The CoCreate Work Podcast | Work. Culture. Personal Development.

The CoCreate Work Podcast | Work. Culture. Personal Development.

On this weekly podcast, business leadership and culture experts La'Kita Williams and Chloe Andersen discuss strategy and tips to propel your emerging business into a workplace of the future. Join us as we co-create with you to design your company with purpose.


July 24, 2023 14 mins

Hello Co-Creators!

In this episode, we are wrapping up Season 2 of the CoCreate Work Podcast with a quick recap of our favorite episodes and a preview of what to expect when we return in September with Season 3.

Thank you so much to our amazing guests this season; Jadah Sellner, Caroline Sumners, Jen Dys, and Chrissie and Eliyah of Data Driven Rebel. If you haven’t listened to these guest episodes, August is a p...

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This week on the podcast we are excited to be sharing our conversation with Chrissie Riese and Eliya Finkelstein of Data Driven Rebel all about their partnership.

Chrissie & Eliya are a pair of data-driven growth consultants who bring together over 30 years of marketing experience to support their clients by building a marketing ecosystem that leverages data to build relationships at scale. Their no-holds-barred, every...

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Hello CoCreators! 

On the podcast this week, we are talking all about defining your Leadership Brand. Your Leadership Brand helps you (and every member of your team) communicate your values and consistently show up in a way that is aligned to the type of leader you want to be.

We also share how to get started with developing your own leadership brand statement.

If you are interested in getting some additional suppo...

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This week on the podcast we are exploring Human Design! If you’ve ever been curious about what HD is or how it can help you with your business (or maybe you’ve never heard of Human Design…), this episode is for you!

We have a great conversation with Jen Dys, a Human Design Coach & Marketing Strategist for entrepreneurs. From Physical Therapist to Human Design Coach, Jen has experienced the journey from full time health...

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Hello CoCreators! 

Today on the podcast we are introducing our BREATH© framework! This is our step by step process for tracking your well-being and creating a path forward…

  • Body
  • Rest 
  • Emotions
  • Attention
  • Thoughts 
  • Hooray! 

During the episode, we dive into each component of this framework and share our tips for implementing the framework into your work and life to better support your well-being and the well-being of your team. 

If yo...

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Hello CoCreators!

First up, La’Kita is back! On this week’s episode  we are discussing all things well-being, including your personal rating across several of the dimensions of well-being:  

  • Mental and emotional health
  • Physical health
  • Work
  • Sense of purpose
  • Social well-being
In the episode we walk  you through tips and strategies for improving your well-being in small and sustainable ways. We al...

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This week on the podcast, Chloe is talking all about personality and workstyle assessments. No, she’s not going to tell you which one is the best (because “best” is relative to what your needs are), but she is going to tell you all about the ways in which using assessments can help you and your team, the limitations of these types of assessments, how not to use them, and what to look for when deciding what assessment might be right...

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We’re hosting a challenge from June 12th-16th for leaders of small businesses and organizations to prioritize their well-being using our CoCreate Work well-being framework!

Listen to this episode to get all the details! You can also find more information on our CoCreate Work Leadership Well-Being Challenge page.

We hope you will join us for this challenge to prioritize your well-being!


  • We're la...
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This week we are re-releasing our episode about setting (or resetting) the Vision  for your business. While this is a re-release, we open the episode with some information about our Shared Purpose, Mission, and Principles Audit, which is now live, so if you've already listened to this episode, we want to encourage you to check out the first four minutes to learn a bit more about the audit and how it can support your business.<...

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This week on the podcast we continue our conversation about planning for your summer and identifying various types of support systems.  

We have a powerful conversation about support for caregivers and parents with Caroline Sumners the founder and CEO of Empower Academic Coaching. She and her team help middle and high school students with customized strategies for learning and achieving their academic goals in a peaceful way. She al...

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We are so excited to have our amazing Project Manager, Vanessa Arias, joining us on the podcast this week! Vanessa is sharing some great tips about how to support your team when you are taking time off as a leader and founder so that they are not only set up for success while you're away, but the time can also be an opportunity for them to learn and grow in a supported way. 

Vanessa Arias (she/her/hers) is a customer-...

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Are you ready for a hot business summer?! In this episode of the CoCreate Work podcast, we focus on how to prepare for a successful summer in your  business and professional aspects of life. 

We share three key areas to focus on during the summer: your learning plan, up- leveling your strategy for your business and team, and supporting your personal life. We also talk about how important it is to take an integrated approach to these...

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This week on the podcast we are thrilled to be sharing our conversation with Jadah Sellner. If you’re not already familiar with Jadah, she is a bestselling author, business coach, international keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, poet, and host of the Lead with Love® podcast. She's the author of SHE BUILDS: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life. As the founder of Jadah Sellner Media, Inc. and She Build...

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Hello CoCreators!

We are re-releasing Episode 007 of the podcast so you can learn all about why hiring might be the answer for you right now and what you will learn if you take our course, Hiring the Right Team for Your Business.  

As a leader, hiring the right team is one of the most important things you can do.  According to LinkedIn 76% of hiring managers admit that attracting the right candidates is their biggest challe...

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A quick note about this week’s episode. If you are currently feeling a bit low, before listening to this episode, please go listen to last week’s episode (022) first. 

This week on the podcast, we’re sharing the five areas where we see leaders struggling right now, how to recognize if these might be struggles for you, and tips to help you work through these challenges so you can show up as the leader you know you can be! <...

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Are you having a hard time right now as a leader? If so, this week’s episode is for you! (And if not, yay for that! And you could probably still pick up a few tips.)

There is so much happening in the world right now, it’s not surprising that many of us are feeling stretched in new and different ways.

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about some of the reasons you may be having a hard time. We then share some ...

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This week is all about setting (or resetting) the Vision  for your business. We share what makes a great Vision/Purpose and how it’s different from your mission.

We also talk about why having a clear vision is so important both for you and your team and how to truly connect your team to your company purpose which helps you and the team to stay grounded and engaged, even through challenging times.

If you’d like t...

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March 27, 2023 25 mins

This week, we are talking all about manifestation and the ways in which it can help you achieve your business goals. We walk you through the steps of manifestation using our experiences (both personal and with our clients)  to show you how to define, decide, declare, embody, and then take inspired action to create your business of the future.

For a deep dive into manifestation, we love Kathrin Zenkina (@manifestationbabe) and Shirin...

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Our second solo episode! This week, Chloe shares what she did on sabbatical and her top three takeaways from her month away from work:

  1. It is really important to give yourself permission to not be productive, in the traditional sense of the word
  2. Resets can be systems / plans / actions, and they can also be mindset resets
  3. Brains need downtime and it’s important to figure out the type of brain downtime that works best for you


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Our first solo episode! This week, La’Kita shares what she did on sabbatical and her top three takeaways from her month away from work:

  1. The importance of flexibility when things don’t go as planned
  2. Rest includes space to think and find clarity
  3. Rebalancing the various areas of life

La’Kita shared some of the talented creators she learned from during sabbatical including: 

Jules Acree

Jessica Ufuoma


Manifestation Babe


Mark as Played

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