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May 12, 2024 66 mins

Ahead of Climate Action Week Sydney, we delve into Australia's new mandatory climate-related financial disclosures with insights from two leading experts: Beth Dowe and Dan Leverington.

Beth brings her rich experience from the Australian Climate Leaders Coalition to highlight the practical steps and collaborative efforts needed for businesses to adapt to these regulations.

Dan Leverington adds his expertise...

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In Tim Duggan’s latest book, Working Backwards, he boldly states that if we don’t change the direction of work soon something is going to break, and that something is us.
In the latest episode of The Digital Village show, we discuss...

  • Why the way we're working is broken and how working backwards can help mend our fractured relationship with work.

  • The misnomer of 'work-life balance' and flipping...
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Over half of the 86% of Australian’s struggling with stress and burnout at work suffer in silence and Danielle Owen Whitford is out to change that.

Recognised as a World Changing Idea in 2021 by Fast Company, Pioneera is using linguistic analysis and AI to detect and prevent burnout in real time.

On the latest episode of The Digital Village Show, we spoke with Danielle about her transition from Executive General M...

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Rob Morris is a prolific founder, investor, technologist and systems thinker. 

In the latest episode of The Digital Village Show, we discuss cooperative coordination by alignment rather than control, the meta crisis and the shift of advantage towards win-together approaches. Machiavelli isn’t dead but he’s feeling very sleepy.

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September 26, 2023 76 mins
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September 13, 2023 50 mins


Dr Simon Fielke - Also a research scientist in applied human geographical research into the implications of digitalisation of agricultural innovation systems and has published over 35 papers with CSIRO alone.

Professor Graham Williams - A leader in machine learning in AI and prolific author who has served as Principle Research Scientist at CSIRO, Director of Data Science at Microsoft and currently Chief Sci...

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September 6, 2023 35 mins

Pt. 2 dives deeper into the challenges and opportunities of innovation in the AgTech industry.

We explore the fair exchange of data between farmers and AgTech providers, the need for transparency and issues around data ownership.

The concept of ‘warm data’ is introduced which emphasises the context and interconnectedness of data, and the need for diverse perspectives in decision-making.

Graham Matthews hi...

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August 28, 2023 43 mins

Discover how responsible innovation is transforming digital agriculture technologies in Australia.

For Episode 18, we’re joined by an incredible panel who explain their personal experiences, insights and the hurdles to integrating these practices into the domain.

From enhancing soil health to bolstering food security, responsible innovation has emerged as a key to tackling Australia’s multifaceted challenges.

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May 16, 2023 114 mins

Join us on a thought-provoking journey as we explore a hypothetical scenario: What if platforms like Uber, Freelancer, and Upwork were owned by their own users?

In this episode, we're joined by Louis Cousins, Ana Aguirre and Nicolás Dimarco as we dive into the potential implications of a user-owned model, reshaping the way these platforms operate and their core priorities.

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April 25, 2023 108 mins

Season 3: The Next Generation of Digital Platforms 

Episode 1:  Co-op Car Ride


Khalid Villalobos:  Geographer,  Political Scientist\

Markel Gibert: Co-founder and worker-owner,  TAZEBAEZ Coop.

Juan Latorre: Founder, Eraman Coop & Member,  Coop-Cycle

Francesca Martinelli: Director, Centro Studi Doc Foundation

What it will take to secure a digital future that prioritises labour equity and well-bein...

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An economist, a lawyer, an engineer and a doctor… they may or may not walk into a bar but 17 years later are the co-founders of a double unicorn, Go1. Having raised US$100m in their second major capital raise in the space of 12 months earlier this year, the Edutech company is now valued at over $2billion.

On Episode 17 of The Digital Village Show, Vu Tran shares the incredible 17-year entrepreneurial story he, Andrew Barnes, Chris E...

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Mark Monfort stands at the forefront of the Australian Web3 movement as co-founder of the Australian Defi Association and venture studio Not Centralised.

As a Tradfi native turned DeFi convert, he remains pragmatic about the mainstream adoption of decentralisation despite bearing the tounge-in-cheek monikor Captain Defi on Twitter & Discourse.

On Season 2 episode #6 of The Digital Village Show, we sit down wit...

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It may be cliché to say “it’s ok to make mistakes”, but for those willing to understand the logic behind them and not immediately dismiss them as irrelevant, clichés can hold valuable lessons.

Fred Schebesta has faced his fair share of failure but as one of Australia’s most recognisable entrepreneurs can assert that it is in fact ok to make mistakes…

As a co-founder of a half-billion dollar organisation, Finder, a...

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KILLER… perhaps not the most obvious acronym for a constructive process, but Tim Duggan believes the best ideas are exactly that: Kind, Impactful, Loved, Lasting, East and Repeatable.

Having penned the much-heralded & highly awarded ‘Cult Status’, Tim’s follow-up title provides a simple 8-step methodology for turning good ideas into great ones by harnessing the power of creativity.

During his second appearance...

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If you’re in the slightest bit concerned about who controls and monetises your data – you need to listen to the next 45 minutes!

In Episode 3 of season 2, The Digital Village team, Jason and Paul, are thrilled to be joined by Katryna Dow.

Katryna founded Meeco in 2012, which is building a personal data marketplace of equals.

Prior to this Katryna Dow had an extensive career travelling the world as a strat...

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In this episode,  Jason & Paul sit down with Lisa to discuss the environmental implications of blockchain tech, her incredible work in inclusion - having recently won a Blockie Award for Gender & Diversity Leader of the Year - and NFT rhinos!

Lisa is a leading advocate and activist in the impact investing space,  having led NAB’s Digital Innovation & Sustainability and now as CEO of DigitalX.


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Why you should be thinking about automation in your business's customer experience strategies!

Welcome back listeners, to another episode of the Digital Village Podcast.

In this episode, our resident host Paul Scott is joined by Robert Allman, Global SVP Customer Experience at NTT.

Today, we explore the depths of customer experience and automation. With NTT’s latest CX Benchmarking report for 2021 at...

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Every enterprise will one day use the Hedera network… It’s a bold claim but one that Rob Allen backs with unwavering conviction. 

Rob has often been drawn back to Hedera Hashgraph throughout his career due to its ability to solve technology problems that other blockchains or distributed ledgers could not. 

Now in his role as the HBAR Foundation (Hedera’s native cryptocurrency) SVP of Ecosystem Acceleration, he is armed with a $5billi...

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In today's episode, Jason and Paul will continue to tackle some of the most controversial topics around cyber security.

Julie Inman Grant, Jason and Paul will touch on;
Challenging the movement around the decentralised internet, with some cynics saying it’s a utopian fever dream that will never come to fruition!
The Safety By Design initiative, which Julie launched,
And the rising issues surrounding cyber ...

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Sometimes it's as easy as patching your systems.
Other times, it's implementing a strategy and cultural shift in your business to take data security seriously.
And for others, it's a complete systems overhaul to address cyber risk.

In this episode, we answer the why, what and how to all of these!

Cyber Security is one of the biggest challenges businesses face in our modern times.  20 years a...

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