The Confident Healer

The Confident Healer

Learn from healers as they talk about being confident in their healing business. We will take a deep dive and talk to all types of healers and learn what inspires them, where their confidence comes from and how they keep moving through the whirlwind of being a healer and entrepreneur—a healerpreneur (and so much more).


September 5, 2023 17 mins

Hey! Welcome to season four of The Confident Healer podcast!

This week, I continue with my Ask the Akashic Record series, In this series, I give an akashic record reading with question from listeners like you! This week the majority of questions came from the subreddit /akashicrecords.

For a group reading, I opened the Founders of the Akashic Records to get their take on these exciting questions!

These questions aren’t in the same ...

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This week, I continue with my Ask the Akashic Record series, this is part four. In this series, I give an akashic record reading with question from listeners like you! This week the majority of question came from the subreddit /akashicrecords.

For a group reading, I opened the Founders of the Akashic Records to get their take on these exciting questions!

Here are the questions from the subreddit /asktheakashicrecords

Also this: I’d...

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Her Sixth Sense: What It’s Like to See Spirits

I recently found out that a relative also had a very interesting sixth sense: she can see dead people.  Me and my immediate family found this out after my Grandfather passed away.  It's such a cool experience to hear talk about her experiences.

This is her first time talking about her gift to the public!  She has some great advice if you do have these experiences, so stay tuned.

It’s d...

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What's better than one Akashic Records reader? TWO! 

We bring back Meena Ruchi (season 3 episode 6) who is also an Akashic Records reader, and we answered some questions that some Redditors on the subreddit /akashicrecords had.

Here are the 3 questions that redditors wanted to know:

  • Can anyone access their akashic record with practice?
  • Can you ask the Founders if the concept of the Akashic Records is supposed to be taken seriou...
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In this episode, I have my Uncle Raz and my brother, Krishna on to discuss the day our Baja (Grandfather) passed away. We talk about Aakha Chopi Narou Bhani, a beautiful and sad Nepali song by Narayan Gopal, helped our grandfather transition in his final hour.

This song was played often by my Grandfather on his Hawaiian slide guitar. We talk about the meaning and significance of this song and how it helped us cope with our loss. U...

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Have you ever been on YouTube and you came across video's that changed your life around? Well, for this week's guest Jonathan Finn, he went from being a musician to become a healer using hypnosis and energy healer.  It started off as curiosity, but it quickly grew into something more. He learned QHHT, a signature hypnosis from Dolores Cannon's legacy, then studied clinical hypnosis, and 13th Octave LaHoChi energy healing.  

I met ...

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April 17, 2023 71 mins

Ishita Bhama is a bright and shiny soul, she was born a gifted clairvoyant, energy healer,  and medium and uses her psychic abilities to guide hundreds of people to experience deep healing and assists others in developing their own intuitive abilities. You can listen to her podcast, called Soul healer on Spotify. 

Soul Healer Podcast on Spotify

@clairvoyanthealerishita on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook email:ishita@clairvoyanthealer...

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Do you want to learn how to access the akashic records and use them to find your purpose and heal your past? If so, you will love this episode of The Confident Healer podcast, where I interview Meena Ruchi, an akashic record reader and meditation teacher.

Meena shares how she discovered the akashic records and how they helped her connect with her soul's mission and overcome her fears and doubts. She also explains what the akashic...

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Darrell Gooden has led such an interesting life, helping businesses and corporations become more heart centered, more conscious of their behavior, their values as a person and how that can help a business. This is why I call him the Corporate Healer.

About the guest: Sifu Darrell Gooden, Ph.D. is President and Head Master Instructor of the Mountain Institute for Kung Fu and Tai Chi, a non-profit organization. He has providing instr...

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December 19, 2022 25 mins

S3E4 Ask the Akashic Record Series part 3

This week is the 3rd part of the Ask the Akashic Records Series!

Here are the 3 questions that listeners sent in:

  • What is my relationship with death?
  • What is my current relationship to materialism?
  • Do I have any specific chakras that tend to become blocked?/Are any of my chakras currently blocked?
  • How can I embrace being human more fully?

Those of you that submitted these question...

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Welcome back!

This week, I took a little break from the Ask the Akashic Record Series to talk about how to trust your intuition as a healer. Your intuition is the best guide to facilitate because it requires you to trust yourself and be present to what is happening in the moment.  It may not make sense what comes to you, but it could be the key for your client to unpack something they have been holding on to.   Whether you are a ...

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November 28, 2022 14 mins

This week is the 2nd part of the Ask the Akashic Records Series!

Here are the 3 questions I used:

  • What do you get about the shift humanity is going through right now?
  • What is the role of humanity within the universe?
  • How old is the earth?

Those of you that submitted these questions, thank you so much!!!! I think there are some great gems here!

If you have questions to ask the Akashic Records, please email them to me info@...

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November 21, 2022 17 mins

S3E1 Ask Akashic Records 1

Starting out season 3 with the Ask the Akashic Record series, this will be multi-part series where you get to ask the Founders of the Akashic Records your most burning questions!

If you have questions to ask the Akashic Records, please email them to me and I will use those questions as part of the episode!

You will be anonymous.

Here are a few things to know when submitting your que...

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Guest Info: Tina Saelee was hospitalized with severe acute covid pneumonia on October 2020 and miraculously she survived after almost one month in the hospital. She has shared her long hauler journey on her YouTube channel right after she was discharged from the hospital, not knowing if she would heal or survive.  she felt compassion to many of those who went into the ER so she intuitively felt that her videos would help other peop...

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So what is Reiki anyway, Sharmila? Well, I am so glad you asked because that’s what this week’s episode is about!

I give many examples of how we experience energy in our everyday lives and we apply that to healing.  I also give a  what a Reiki micro-session, so you know what Reiki feels like. It’s near the end of the episode.  Hopefully, you will understand Reiki healing and energy healing more and if you would like to experience...

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What are your best practices on how to stop absorbing other people’s energy?  Or are you trying to figure out that one yourself? This week, I walk you through 8-9 techniques that I use as part of my energy hygiene practices and setting boundaries.  This is really needed if you practice energy/Reiki healing, psychology, or in any healing art (including medical doctors).  This is great for empaths, and Highly Sensitive People (HSP...

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This week, we have a serene and gorgeous soul, Yolanda Williams, Self-Mastery Mentor, certified Reiki Master, and host of the Reiki Radio podcast.

Like many people, Yolanda found Reiki because she was seeking a way to alleviate her stress and anxiety from transitioning out of the financial corporate sector.

Her natural confidence, a great sense of self-worth, and self-esteem didn’t waver too much as her Reiki practice organical...

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Episode: Done Taking Shit from the Taking Care of Number F***ing One podcast

Do not adjust your dial, you are in the right place! This is The Confident Healer podcast, it’s me Sharmila Mali.

You are hearing different music and a different voice because of a special event that I am participating in,  it’s called Operation Switcheroo, for April Fool's Day. This is where podcasters play an episode from another podcast, hence switchero...

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March 21, 2022 14 mins

This is part 4 in the Akashic Record series, I am just having so much fun answering questions that you send me!

We get answers to some great questions such as what is the energy for the week, and I answered a listener’s question (with the listener’s permission) to ask Ancient Mother’s Akashic Record about using a pendulum and getting answers that later turns out to be the opposite.

Let me know if you want to ask a question for the ...

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March 15, 2022 21 mins

This is the 3rd episode in the Ask the Akashic Record Series. This episode centers around fear. Why fear? Because I had opened my Akashic Records and asked what would be the best subject for me and my listeners and it all centered around fear: fear of love, fear of asking for money in your business, fear of receiving what you asked for

This episode helps you move through fear with very practical and loving guidance.  And we could a...

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