The Creative Pulse podcast

The Creative Pulse podcast

The Creative Pulse is a podcast about people and their creative passions. On each episode host Angela de Burger connects with people who are fired up about expressing themselves by imagining, experimenting and creating. You’ll hear from inspiring creators who’ll give you lots of ideas about how you can explore your creativity too.


February 21, 2024 42 mins

Bill Hecht creates retro-futurism robot sculptures, finding great joy in imagining new uses for materials that would otherwise be discarded. He imaginatively combines bits and pieces of different items to create robot figures that have personality and presence.

Bill established The Robotorium, where he dreams up, builds and showcases his found object robot sculptures. Electronics and industrial components that no longer s...

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I recently published the 100th episode of the Creative Pulse podcast and I have absolutely loved connecting with creative people around the world and bringing those conversations to you. Thank you so much for being here! 

This episode is a little different than usual, as I take a moment to mark the milestone of 100 episodes being published and all of the awesome ideas my guests have shared. 

You’ll hear:

  • six th...
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On the 100th episode of the podcast, Lindsay Jean Thomson shares all about #The100DayProject!

It’s a free global creativity challenge and this year’s start date was announced during the episode. Taking part is pretty straightforward - you pick something and do it every day for 100 days, sharing online as you go.

#The100DayProject, in its current form, celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and it’s going strong...

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Using fragile eggshells of all sizes as her creative canvas, Katherine Alexander designs colourful and intricate works of art. Her specialty is pysanky, the traditional Ukrainian art of writing on eggs.

Katherine says her creative fire comes from discovering the limits she can push with this beautiful but challenging medium. She respects the long history of pysanky and enjoys the classic designs that have been passed down ...

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December 27, 2023 68 mins

Stef Bastiàn is a talented and experienced tattoo artist whose love affair with tattooing began when he was a teenager. His fascination was sparked when he crossed paths with Maurizio Fiorini, a heavily-tattooed man in his neighbourhood in Florence, Italy, who was well-known and well-respected in the industry.

Stef’s creative journey has taken him to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and 16 European countrie...

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A lifelong love of singing and dancing took Robyn Bennett from her hometown stages to New York City and then to Paris. Once there, she performed in the musical Cabaret, directed by Sam Mendes, which played for two years at the famous Folies Bergère theatre.

Now Robyn makes her own music and performs regularly with her partner in life and work, trombone player Ben van Hille. She has written and produced several albums and ...

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Jessica Marro has an unwavering belief in fairies, a serious love for architecture and is passionate about spending time in nature. Throughout her life, she has worked as an architect, an interior designer and a design instructor.

Over the last few years, she followed her creative passion and became a fairy house architect! Her company is called Little Wonders and it’s where all the things that make her happy come togethe...

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November 15, 2023 42 mins

Lorna Dandy is an artist with a studio assistant - her beloved dog Axle - who inspired her creative journey in a big way. Her specialty is creating realistic, detailed, hand-drawn pet portraits using coloured pencils.

She started out on a very different career path, studying and completing a bachelors and masters degree in law. But during her years at university she found herself turning to drawing to help reduce her stre...

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Brittani Locke specializes in creating unique hand-marbled silk scarves and other accessories. She also applies marbling designs on paper and canvas to create one-of-a-kind items.

Brittani is actively involved in her local community, creating partnerships and working relationships with community groups, art centres and other artists to reach as many people as she can, sharing her love for many different types of creative ...

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Ivy Karlsgodt specializes in creating handmade, hand stitched, vintage-inspired lampshades that are works of art. What started as a hobby is now her full-time, Brooklyn-based business, with happy customers, over a million followers on her social media channels, and well over 10 million views of her content. You might have even spotted her work in the set design for Stevie Nicks’ recent concert tour!

Ivy’s background is in ...

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Isobelle Ouzman alters books to create an alternate reality for what goes on between the front and back covers. She creates detailed three-dimensional scenes that unexpectedly but instantly capture your imagination.

She uses multiple techniques including paper carving, drawing and colorizing the pages. To create the 3D aspect, she has to think about the many layers of paper within the book and how she can sculpt them to r...

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Kelsey Powless had never touched, let alone operated, a power tool in her life but one day she found herself inspired by artworks that had been made with a scroll saw. That was the moment that changed everything for her. With a supportive family and the ability to learn from people who shared their techniques online, she dove right in and the rest is history!

She began creating signs for herself as a hobby but after shari...

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September 6, 2023 50 mins

From an early age, Eva Luna Kodera dreamed of becoming a ‘book doctor’, inspired by a character in one of her favourite stories. Now, as a master bookbinder, she is living that dream.

She developed her bookbinding skills over many years, most recently becoming a master bookbinder after a three-year apprenticeship in the craft. Her final project was complex, using a combination of materials and techniques, along with a uniq...

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Hi everyone, it’s your host Angela de Burger here and today’s episode is a little bit different than usual. I usually welcome a guest and get to hear all about their unique ways of being creative.

But this time, I’m turning the microphone towards YOU!
Do you have a tip for staying creative? 
For moving forward when you feel a little stuck?
For getting the creative energy flowing again?

I’m asking you...

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Charlotte Pleasants is bringing Shakespeare’s classic works to modern audiences and forging her own creative path as an actor, producer, director and theatre company founder. Not only that, but she has taken on an additional challenge for herself by focusing on presenting English-language theatre productions in a French-speaking city: Paris, France.

Born in Australia and raised in New Zealand, she earned a university degr...

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Lucy Butler is a sculptor who handmakes pieces that are inspired by the ruins of Irish churches, abbeys and houses that capture her imagination.

She studied Model Making for Film and Media at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology and worked in that field for several years. Then, she felt a call to return to her roots.

Today, Lucy specializes in historic sites and the details they offer up as she gives them ...

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Liza Zhurkovskaya has built a career that allows her to create multiple collections of artworks - she’s a fine art curator. She develops collections for her clients, indulging in her love of finding artists, getting to know their artwork, and matching pieces to the tastes and desires of her art-collecting clients.

She’s worked in galleries, provided advice and guidance to private clients, and established her own online, co...

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Nic Redman is a spoken voice coach and voiceover artist who uses her many talents to help professional voice users explore their vocal potential so they can reach their speaking, recording and performance goals.

She has a Master’s degree in voice studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Nic has taught voice, voiceover and accents at some of the top drama schools and theatres across the UK. She has her own...

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Mike Rohde is the creator of Sketchnotes, a method of note-taking that uses a combination of handwriting, drawings, hand-lettering, shapes, and visual elements like arrows, boxes, and lines. The focus is on capturing ideas, not art, and you don’t need any special drawing ability to do it. In fact, Mike has been known to issue “permission to suck at drawing” certificates, encouraging people to practice and develop at their own pace....

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A couple of years ago, due to the sweeping changes to daily routines that came about because of the global pandemic, Travis Grant decided to try his hand at writing fiction - and wow was that a good thing!

He has a talent for writing scenes that ring true, creating believable, authentic characters that reflect the world within which he situates them. Those locations often resemble the places he knows and loves best - north...

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