The Dadpreneur Podcast

The Dadpreneur Podcast

Welcome to the Dadpreneur Podcast, your weekly source of wisdom on entrepreneurship and parenting. Join me every week for solo episodes where we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship and the challenges and triumphs of parenthood. Discover strategies, stories, and practical advice to help you navigate the delicate balance between running a successful business and being a dedicated parent. Plus, don’t miss our insightful interviews with thought leaders who can offer valuable insights to help you excel in both arenas. Tune in and embark on a journey to become a more fulfilled and successful Dadpreneur.


November 27, 2023 23 mins

Join us in this captivating episode as we journey through the realm of marketing with Emanuel Rose, a distinguished expert with over three decades of experience. Emanuel, the driving force behind Strategic eMarketing, delves into the intricacies of cutting-edge marketing, branding, and advertising. Discover his passion for helping businesses thrive from the ground up, and how his unique approach has steered countless clients toward...

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In this enlightening episode, we delve into the world of visual communication and creativity with Ashton Rodenhiser, founder of Mind's Eye Creative Consulting. Ashton, a passionate advocate for lifting the creative spirit in all, joins us to share her journey from corporate pressures to becoming a visual thinking expert. Discover how her innovative graphic recording and facilitation practices have transformed the way people absorb ...

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Join us for an insightful conversation with Jeff Nelligan, an accomplished father of three, well-known parenting commentator, and author of "Four Lessons from My Three Sons - How You Can Raise a Resilient Kid: Second Edition." Jeff shares his invaluable insights on intentional parenting, instilling important values, and nurturing resilient children. Don't miss this episode for a dose of inspiration and wisdom. You can get Jeff's bo...

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November 1, 2023 17 mins

In this episode, we dive into the world of financial literacy with Mari Collins Harris, the passionate entrepreneur behind Ketshop, a parent-approved shopping app designed to empower kids to manage their own money. Discover how Mari's background in infographic design and educational animation led to the creation of an engaging app that teaches kids essential financial skills. Join us as we explore the importance of early financial ...

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In this enlightening episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, we have the privilege of speaking with Jackie Reses, CEO of Luna Financial Group, and Lauren Weinberg, Chief Marketing Officer of Square. Together, they bring us the remarkable stories and invaluable lessons from their book, "SELF MADE BOSS," which features firsthand accounts of small business owners who have built their companies from the ground up.

From hiring the right tale...

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In this crucial episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, host Alex dives into the massive lawsuit against Meta Inc., the company behind Facebook and Instagram. Find out why 41 states are accusing Meta of harming the mental health of our children and what we, as parents and entrepreneurs, can do to protect our most valuable investment—our kids.

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In this compelling episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, we have the privilege of speaking with Jennifer Helene, an international entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. Jennifer's expertise lies in the fields of nutrition and behavioral change, where she has built innovative teams and methodologies that anticipate and create change long before it's necessary.

Join us as we delve into the secrets of achieving holistic health...

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Prepare to be inspired by a very special episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast! Join Alex and his incredible 11-year-old daughter, Kamila, as they embark on a heartwarming journey through the world of homeschooling, music, and basketball.

In this candid conversation, Kamila shares her experiences and passions, from her homeschool adventures to her love for music and the thrill of the basketball court. Her story is a testament to the li...

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In this illuminating episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with Kim Daly, a seasoned franchise consultant and business coach. Join us as we explore the world of franchising, its reliability as an investment in uncertain times, and the essential steps to finding the perfect franchise opportunity.

Kim Daly brings over two decades of experience in helping individuals turn their dreams of business ownershi...

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In this enlightening episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, we have the privilege of hosting Dr. Julia DiGangi, a renowned neuropsychologist. Join us as we explore the fascinating connection between the brain's wiring and workplace behaviors such as motivation, performance, leadership, and relationships.

Dr. DiGangi delves into the intricate relationship between leadership and emotional intelligence, emphasizing that they are nearly in...

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October 2, 2023 16 mins

In this crucial episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, we embark on a journey into the digital realm, focusing on the safety of your children online. Discover essential tips and insights to protect your kids while they explore the vast world of the internet.

We explore the risks of internet access and discuss the importance of keeping personal information private, teaching critical thinking skills, and recognizing online dangers. Learn...

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In this episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, Alex takes center stage to share his journey and insights into the transformative world of public speaking. Discover how stepping onto the podium can not only boost your personal growth but also elevate your business endeavors.

Join Alex as he unravels the process of getting started in public speaking, from finding your voice to researching compelling topics. Learn how he ensures the accur...

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In this inspiring episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, we explore the powerful ways you can make a positive impact on your community and the world by getting involved with nonprofits. Discover the three T's - Time, Talent, and Treasure - and how you can contribute to meaningful causes that matter to you. Tune in to learn how your efforts can create a ripple effect of change and leave a lasting legacy of compassion and generosity.

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In this episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, Alex sits down with a very special guest - his 13-year-old son! Get ready to dive into a candid and insightful conversation that spans a range of topics close to a teenager's heart.

Alex and his son discuss the fascinating world of homeschooling. Learn about the unique experiences and challenges faced by a young student navigating the homeschooling journey. Discover how it has shaped his p...

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September 7, 2023 11 mins

In this episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, Alex dives deep into the world of entrepreneurship and the critical decision-making process of becoming a business owner. Join us as we explore the importance of defining your 'why' when venturing into the business world, just as Alex did in pursuit of freedom.

Discover the key factors to consider before taking the entrepreneurial leap. Are you truly passionate about the business you're ab...

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In this enlightening episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, Alex delivers a powerful message on the importance of communication. Whether it's in the workplace, at home, or in interactions with anyone, effective communication is the key to success.

Join Alex as he shares valuable tips and insights on how to become a better listener, a skill that can transform your relationships and interactions. Learn to truly connect with others, under...

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Embarking on a business journey is exhilarating but equally daunting. With statistics showing that 20.4% of new businesses fold in the first year, and up to 50% by the fifth year, it's clear that the entrepreneurial path is fraught with challenges. Success isn't just about hard work and luck; it hinges on meticulous planning and strategic execution.

In this episode, we delve into the fundamental questions every aspiring entrepreneu...

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In this episode, we explore the essential question: What kind of entrepreneur are you? Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned business owner, identifying your strengths and weaknesses is key to your success. With 31.7 million small businesses in the US employing nearly half of the American workforce, entrepreneurship is more relevant than ever.

We dive into various types of entrepreneurs—from Micro and Dreamer to ...

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In this episode, we're delving into the "7 Effective Ways to Build a Positive Mindset for Dadpreneurs." Elevate your life and business by adopting proven strategies like practicing gratitude, surrounding yourself with positive influences, and embracing mindfulness. Physical activity, learning from failures, maintaining a positive outlook, and finding life's silver linings are also key factors that can contribute to a better mindset...

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In this insightful solo episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, host Alex Oliveira opens up about his exciting new entrepreneurial journey as he joins Article Factory as a co-founder alongside Damir Secki. The story behind this partnership is more than a business deal; it's a tale of alignment, connection, and shared vision.

Learn more:

Alex takes listeners through the intricate process of finding the right c...

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