The Cork & Fizz Guide to Wine

The Cork & Fizz Guide to Wine

Interested in learning about wine, but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place! Here at the Cork & Fizz Guide to Wine, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into the world of wine in a fun and approachable way. Hi! I'm Hailey, wine enthusiast turned wine educator and founder of Cork & Fizz. I’m here to answer all your wine questions, anything from “what the heck is an orange wine?” to “is natural wine really better for me?” I’ll also cover topics such as wine tasting, pairing food and wine, how to shop for wine, and so much more! You’ll also get to hear from experts in the wine industry like winemakers and experienced sommeliers. Whether you’re a casual wine sipper or a total cork dork like myself, this podcast is for you! Want to learn even more about wine? Come follow me on Instagram @corkandfizz and check out my website, to book a private tasting or join my virtual tasting club, the Cork Crew! How to do a wine tasting for beginners. What are the basics of wine? What type of wine should a beginner drink? What wine goes with which food? Wine information for beginners. What is the best way to learn about wine? Wine education podcast.


April 10, 2024 40 mins

I’m so excited for today’s episode on 4 up and coming wine regions!

And what I love most about this topic is that a listener proposed this idea! I love chatting about anything you’re interested in hearing about!

Now, these regions may not necessarily be new in making wine (in fact some are quite old) but they ARE rising in popularity.

Join me as we explore four regions that each have a unique story and di...

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Located in the heart of France is the renowned region of Burgundy. 

Burgundy is famed for its vineyards and diverse terroir. From Cote d’Or which is dominated by the Pinot Noir grape to the Cote de Beaune characterized by an abundance of Chardonnay, each sub region holds its own allure and unique varietals. 

And with such a large region it’s easy to get confused by all the Burgundy has to offer! (Even if it’s most...

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March 27, 2024 22 mins

I’m back with another grape deep dive and this time it’s Barbera! 

I first fell in love with this grape at my local wine shop and now it’s my go-to for pizza night since they pair so well together!

I just love how approachable and fruity this grape is and the fact that you can get an amazing bottle of wine for only $15!

Today, I’ll share with you the mysterious origins and scandalous past of the beloved B...

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Did you know that one of my very favorite styles of wine is sparkling wine?!

It’s absolutely delicious and I find the history behind sparkling wine so intriguing….especially since it started as an accident, or more accurately, a HAPPY accident!

Today’s episode is essentially my Sparkling Wine 101 Tasting that you would get if you booked a private tasting with me but you are getting exclusive access to this on the podcast!

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Does a beautiful hand-blown wine glass make a difference when it comes to drinking wine?

Are different glasses good for different kinds of wine? 

Or is it just all a marketing strategy?

Today, I have David Kong, founder of Glasvin Stemware, with me. David is changing the game for wine and cocktail lovers everywhere! And he is giving us all the details on those questions. 

David dives into how a wine glass can or can...

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March 6, 2024 22 mins

Do you find yourself drinking the same wine all the time? 

Even as a wine enthusiast, I’m guilty of this myself! 

And while I know how easy it is to gravitate towards the same wines, I’m here to help you find some fun and interesting new wines to try!

Today, I’m introducing you to 4 of my favorite wines that aren’t quite as well known…but they must go on your list of new wines to try!

From the spicy Grüner Veltliner...

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February 28, 2024 37 mins

I love French wine…but I also REALLY love Spanish wine so I knew it was time to do a Spanish Wine 101 episode!

Spain has some of the most budget friendly, age worthy wines and if you aren’t drinking Spanish wine yet you will want to by the end of this episode!

Today, we are diving into the captivating world of Spanish wine. From the rolling vineyards of Rias Baixas to the rugged terrain of Priorat, we are exploring the dist...

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What happens when two friends who are passionate about traveling, chemistry, and wine fall in love with each other?

They get married and open a winery together!

Wife and wife team, Tara Gomez and Mireia Taribó, are the winemakers and founders of Camins 2 Dreams Winery in Santa Rita Hills, California. Camins 2 Dreams sources their grapes from vineyards in Santa Barbara County with a focus in Santa Rita Hills.

Tara and Mi...

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Today, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite wine regions in the entire world, Walla Walla, Washington!

To me this region is like a secret little getaway. Like many of you I spend so much of my time feeling stressed out and worrying about everything that needs to get done. And every time I visit Walla Walla I feel so relaxed and chill and it’s like my worries just disappear when I am there.

I want to share this amazing re...

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February 7, 2024 29 mins

My grape deep dive is back and this time it’s all about the misunderstood Riesling grape!

You may already be thinking: I don’t like Riesling! Either because you think it’s too sweet or it’s too acidic. But here’s where Riesling’s unique characteristics shine…this grape can do both! It can be sweet or acidic and it’s all dependent on where it’s grown and how the winemaker chooses to make the wine!

Today, we are going to take...

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What’s it like owning a winery in Colorado and growing grapes at 6,000 feet above sea?

For Jayme and Steve it’s been fraught with surprising challenges and extravagant wins!

Today I’m talking with Colorado winemakers and founders of The Storm Cellar, Jayme Henderson and Steve Steese.

The Storm Cellar is a boutique winery, located in Hotchkiss, Colorado, specializing in high-quality, aromatic White and Rosé wines. 

They are a husband-an...

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Does the wine list at your favorite restaurant overwhelm you? 

Ordering wine at a restaurant can be an overwhelming experience, especially when faced with a lengthy wine list that’s multiple pages long and in a language that seems foreign! 

If you can relate then you are going to be so excited for today’s episode!

I’m sharing my best tips on ordering wine at a restaurant because I know how scary it can be...

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I promised you a part two to my French Wine 101 episode and it’s finally here!

If you haven’t listened to part one yet, go back and listen to Episode 19 - French Wine 101. There we talked about the most popular and well known regions of France - Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire Valley, and the Rhone Valley.

Today, we are going to go off the beaten path to explore six of the lesser known, but just as wonderful ...

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Are you ready to uncork a wealth of knowledge and passion for Australian wine? 

In today's episode, Nashville-based sommelier, author and importer Jane Lopes takes us on a journey through the lesser known wines of Australia! 

Jane shares with us what sparked her interest in Australian wine and how that spark led to her and her husband importing Australian wine into the US and the formation of their import business, Leg...

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Are you participating in Dry January?

Or perhaps you simply enjoy non-alcoholic wines?

Whatever the reason, you may be curious about some of the most common questions regarding non-alcoholic wines such as: Are they any good? Are they really alcohol free? Is non-alcoholic wine just grape juice?

Today, we are diving into the complexities of dealcoholized wine and wine alternatives. How are they different? Are they truly 1...

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Have you ever wondered why that bottle of wine you opened tastes off? 

A bottle of wine can go bad before you even open! We call the things that make it go bad wine faults.

Wine faults are often caused by poor storage and handling however there are other cases where damage happens to the wine through no fault of our own!

It’s good to know what these wine faults are and understand what to do when you notic...

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Imagine your spouse calling and saying “I may have just signed a lease on a vineyard!"

That’s exactly the phone call Sarah received from Nate, the passionate husband and wife duo behind Walsh Family Wine in Virginia!

Sarah Walsh comes from a background of fine dining, fine wine sales and wine education. She manages the Northern Virginia sales team for Winebow, a wine importer and distributor and holds a diplo...

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Does this sound familiar?

You discover you like a certain style of wine and from that point on you look for that wine at the store or when you go out to eat. And it’s always the same style of wine.

But you can see that there are so many other options! You want to try something new but how do you know if you’ll like it? Maybe it’s just safer to stick with what you like because you know you like it.


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You loved the last exclusive look into my Cork Crew Virtual Tasting Club so I’m back with another sneak peek! And this time I’m joined by the infamous Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible!

In today’s world we often take for granted the fact that we can walk into a winery and order a glass of wine or that we can join wine classes for tastings, and really learn about wine in so many different ways!

But ...

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November 29, 2023 40 mins

Today’s episode is a fun one because I’m answering your most common wine questions! 

I recently posted a question sticker in my Instagram stories asking you to send me all of your wine related questions and boy did you deliver! It makes me really happy to answer your questions so I had so much fun with this! If you missed that question sticker on my Instagram stories I’ll be doing it again soon, so make sure you are follow...

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