The Career Transition Experts

The Career Transition Experts

The Career Transition Experts is designed to help you get hired for the job you’ll love. Discover what top recruiters and job search professionals have to say about current job trends and what hiring parties are looking for. You’ll also get expert leadership and career transition advice on writing your resume and cover letter, interviewing, networking, and more. In this podcast, we interview members of our executive recruiter network, including CEO recruiters and CFO recruiters as well as many other successful professionals in the executive search business. Discover how to love your career with financial success, happiness, and work-life balance. If you are interested in leadership career success, listen up! You can find more from Jonathan at


March 26, 2024 19 mins

Tired of dead-end applications? In this episode of The Career Transition Experts, our guest, Brian Hill, dives into how candidates should position themselves for success, highlighting the power of LinkedIn — from building a strategic profile to leveraging the algorithm for a strong online presence. He also spills the tea on how to master the art of attraction and market yourself as the perfect candidate.

Additionally, we’l...

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Dreading those tricky interview questions? This episode equips you with 3 rules to confidently address questions about employment gaps, layoffs, or anything else that might throw you a curveball. Tune in and turn tough questions into opportunities to showcase your strengths and resilience!

These and other insights are revealed in this week’s episode of “The Career Transition Experts”

Our guest, Brian Hill, is a le...

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Are you actively searching or thinking about landing your next leadership role?  Understanding how to present your professional / personal brand on LinkedIn is critical to attracting recruiters,  decision makers and your network of career advocates, which all lead to landing your dream job!

This episode dives into the power of LinkedIn for job seekers who want more and better interviews. We'll explore the concept of a...

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Looking for some expert strategies for a successful career transition and job search? In this episode of The Career Transition Experts, our guest, Michelle Vargas, provides valuable insights into the world of career transitions and job searches. She offers perspectives from her experience as of a candidate, a recruiter, and a hiring manager. Key takeaways include standing out in the job market, thought leadership on preparation, an...

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December 18, 2023 1 min

If you haven't revised your resume in several years, or your homemade updates are not getting you in the door, it may be time for a professional upgrade. Tune in to our latest episode and understand the critical role of a resume in the job search process and the importance of seeking professional help to catch the eye of hiring managers and recruiters, ultimately positioning you as the ideal candidate for the job. 

These and ot...

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Looking to ace your next job interview? Tune in to our latest episode where we discuss the importance of communication and positive energy in your job interviews.

Recruiters not only look for specific skillsets and experience, but also for candidates who communicate effectively and present themselves professionally. Learn how to bring positivity and understand how to help hiring managers see your enthusiasm and genuine int...

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In this episode of The Career Transition Experts, our guest, Michael Neece reveals valuable insights on the following topics:

  • Learning the art of practicing interviews, honing your skills to perfection.
  • Uncovering the secrets to making a lasting impression during a video interview.
  • Mastering the art of handling the dreaded salary question with finesse and confidence. 

These and other insights are revealed in this week’s episod...

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Your interview skills are the key to unlocking your professional success. Don't let the salary question catch you off guard! Discover expert advice from this snippet of The Career Transition Experts, as Michael Neece reveals invaluable insights on how to ace the salary question and seal the deal. Learn the secrets to confidently navigate this tricky query and negotiate the best package for yourself. 

Our guest, Michael Neece, i...

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September 27, 2023 2 mins

Attention job seekers! The time and effort you invested on your resume will be worthless unless you have highly competitive interview skills. In this snippet from The Career Transition Experts, Michael Neece discusses how artificial intelligence can predict interview questions, equipping you to tackle any unexpected curveballs with confidence. He also shares an effective technique for practicing for interviews, ensuring you're...

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In this episode of The Career Transition Expert, Marty Greenbaum talks about the possibilities of franchising for professionals looking for their next career move. With a struggling economy and job market, Marty discusses why individuals should consider franchising and its proven systems over independently starting a business.

He also shares the potential benefits of franchising, including brand recognition, marketing, and technolog...

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Starting a business from scratch is risky business.  Becoming a franchisee is different because it’s systematized. Is it possible to succeed with a franchise in an industry where you don’t have prior specific experience in that vertical?  What are franchisors looking for to be confident you would manage a franchising situation successfully?  In this snippet from The Career Transition Expert, Marty Greenbaum discusses the kind of op...

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Why would people consider franchising instead of the next-level leadership role? In this episode of The Career Transition Experts, Marty Greenbaum presents the advantages of franchising and business ownership, including freedom, income, and building a legacy for your family. 

Our guest, Marty Greenbaum, is a 30+ year franchise industry professional, Certified Franchise Executive (CFE), and a founder of Smart Franchise Inve...

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Have you noticed that people get frustrated or overwhelmed by the job search process?

  • How do recruiters deal with and streamline that process for candidates?
  • How do candidates know what's going on at each step of the process, and how can candidates make sure not to leave recruiters hanging and wondering?
  • How to make first impressions, which are very important, and understand shortfalls along the way?

These and other insig...

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February 23, 2023 1 min

The job search process is different for everybody, but it's always important for candidates to do prepare for interviews.  How do you make sure your meetings with hiring managers get the job offers you want?

  • You probably already take time to do plenty of research before you go to the interview. 
  • Do you find points of commonality with the individual recruiters and hiring managers that can often be a discussion to create a per...
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Executive Recruiters work for the companies that give them information about job openings - it’s almost always the hiring party that pays the fee.  However, they can be allies to you in your search and most of them do care about helping along the way!

How do recruiters empower the candidates?  Some listen to candidates can be very helpful by;

>> understanding the frustration of the search process

>> being transpa...

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Your job as a candidate is to be clear about your value proposition.  To do that well and to be happy in your next role, you have to be clear about your career direction.

In this episode, we explore:

  • How to figure out the next thing that you want to do
  • How to express what you really value, because career values are very important
  • How other people have found clarity of career direction
  • What’s involved and what comes back from having ...
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January 18, 2023 1 min

People often underestimate their skills and abilities, which can make it difficult to take the steps to move forward in their career. In this episode, Mpume Ncube-Daka discusses how candidates can better understand their own skills and potential to help them make better decisions when considering a career change.

Our guest, Mpume Ncube-Daka, is the Founder and CEO of ABOUT CHANGE CONVERSATIONS, a coaching and personal development co...

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January 18, 2023 1 min

Sometimes people get stuck and stagnant in their career.  In this episode, Mpume Ncube-Daka shares some insights on some ways you can get unstuck which includes the following:

  • know the important things that are needed in getting clarity of direction
  • understand why some people are stagnant
  • dig deeper to your environment, strengths, and skills

Our guest, Mpume Ncube-Daka, is the Founder and CEO of ABOUT CHANGE CONVERSATIONS, a c...

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Do you want to know the nuances about interviewing successfully with a tech startup?

What do recruiters specifically look for in the right candidate? 

This episode includes some best practices to prepare for your tech interview … and beyond. 

  • The top concerns startup recruiters have when hiring candidates from large corporations.  i.e. what they fear about you!
  • The value in turning a recruiter into a friend and how to do that. 
  • The ...
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How can you turn an interview with a recruiter into a valuable relationship?

  1. DO explore “who do you know” that would be good for me to me.
  2. DON’T corner the recruiter - they can help, but they don’t have to.

Chase Kocher is the Founder and CEO of aim4hire, a technology recruitment agency that partners exclusively with well-funded, hyper-growth tech startups. After Chase realized that most tech recruiting agencies are...

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