:

To le...

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November 29, 2023 24 mins

Is Bible Prophecy unfolding? How Close are we?

#endtimes  #leadingyoutoChrist  #thecallwithnancysabato  

Barry Stagner from "The Truth about God" walks us through the biblical timeline so that we can see the world events unfolding through the pages of the Bible as we see all the chaos in the world and so many events unfolding. Barry co-partners with Amir Tsfati from Behold Israel on tour and co-wrote the book “Bible Proph...

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What does The Church Need to Know about Online Dating?

And how do you know what you are clicking is trustworthy?

Jason Lee is talking about educating people and churches on what you should be aware of and trust when you go online to dating sites. Jason and his wife provide

 a free ministry training program called  The State of Dating and how it’s  helping pastors, Christian singles, and Church leaders understand online dating, 

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Part two

John Burke returns in Part Two to share more NDE (near-death experiences) with you.

Are Near-death experiences real?

What happens to us when we die?

Does everyone see Jesus?

JOHN BURKE is talking about his new book called 

Imagine the God of Heaven. Listen to the stories told by those who did not believe in God and returned to walk in a changed faith-filled life.

John can be seen on Focus on The Family and many other Chris...

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November 8, 2023 17 mins

Are Near-death experiences real?

What happens to us when we die?

Does everyone see Jesus?

JOHN BURKE is back, and if you didn’t see his last interview, you’d love to know more about this one because he’s talking about his new book called 

Imagine the God of Heaven. 

John Talks more about:

-How the stories show God's character

-What is the one thing you want people to understand about near-death experiences?

Come back for Part t...

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