The Crossing Guard Tapes

The Crossing Guard Tapes

In a world where cities are playgrounds and playgrounds are arenas. Where arenas are battlegrounds, and battlegrounds are sectioned into streets and streets are bisected by school crosswalks and school crosswalks are the frontline in an ancient battle where crossing guards are the warriors that stand between the everyday, holding up a stop sign to the end of days... and the end of days is going way over 15 MPH/30 KPH in a school crossing zone.


June 15, 2023 33 secs


Subject: Urgent Investigation into the Cold Case "Operation: Look Both Ways" and Recent Unauthorized Leaks of "The Crossing Guard Tapes"

Due to recent unauthorized public leaks, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Safety Vest Task Force is urgently reopening a 40 year old cold case, known internally as "Operation Look Both Ways.&...

Mark as Played

Deets on the SVTF's investigation from Special Agent Robert Donovan's lips to our ears (by way of a zero-day exploit 🤫).

Mark as Played
July 13, 2023 13 mins

When Mike Limbo gets hired as a Crossing Guard, he’s slowly dragged into an underground world he never knew existed…

Mark as Played
July 15, 2023 12 mins

Mike settles into his new job where his strength and courage is tested daily. 
Is he up for it? 
We sure hope so.

Mark as Played
July 20, 2023 15 mins

Mike is finally getting comfortable with his job, though money problems plague him, forcing him to make some poor choices.

Mark as Played

He's starting to wonder why they've been chasing a nobody like Mike Limbo for 30 years. 

Tune in to hear the doubts creeping in.

Mark as Played
July 27, 2023 11 mins

The job is starting to wear on Mike and he’s ready to breakout and find some excitement with his new friends. But sometimes your old friends are hard to shake.

Mark as Played
August 3, 2023 11 mins

Mike and his new pals take a trip to Atlantic City. He comes back a new man, determined to make his job a real priority in his life. We're about to find just how determined he is...

Mark as Played
August 8, 2023 46 secs

Special Agent Donovan has gone missing, while the new agent on the case has barely scratched the surface and can already see the cracks the cheap paint is hiding...

Mark as Played
August 10, 2023 18 mins

In the season 1 finale, Mike is getting increasingly frustrated with his job and with some of his co-workers. Tonight, Mike and his new bestie, Buddy, are about to have a Halloween to remember.

Mark as Played
August 24, 2023 75 mins

The FBI's pursuit is heating up, so we gotta book our next Airbnb/safehouse. While we strategize, let's introduce you to a fave podcast of ours, 'We Live!'
Regina and Deez, isolated in a Pacific Northwest lighthouse, bring laughter to a zombie-ridden world. And in a twist of fate, they've interviewed "The Crossing Guard Tapes" creator, Jim Waters. Amidst their zany calls and doomed guests, Ji...

Mark as Played
September 7, 2023 30 secs

The FBI thinks they've got me cornered, but I took a page from their book and sacrificed a pawn. 
Enjoy the view of my old digs, agents - in the weeks it takes you to decode the wall, season 2 will already have hit the ground running. 

Mark as Played

Agent Hall's in over her head, and she's not the only one in that abandoned place. Could this be her final transmission? The truth won't stay buried forever... but she might.

Mark as Played
November 9, 2023 1 min

Just when Agent Hall thought she was alone, Donovan, the ghost agent, makes his move. Their clandestine meeting? A convergence of truths that I'll ensure sees the light of day.

Mark as Played
November 16, 2023 18 mins

Mike is in hot water. How much, he’s not sure. Unclear of where he is and the motives of his captors, Mike plays for time.

Mark as Played
November 16, 2023 15 mins

The season two premiere finds Mike in a bewildering and perplexing situation, wallowing in a bleak and unlit place, unsure of where he is and how he got there. His clouded memory slowly returns as he begins to fully realize his predicament.

Mark as Played
November 23, 2023 15 mins

Mike is starting get a sense that he is out of danger… for the time being, anyway. But what is this place? A prison? A hospital? A secret military base? A temple for some bizarre religious cult? Mike has no choice but to play along.

Mark as Played

Witness Agent Hall's daring confrontation with Gladwell.

Mark as Played
November 30, 2023 18 mins

Mike is finally settling in here at the compound, which can only mean one thing... he’s starting to go stir crazy.

Mark as Played

 Agent Hall finds unexpected allies in a world of deception.

Mark as Played

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