The Closer To Venus Podcast

The Closer To Venus Podcast

The Closer To Venus Podcast will feature interviews on metaphysical/ spiritual topics such as past lives, reincarnation, astral travel, Ascension, mediumship, consciousness science, the quantum realm, angels, spirit guides, shamanism, ancient civilizations, star beings, or just about anything that Edgar Cayce wrote about. It’s important to note that we are not experts, only everyday people who have questions about spirituality and how to get to “higher ground”. We just don’t feel that traditional religious and scientific beliefs offer satisfactory answers to questions such as why are we here, what is our purpose and where are we going. If you have questions or would like to hear a particular speaker on our show, send us an email. If you like our show, please don’t forget to share this podcast with your friends and on social media.


April 13, 2024 28 mins

Our guest in episode #169 is Jade D’Cruz, she is  an intuitive healer, channel ,akashic records reader and  author.Her work also includes  Djed meditation which teaches how to shift the structure of your reality. In this episode, we  talk about her book "Divine Love, The Winged Beings of Light", What we observed:

  • The concept of the Universe moving in cycles
  • Who the Djed Warriors were
  • How her book was channeled by th...
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Our guest in episode # 168 is Vasundhra Gupta, she is a spiritual writer, certified life coach and past life regression facilitator. Her work involves exploring past life regression stories to help demystify hypnotherapy. In this episode, we will discuss Karma and Soul Contracts. What we observed:


  • What are soul contracts? (why do we set them)
  • How do soul contracts relate to karma?
  • What happens if you d...
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 Our guest in episode #167 is Kim Copeland; she is a Death Walker, Spiritual Medium, and Energy Healer.  Her work involves assisting those in the dying process where she has walked between worlds for nearly 25 years helping clients cross to the next dimension.  Today, we will discuss deathbed visitations and shared near-death awareness.  What we observed:

  • She discovered her mediumship abilities when doing energy healing
  • Experienc...
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Our guest in episode #166 is Teresa Wornstaff, she is an intuitive, channel and host of the Soul Channel. She helps people connect with their intuition, connect with their souls, guides and the Universe Today, we will discuss methods of raising our consciousness that will include an example of live channeling.What we observed:

  • Interactions with spirit guides
  • The concept of an angelic “lineage”
  •  Past life memories
  • When a life c...
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Our guest in episode #165 is Jenny Lea, she is a medium, channeler, artist and co-host of The Witching Hours podcast. Her journey continues with her transition from evidential medium to channeler. Today we will discuss the different types of energies that come through in her work and we will also get to see her channeling live here on Closer To Venus. What we observed:

  • An honest assessment of celebrity psychics- from a psyc...
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Our guest in episode #164 is Lesley Bergstrom ; she is an empath, channel, urban shaman and naturopath. Her work involves teaching people about their spiritual gifts and how to grow them for self-healing.  Today we will be discussing the different ways people experience their psychic gifts, sold retrieval and who are the Seraphim. What we observed:

  • An out-of-body experience at 7 
  • It's common for starseeds...
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Our guest in episode #163 is Robert Christophor Coppes; he is a scientist who has studied NDEs for decades and is also the author of“Impressions of Near-Death Experiences” which features hundreds of quotes from the  experiencers themselves. What we observed:

  • It is estimated that 4 or 5 % of people in the US have experienced NDEs
  • Near death experiences are the most tangible thing that can give credence to the theory that cons...
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Our guest  in episode#162  is Lisa Carillo; she guides and coaches people to experience the Infinite, even in challenging circumstances. She is the author of several books including  An “Unprincipled Life: Living From the Unknown” and “Living Awake: 20 Techniques to End I Got It; I Lost It.” Today we’re going to talk about her memories in between lives, the perfection of her difficult lives, and the mastery of her  life. What we ob...

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In episode #161 , our guest is Lindsay Stanton; she is a certified intuitive Reiki Healer, coach and author of Enduring and Everlasting, a personal story of love transforming deep grief. Her work involves assisting those seeking deep healing and transformation. Today we will discuss how she helps clients deepen their communication and  language with their loved ones on the other side.What we have learned:

  • Communication with...
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In episode #160 ourguest is Royce Morales, she is a spiritually based transformational facilitator, author and host of the The Perfect Life Awakening Show. She helps people  release sources of self-sabotaging fears and limiting beliefs from current as well as past lives. Today, we will discuss the transformations that occur from discovering past life incidents that are subconsciously affecting us as well as what soulmate love is re...

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Our guest in episode #159 is Susanne Morais ,she is a  Certified  Transpersonal and Spiritual Hypnotist. Her work often utilizes the Law of Attraction and Spirit Guide connection to move her clients towards living in alignment with their purpose . We will discuss what she has learned from her practice, as well as  how it’s possible to talk directly to our loved ones who have passed.What we observed:

  • Differences between tran...
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Our guest in episode #158 is Mike Martin; he is an inter-dimensional explorer that was introduced to Portals 30 years ago while exploring the astral. Mike has been accessing these gateways to gain knowledge of other realities as well as our own unlimited potential that has been hidden from us for quite some time. Today, we will discuss his explorations and how it can benefit anyone on the  path toward spiritual awakening.What we ob...

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Our guest in episode #157  is Ray Catania, he is a metaphysical teacher, life coach  and author of several books including “The Atheist and The Afterlife”. He is also a near-death experience survivor.As a practitioner of scientific spiritualism, his work involves coaching others how to achieve higher levels of conscious awareness, .Today we will discuss how his near death experience reshaped his view of spirituality. What we observ...

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Our guest in episode #156 is Tina Slade; she is a Light Language Healer, medium and Galactic Channeller. She reunites her clients with their past lives on and off planet and recodes their energetic bodies in order to connect to their forgotten wisdom. Today we will discuss  her lives on other planets and other realms and why she has come from the future. What we observed:

  • Past life memories on and off planet
  • Time is an illus...
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Our guest in episode #155 is Dr Kathy Forti, she is a clinical psychologist, Egyptian Mystery School teacher and author of Fractals of God, which described her near death experience in 2003. Today, we will discuss what this experience revealed about ancient civilizations in Egypt and Atlantis. What we observed:

  • Past life memories in Egypt that are much different from the current narrative
  • Many souls from Atlantis h...
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Our guest in episode #154 is Kate Connolly , an Intuitive Healer and Intuition teacher. She uses her knowledge of people’s galactic selves and starseed knowledge to help transform people’s lives in their healing journeys.  Today we will be talking about her experiences with galactic healing and how important it is in understanding who you really are: What we observed:

  • Why she was told to “let go” of her galactic family...
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 Our guest in episode #153 is Raven Willow, she is a psychic empath with connection to all energies on earth, and communicates with beings from all over the universes. She helps  people discover their life path by guiding them through their past lives; including past experiences in this life. Today we will discuss how this work can help us have a true understanding of our higher self.What we observed:

  • Those who are not awar...
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December 16, 2023 30 mins

Our guest in episode #152  is Bhavna Megh,a Mindset and Energy Coach, and Founder of Stepping Into You. Her work combines her experience in human behavior ,wellness and energy medicine to help individuals, and businesses release what no longer serves them.Today we will discuss how we can use our mind and body to be in more alignment with who we are and what we desire. What we observed:

  • She explored Reiki as an alternative t...
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In episode #151 our guest is Liz Peterson, a seer, intuitive energy healer, Reiki Master and host of her podcast “Raising The Vibe with Liz.”She is also the 

author of “Mom died last night, my shared death experience. Today we will be talking about how life doesn’t end after we die; and the ability we have to communicate with our loved ones from across the veil. What we observed:

  • Instances of seeing spirits at an early age
  • Se...
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In episode #150, our guest is Reverend Dr. Tracy Cox,  she is a Doctor of Divinity,Licensed Clergy, Spiritual Coach and Reiki Master Teacher.  She is also a near death experiencer. In her first episode, we talked about this experience and the impact that it had on her life. Today we will be talking about using Reiki and energy healing to heal the world” What we observed:

  • Spiritualist/metaphysical churches are open to all fa...
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