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On The Communicative Leader, we're making your work life what you want it to be. Do you need years of training or special equipment? Not at all my friends. Simple, yet thoughtful changes in your communication can make great strides in displaying your leadership ability. And why the heck should you care about leadership communication? Well, communication is the yardstick others use to determine whether or not they see you as a leader. Ahhh don't be scared, I got you. We will walk through common organizational obstacles and chat about small, but meaningful communication-rooted changes you can integrate immediately. No more waiting for the workplace to become what you hope it will. Nope. You, my friends, will be empowered and equipped to make those changes. Let's have some fun! Can't get enough? Join our weekly email list to receive episode recaps, previews, and most importantly, communication-rooted solutions for your everyday workday questions and experiences. Sign up here: We'd love to hear from you! Send us your questions and requests via email or a voice note to


April 8, 2024 33 mins

Today we’re doing the Best of Rest for our Season 4 Finale. This has been a really fun and rich season for us – and we even hit our 50th episode this season too!

Join us as we pull out meaningful and effective advice from our guests. We're going to look at 6 major themes from the season:

  1. Focus on Leadership Development
  2. Emphasis on Values 
  3. Navigating Change
  4. Empowerment and Representation
  5. Personal Growth and Entrepreneur...
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In this conversation, Sara Buchel, a chemical engineer, shares her experiences and insights as a woman in the STEM field.

She discusses the unique challenges she has faced, including imposter syndrome and the need to assert herself as a young professional. She also highlights the significance of work-life balance and the need for leaders to create a team that values expertise and diverse perspectives.

Sarah enco...

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Dr. Megan Grunert Kowalske is as Associate Professor and the Chairperson of the Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University.

Megan talks to use about changing norms in her STEM-field, the power of role modeling positive changes, and what she's experienced in terms of gender bias (and how she responded). 

Until next time, communicate with intention and lead with purpose.

Looking for more l...

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 Julie Sturza kicks off our Women in STEM series.

 Julie  is a pediatric research statistician at the large academic medical center. In this role, she works with physician researchers to design pediatric research studies, conduct and interpret statistical analyses, and assist in the dissemination of research findings through presentations and peer-reviewed publications.

Julie shares her experiences, talks to us a...

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Nikita Kumar is a Podcast Success Manager at Pikkal & Co, where she integrates complex narratives into engaging content.

In this episode of The Communicative Leader, Nikita talks to us about the role of leadership and communication in the podcast industry, but really leaves us with a masterclass in building authentic relationships.

Until next time, communicate with intention and lead with purpose.


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Hi Leaders,

This week Dr. Julien Mirivel and Dr. Alex Lyon join us and share so many incredible tips and challenges related to leadership communication with us.

Julien and Alex are communication scholars and teachers, and they showcase their expertise in their recent book, "Positive Communication For Leaders: Proven Strategies for Inspiring Unity and Effecting Change."

You will leave this episo...

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Pam has been helping individuals and corporations improve their writing for the past 30 years.

Pam reframes writing from just another item on the to-do list to problem solving.

This is so powerful!

When viewed as problem solving, we see the need for expertise, for strategy, and for planning.

Pam also discusses the ROI when written communication is effective, and calls attention to the time an...

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Ben Gaskill describes himself as a lifelong salesperson. He talks about his aha moment when he realized that he could become his own boss.

In this episode of The Communicative Leader, Ben shares leadership lessons that he has learned along the way, and those he wish he had learned sooner. 

Until next time, communicate with intention and lead with purpose.

Looking for more leadership tips?
Join our we...

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Have you thought about sharing some of your expertise, your ideas, or experiences but just are not sure how to get started?

Deevo Tindall, a Chief Experience Officer and leader in Marketing and Branding, walks us through how to use social media and sites like LinkedIn to amplify our voices in order to share our ideas.

Until next time, communicate with intention and lead with purpose.

Looking for more le...

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Scott Shank, PhD Candidate at Michigan State University, joins us this week and walks us through some interesting applied leadership communication research. Scott is also a former student, a research collaborator, and a friend!

Scott chats with us about some really interesting, really vivid, and really important applied leadership research.

If your manager is a lion, a coach, or the anti-Midas, what does that ma...

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From confidence, conviction, and connection to rehearsal, Jacqueline Farrington shares her wealth of communication expertise with us.

Jacqueline also draws from her recent book "The Non-Obvious Guide to Better Presentations: How to Present Like a Pro (Virtually or in Person)" to leave us with some concrete ideas for improving our communication and presentation game. 

Until next time, communicate with in...

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Dr. David Schreiner is the President and CEO of Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital and the author of a new book, Be the Best Part of Their Day: Supercharging Communication with Values-Driven Leadership.

David draws from his recent book to offer thoughtful leadership advice, but doesn't stop there. He couples the advice with poignant examples helping to really illustrate what a values-driven approach to leading can look l...

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Pia Wendelbo is the CEO of Scandinavian Change Agents.

She is dynamic and a wealth of expertise. Pia helps coach individuals and organizations on something that is really really hard for many of us – change.

Through her person-centered approach, Pia leaves us with really thoughtful actions we can enact right now. 

Until next time, communicate with intention and lead with purpose.

Looking for m...

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Karen is the CEO of Eber Leadership Group, an organization that works with Fortune 500 companies on how they build their leaders, teams, and culture. 

You all know we love to chat about leadership, teams, and culture on The Communicative Leader, but Karen takes us a step further to integrate storytelling.

Want your employees to:

  • Connect with and more easily comprehend your messages
  • Remember what you said
  • Feel saf...
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November 27, 2023 48 mins


Welcome to the season 3 finale of The Communicative Leader. 

This was a fun one! Why? I got to revisit the thoughtful insights season 3 guests shared with us. 

In reviewing the season 3 episodes, I pulled out ten leadership takeaways and each of our guests speak to at least one of the takeaways. 

Our takeaways include:

  1. Embrace a growth mindset
  2. Seek feedback and learn from failures
  3. Culti...
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Nick makes the link between continued education and leadership explicit. 

We talk about ROI and other traditional tangible outcomes, but we also talk about other benefits of lifelong learning - including more diverse and more capable workplaces. 

What else? 

Nick chats with us about rethinking the traditional bachelor's degree required approach. Why? 

Well, a lot of really intelligent, reall...

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Tough conversations are, well, tough.

That's why we call them that -- tough, challenging, hard, sensitive, etc.

While these types of conversations aren't going away my friends, there are specific, pragmatic steps you can take that will make these more manageable.

Guess what?

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry does us one better than manageable, he helps us to see how embracing these conversations in...

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Ulrike Seminati shines great insight into something all of us struggle with to some extent -- Procrastination.

We might find ourselves dragging our feet for a certain task we don't love, or we might find that procrastination has become our go-to.

Regardless, Ulrike provides some specific advice to help us get out of the mud and into the work. 

She also leaves titled leaders with some specific tips ...

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Dr. Ryan Bisel has been doing really important and really innovative work related to leadership, business ethics, and employee voice.

What's employee voice?

In short, it is communicating bad news upwards. More specifically, it may be disagreeing with your manager, voicing concerns about policy or practices, or otherwise articulating issues up the chain of command.

What happens when we have a workp...

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Dan Joseph, a former Army Combat Engineer, talks to us about some important and heavy aspects of leading.

It is a nice reminder that leading is hard, because it is hard -- not because you are doing it wrong.  

Inspired to help others after a soldier in his platoon attempting suicide, Dan wrote a book entitled, "Backpack to Rucksack: Insight into Leadership and Resilience by Military Experts."


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