The Closer To Venus Podcast

The Closer To Venus Podcast

The Closer To Venus Podcast will feature interviews on metaphysical/ spiritual topics such as past lives, reincarnation, astral travel, Ascension, mediumship, consciousness science, the quantum realm, angels, spirit guides, shamanism, ancient civilizations, star beings, or just about anything that Edgar Cayce wrote about. It’s important to note that we are not experts, only everyday people who have questions about spirituality and how to get to “higher ground”. We just don’t feel that traditional religious and scientific beliefs offer satisfactory answers to questions such as why are we here, what is our purpose and where are we going. If you have questions or would like to hear a particular speaker on our show, send us an email. If you like our show, please don’t forget to share this podcast with your friends and on social media.


May 27, 2023 28 mins

Our guest in episode #123 is Wajid Hassan   He’s an actor, healer,  author of The Struggle For World Sanity and a representative of The Aetherius Society .Today, we will be talking about the extra-terrestrial messages of hope for mankind . What we observed:

  • Dr. George King, the founder of The Aetherius Society claimed to have channeled jesus in The Twelve Blessings
  • Dr KIng’s mother was apparently taken aboard a spacecraft an...
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Our guest in episode #122  is Bernhard Tewes, he  is a practicing hypnotherapist,and  founder of the HypnoBox – an app providing self-hypnosis sessions for mental and physical health issues. Today we will talk about his journey of becoming a hypnotherapist as well as his work in self-hypnosis. What we observed:

  • He discovered hypnosis when he was trying to quit smoking
  • What can happen when he and his client are in a tran...
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In episode #121  our guest is Katische Haberfeld, she is a soul therapist and host of the Infinite Life Podcast. Katische works with the eternal mindstream helping you uncover limiting beliefs and energetic beings that are holding you back from achieving your soul purpose for this incarnation. Today we will be talking about the eternal mindstream, your soul's path and  by working with your higher self. What we observed:

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Our guest in episode #120 is Nicki Ojeda, also known as Tatiara. She is a tarot and past life reader with 35 years of experience. Today we will discuss the use of tarot in healing and personal growth and the importance of myth, symbolism, and archetypal awareness in her work. What we observed:

  • Past life memories during her childhood years
  • A “communal” past life memory 
  • A past life memory where her mom was her sister
  • Instances ...
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In episode #119 our guest is Dr. Yvonne Kason, she is the president and co0founder  SAI and the past president of IANDS  multiple NDE and STE experiencer, and author of several books, including her latest offering, Soul Lessons From The Light. In this episode, we will talk about the events that inspired the book as well as her many experiences. What we observed:

  • She had two near-death experiences ( NDE) as a child
  • Children w...
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In episode #118 , our  guest is Rik Schnabel.He is a transformational coach, brain untrainerand author of “Life Beyond Limits: Free Your Rich Mind. He has a very interesting story about events that changed his life/ today we will be talking about ghost and apparitions, and what this means for your spiritual development. What we observed:

  • A “visitation “of angels in his bedroom
  • A visit to a clairvoyant provides a similar mess...
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 In episode #117  our guest is Magdalena Jensen, former music industry exec turned transformational coach, conflict mediator, and host of MJ's Magic Hour podcast. In this episode, we will be talking about her meeting with Mary Magdalene, what she learned from past life regressions, and encounters with her spirit guides. What we observed:

  • We are whole, complete, and resourceful exactly as you are.
  •  We are not broken...
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In episode #116 our guest is Joanna Walden,she is a life coach, transformation specialist, and author of The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown. In this episode, we will talk about Joanna's personal extraordinary experiences that have influenced her development and shaped her life into what she has become today. What we observed:

  • Her early experiences include seeing an aura as well as ...
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In episode #115, our guest is Betty Kovacs. She has a Ph.D. in comparative literature, and the theory of symbolic, mythic language. She's also the author of Merchants of Light, the Consciousness That Is Changing The World, as well as The Miracle Of Death There's Nothing But Life. Today we will discuss the God outside of us. What we observed.

  • The Nag Hammadi texts describe a Jesus that did not want us to follow him...
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Our guest in episode #114 is Rev. Gabriel Castillo; he is a Magic Mushroom Expert, Initiated Curandero (Legal Plant Medicine Facilitator), and CEO & lead facilitator at Finally Detached. Today we will be talking about his approach to working with plant medicine to help initiate a natural process of self-realization. What we observed:

  • The passing of a close friend led to  a journey of self-exploration
  • An experience with m...
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In episode #113 our guest is Marn Machura, he is a musician, a practicing psychic and author of The Five Card Pentagram Tarot. In this episode, ww talk about how he views The Tarot as the book of ancient wisdom of our humanity and as a guide to our future. What we observed:

  • The Tarot can be seen as a book of ancient wisdom hidden in plain sight
  • The regular card deck is a child of the full-blown tarot deck
  • This ancient wisdom ...
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In episode #112 our guest is Aureal Willams, she is an intuitive guide, deep space astrologer, and author of  5D Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift.
In this episode, we talk about our collective quantum leap into the 5th Dimension consciousness, also known as New Earth and Ascension. What we observed:

  • the fifth dimension is an evolutionary shift into our highest consciousness
  • the hierarchy dissolving is an i...
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In episode #111 our guests are Steve Sayre and Kelsey Bohlen. Steve is the director and Kelsey is the narrator of "Ghosts and The Afterlife". In this episode, we will be talking about the scientific findings on the subject of life after death, as well as the author’s experiences that inspired the film. What we observed:

  • Steve had two occurrences where he “died” on the operating room table
  • How his life “flashed befo...
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Our guest in episode #110 is Rissa Miller. She's an editor, herbalist, storyteller, and seer doing both tea leaf reading and smoke scrying. Today we will talk about her unique divination practice, as well as how her past lives have influenced her current path. What we observed:

  • Her path as a seer began in a past life
  • Some people will ask for a tea leaf reading because they saw or read about that in  Harry Potter or in O...
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Today’s guest is Eli Blilious, he is a certified hypnotist who specializes in past life regression and was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss. He helps people overcome limiting beliefs & past life patterns including phobias as well as identifying the people you have incarnated with lifetime after lifetime. What we observed:

  • A past life regression where he was able to make contact with his parents who had passed
  • What he discovere...
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Our guest in episode #108 is Atousa Raissan, she is a shaman, a healer, and life coach. She helps her clients to release the past and reconnect through different healing modalities to help realign with universal energy and source. What we observed:

  • More people are turning to energy healing as an alternative to traditional therapy
  • Whatever's meant to be carried from a past life, you've carried it into this lifetime.
  • ...
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In episode #107, our guest is Stephen Towill, a clinical and spiritual hypnotherapist, based out of Glasgow, Scotland. Stephen has helped many people overcome trauma, fears, and depression and he specializes in Past Life Regression and spiritual hypnosis. In this episode, we will be talking about all things past life and between lives through hypnosis.  What we observed:

  • At 17, he taught himself hypnosis and performed his f...
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In episode #106, our guest is Terri Jay, the Cowgirl Shaman. She  is an author, speaker, clinician, and entertainer who helps people and their animals to heal their lives with the messages she receives.In this episode, we will be talking about her work as well as how the metaphysical world can be explained solely in terms of physics. What we observed:

  • One of her early memories was of astral projection when she was a ch...
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January 21, 2023 27 mins


Our guest in episode #105 is Nicole Kerr, she is a disabled US Air Force veteran,  multiple near-death experience survivor, and author of You Are Deathless. Today, we will be talking about her experience, how it changed her life, and how she is still learning from it 40 years later. What we observed:


  • The memory of her first near-death experience did not come back for almost 20 years
  • An encounter with her deceased grandfather in...
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In episode #104, our guest is Crystal Anne Compton, she is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel, and founder of The Lightshine Lab, a growing online community dedicated to spiritual learning. Today we will be talking about her journey of reclaiming her intuitive gifts, and how she loves teaching about what she calls “Dominion” in the world of spirit. What we observed:

  • Her parents were also intuitive and psychic
  • In each chu...
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