The Cousin Nancy Show

The Cousin Nancy Show

Humorous stories, jokes and entertaining interviews with Cousin Nancy's hilarious Texas Hill Country friends, guests and complete strangers that she has yet to meet. Hosted by Cousin Nancy (Parker-Simons) and recorded @ Big Foot Ranch, in Medina, Texas.


June 6, 2024 3 mins

Episode 32 is a very short (under 4 minutes) podcast for Cousin Nancy. And if you would rather read this podcast please go to: and follow the link to her blog.

In this short, but funny podcast Cousin Nancy gives a Cousin Boomer update—followed  by her My Thought For Today and then she finishes it off with several humorous one-liners about aliens, Big Foot, UFOs and  a strange creature.

As alway...

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In this short, 7.5 minutes, humorous episode Cousin Nancy tells a funny story about the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch when she was interviewed by a San Antonio television station.

She gives a funny Cousin Boomer update—followed by My Thought For Today Time—followed by Make Me Laugh Time with some good, old, corny jokes.

If you would prefer to read this rather than have to listen to Cousin Nancy please go to her webs...

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April 28, 2024 6 mins

Please note that Cousin Nancy is dedicating this podcast to her and Tony's dear friends Clive & Curtis, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. And she hope that this podcast  makes them and you laugh out loud. But if not—who cares!

And please note that if you would rather read this podcast instead of listening to her please click here on: and follow the link to her blog.

In this humorous...

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March 26, 2024 8 mins

In this funny 8.5 minutes episode dedicated to Felix M. in Nevada, Cousin Nancy talks about the benefits of laughter and that will make you start laughing before she even gets to her Make Me Laugh Time! segment.

Cousin Nancy also explains her thoughts about People Who Need People  and if that doesn't make you chuckle then her funny, true story about a manic-depressive clown will definitely get you to laughing.

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February 26, 2024 7 mins

In this fun seven-minute podcast Cousin Nancy talks about  NASA's mystery of the half-eaten jelly donut that was found on Mars surface,  many, many years ago.

Then she entertains us with several funny jokes in her  Make Me Laugh Time—but this time with a little help from her friend's jokes.

Then she talks about a new 3 minute video that her dear friend Gerry Olert recently filmed when he last visited th...

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In this hilarious episode Cousin Nancy interviews a couple of her favorite people—sisters: Eileen and Dean. Cousin Nancy loves these two, because they are extremely funny sisters and their way of telling a story is like no other, because they will have you laughing from the git-go.

So grab your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy listening to Cousin Nancy's funniest friends tell their humorous stories about a mon...

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February 3, 2024 7 mins

In this  short 8 minute episode Make Me Laugh Time!  Cousin Nancy talks about doing lunch with friends Jim & Liz Cravotta and she tells a few funny jokes . 

And she transcribed this episode, so if you would rather read it than have to listen to it please go to www. and follow the link to her Cousin Nancy blog. And to help entice you there are a few pictures.

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January 25, 2024 15 mins

In this podcast Cousin Nancy explains why so much time as lapsed since doing her last podcast. She gives us a Cousin Boomer update and finishes off her show with a few good jokes.

Please note that Cousin Nancy has transcribed this podcast for you and you can read it on her blog and also view a few pictures.

Please go to and follow the link to her blog.

Thank y'all for lis...

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In this entertaining podcast Cousin Nancy interviews her dear friends Lyle & Roxanne,  who are retired gave diggers. It is a very serious subject for this couple, so Cousin Nancy tried to keep it light with some of their upbeat stories only.

During this podcast Lyle & his beautiful wife traded funny jokes with Cousin Nancy and they also talked about their mutual love of dogs and all animals, Roxanne's & Ly...

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January 26, 2023 4 mins

This short,  five-minute episode "Last Sunday In Church" Cousin Nancy  gives a Cousin Boomer update, tells a pretty funny joke and she talks about the three, new, metal signs that she recently purchased from Amazon.

Cousin Nancy has posted pictures of her three new funny signs and if you want to check it out please go to her website: and follow the link to her blog to check out the hilarious s...

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I have had a blast doing this podcast: Full of Gas that was filmed entirely at Ben Silva's gas station in Staples, Texas! This super entertaining film was written and directed by my new, dear friend Dave Crowe.

It was produced by Dean Reading and Tony's and my good friend, Gerry Olert, was the director of photography. And I do want to thank Gerry for showing me Full of Gas and for recommending that I do a podcas...

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In this fun episode Cousin Nancy has a wonderful time interviewing Paul Garrison and his beautiful wife, Alejandra , who work as a team training mules and their people.

Tony has known his good friend, Paul, since they were kids going to school, in Medina. Paul & Alejandra are professional mule/people trainers and they are known worldwide for their outstanding skills and knowledge of training mules and teaching "mu...

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August 30, 2022 44 mins

In this fun and interesting podcast Cousin Nancy interviews her dear friends Jay Pennington and Gerry Olert of Olert & Pennington Productions about their latest award-winning feature film Heart Cycles.

Jay and Gerry are known for making films on shoestring budgets that are high quality films that win many awards. In fact, last year Cousin Nancy actually played a small part acting like a crazy, old woman who spends mos...

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Cousin Nancy has a blast interviewing her and Tony's dear friend Fourth Coates. And you can see why they love Fourth so much by listening to this entertaining interview with Fourth telling one funny story after another,  and with Cousin Nancy often cutting in to tell a few jokes.

For more information and to see pictures, etc. please go to

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I had such a great time doing my 18th podcast with Tony's and my dear friend, singer/songwriter Phill Brush. Tony and I have known Phill for over 20 years and he is one super talented man.

In this fun to listen to podcast Phill and I talked about many subjects including his valuable work volunteering, at Kinky Friedman's and his sister Marcie Friedman's Echo Hill Gold Star CampAnd I gave a Cousin Boomer update and ...

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In this 17th episode Cousin Nancy has a super fun visit with her and Tony's dear friend—Boone Holding.

Boone Holding is out of Bandera TX area and he loves singing classics and Texas country music. His easy listening sound and kind soul will make you instantly fall in love with his music.

Cousin Nancy did a super-fun podcast with their dear friend, Boone Holding. Recorded live at, The Last Resort (aka the ...

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In this fun episode Cousin Nancy has a blast interviewing her and Tony's dear friend Jean Weber and the laughter is non-stop as Jeans entertains CN, Joan and Tony with hilarious stories about friends and family and her beloved cat Tiger.

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April 10, 2022 9 mins

In this fun podcast Cousin Nancy gives a Cousin Boomer Update and then she tells her story about a shiny, red, 1962 Corvette Convertible.

If you would like to read a transcript of this episode please go to cousin and follow the link to Cousin Nancy's blog.

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Cousin Nancy has one heck of a good time interviewing her and Tony's dear, artists friends—Liz & Jim Cravotta—who are also famous, because of their historic, Texas wedding that took place in Bowie, Texas known as "The Great Hippie Wedding of 1975, in Montague County."

Liz and Jim entertain Cousin Nancy and keep her laughing out loud with their hilarious stories which include: how they met, their first da...

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February 23, 2022 12 mins

IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE! or The Pentagon!

This fun episode is about Cousin Nancy's dear friend Henry B. Gonzalez, from Austin, Texas who passed away a few years ago. He was an extremely talented artist and one of the funniest people that she ever knew. And she shares of her favorite "Henry" stories.

This episode also includes a Cousin Boomer update.  And a hilarious story about her doing &qu...

Mark as Played

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