The Divine Feminist

The Divine Feminist

Feminism, but connected. The Divine Feminist is a deep dive into feminism for today; the kind of movement that recognises the everyday struggles as symptoms rather than causes of our toxically unbalanced society. So how do we fix that? By reconnecting with ourselves and remembering that there is another way... a way to the sacred balance that represents the road to fulfilment for each of us, and paves the way to a more balanced and fulfilling world.


March 7, 2023 33 mins

As we conclude our journey through the thirteen keys for self-reconnection and balance, Ceryn invites you to consider those ideas of Human and Soul, and what they really mean.

All too often in these spiritually-focussed circles, we see our human selves being diminished and painted as less than the soulful side of us; but the truth is that both are vital.

It is only within the synergy of the two that we are able ...

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This month's episode of the Divine Feminist is a special one, as Ceryn talks with Laura Bates about her work and experiences to date.

Founder of The Everyday Sexism Project and author of eight books to date, Laura is involved with a number of programmes and campaigns that demand real change from those at the very top of our societies, and works in schools across the UK and beyond to educate young people about sexism,...

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December 20, 2022 47 mins

As we move onto the twelfth of our thirteen keys for self connection and sacred balance, Ceryn invites you to journey with the ideas of outcome and possibility.

We live in a world that so often wants us to focus on outcomes; definitive outcomes that can be objectively glasses as "good" or "successful". And there are definitely times when such a clear focus is useful or even necessary.

But how ...

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As we move on to the eleventh of our thirteen keys for self connection and sacred balance, Ceryn invites you to journey with her as she faces one of the scariest topics of all: Death.

But how would our relationship with that concept - and equally with the ideas of life, birth and rebirth - be if we had been raised in a world that focussed more on the yin side of life? A world that taught us life was a cyclical rather than ...

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As we continue our journey through the thirteen keys to sacred balance and self re-connection, we come back to that very idea of connection and, in particular, what that means when it comes to ourselves.

We are all multi-faceted beings; different voices within us bringing their thoughts, hopes and fears to the table, while the fact that we exhibit different aspects of ourselves in different situations is perfectly natural...

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August 23, 2022 50 mins

As we continue our journey through the thirteen keys for sacred balance and self-reconnection, Ceryn invites you to consider the idea of boundaries - what they are and how we set them.

Boundaries are something we hear a lot about in today's world, and even more so as we walk this path of Divine Feminism and realise that, for all of patriarchy's work to steer us away from boundaries, neither we nor the planet can ...

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It sounds like a contradiction doesn't it? Yet as we journey with allowing, the eighth key to self-reconnection and sacred balance, that's exactly where we find ourselves. 

We live in a world of action, shoulds and to-do lists; one that will tell us that doing is the only way to be.

But of course we know that's not the case, that the true sense of being is much more flowing; is something that leaves...

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When it comes to these thirteen keys to self-connection and alignment, pleasure is perhaps the one that has had the most myths built around it by patriarchy. 

Yet to reclaim pleasure on our own terms is to reclaim our power, and so much more besides. 

So what does that involve? And how do we work out what the word even means for us? 

Join Ceryn to dive into the idea of pleasure; the myths and lies we&apos...

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May 31, 2022 51 mins

As we continue to work through the thirteen keys to self-connection and sacred balance, we come to key six, responsibility.

And with it, we remember the words of Spiderman's Uncle Ben: "with true power comes true responsibility." Because that's precisely where responsibility becomes so important; at a time that increasingly asks and invites us to step into our power, the key to doing that appropriately ...

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May 17, 2022 26 mins

As we journey together through the thirteen keys to self re-connection and sacred balance, Ceryn invites you to think about your own experiences with faith over the past few weeks, and shares insight into her journey with this.

After all, working with these keys is not as simple as a discussion, or some time spent pondering while listening to a podcast, but has a tendency to be much more in-depth. Working with these keys ...

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May 3, 2022 39 mins

Faith has become such a burdensome and often empty world in our societies today, but I truly believe it's one of the most important qualities we can cultivate.

Not necessarily in a God, Goddess or anything else outside of ourselves - although what you choose to believe in is entirely up to you, but faith in yourself and in the world around us.

After all, faith is what gives us a reason to keep pushing against the institutions an...

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Stepping outside of the usual rhythm of The Divine Feminist podcast to share an update, Ceryn invites you to come back to yourself and reminds us all of the power of pausing to connect.

As we work together to move our world into a place of greater alignment, never has it been move important to bring ourselves into that place too.

But what does it mean to connect to ourselves, and why is that so vital for us and t...

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The cult of individualism is not working for us - as individuals or societies. Yet the idea that we are all exactly the same is dismissive, disrespectful and dangerous.

Humanity faces a time of great peril, one that we must work through together if we have any chance of surviving.

But what does that mean?

Join Ceryn as she talks about the power in our differences, and about what can be found from embraci...

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We live in a world of such division, where we are continually encouraged to focus on the differences between us and how those separate us from one another.

But though that focus has led us and our societies deep into a place of division, that is not to say that our differences should be ignored, forgotten, or glossed over.

After all, it is our differences that make us beautiful, powerful even. so how do we unpac...

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Following our journey with the subject of knowledge - both inner and outer - Ceryn discusses the synergy that can be found when we transcend those binaries and instead consider the idea of truth.

But truth itself may not be as simple as we have for so long been told, so join Ceryn on a discussion of that subject together with questions about what truth means to us personally and how we can connect to that more deeply....

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We live in a world which sees us constantly bombarded by information.

And let's never forget the brilliance of that; the opportunities it provides for us to learn, particularly for and from those who may once have been excluded from mainstream sources of education or training. 

But there are downsides too: the ways in which that barrage of information can drown out that inner voice, the information inadequacy...

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Following our recent discussion on the much-talked-about inner between love and fear, The Divine Feminist asks you to consider what happens when we transcend that binary and honour the full spectrum of both our love and our fear - as well as everything that lies between.

The result? We reach a place of expansion. Empowered expansion which is fully aligned with our hearts and Souls.

Of course the path to do that i...

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Love and Fear. 

We're often told that this is the binary through which we choose to live our lives.

Follow the path of fear and you'll find yourself in a place of joy, comfort and beauty. But allow the voice of fear to guide you and you will only ever star stuck, restricted and frustrated. 

But what if the flow between these two voices within us - and all those that lie between - is much more in...

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As we continue our deep dive into the topics covered in The Divine Feminist book, Ceryn invites you to consider the ideas of sacred balance and synergy, and how these affect your own life and the wider world.

Together we talk about the power of breaking out of the dualistic boxes that have, for so long, been imposed upon us and about the power that can be found in embracing wholeness - not only for a sum of its parts but ...

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As we head into this time of year that is often busy and stressful for so many of us, this Divine Feminist mini-episode invites you to connect back into yourself and remember what is truly important to you. 

Sharing more about Yule and the energies that underpin this time of year, Ceryn invites you to take a short break from the outside world and instead join her on a journey back to ourselves.

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